A$AP Rocky is being sued for assault and battery allegations by A$AP Relli claiming he “fired shots”!!

ASAP Rocky was alleged by his own pal, Terell Ephron aka ASAP Relli for shooting him!!

ASAP Rocky is sued by his own mob gang member ASAP Relli!!
ASAP Rocky is sued by his own mob gang member ASAP Relli!! source-google

A$AP Rocky is being sued for assault and battery allegations by A$AP Relli who claims the rapper “fired shots” at him!!

Terell Ephron also known as ASAP Relli. He alleged his high school best friend ASAP Rocky aka Rakim Mayers for firing multiple shots at him. Relli stepped forward and revealed the incident that happened in November. And this led to Rocky’s arrest, and they were the former members of their mob gang.

Relli is planning to file a civil lawsuit against the 33-year-old Rocky as he has not been charged yet.

“irreparable harm to his career in the entertainment industry”

According to Ephron’s attorney, they are claiming in the court date on August 17 that he was tempted to go to a deserted location in Hollywood. Rocky took Relli to that location to make a discussion about a disagreement.

“After arriving at the location, a conversation ensued whereby without provocation, warning, or any justification, A$AP Rocky produced the handgun and intentionally fired multiple shots at Mr. Ephron,”

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The attorney Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz also claimed that Relli had a small injury on his left hand during that period. They meant that the bullet just touch and passed through Relli’s hand and he took help from the medical personnel to cure those injuries. The legal team also presented saying that Rockey had a semi-automatic handgun with him. After shooting, Rockey and his two other fellows run away from the scene.

Due to some disagreements, Rocky took the extreme step of hurting someone. What major issue can it be to be that courageous enough to try to kill someone? So the police investigated the scene and YES!! Rocky actually fired Relli on that scene but they were unable to find out any guns in his LA home while raiding.

Later they found out there were multiple guns in his house. But then the twist was there was no gun used at the time of the shooting. This is absolutely sure that when somebody conducts some illegal act they will hide the evidence. Maybe that is one of the acts.


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Police were able to notice that the guns Rocky had did not have that much caliber. They knew it by looking as they found the shells of the gun at the crime scene. According to the forensic report, it did not match any of his guns.

So whenever a person owns a gun, serial numbers are registered in the stations. And the guns found at Mayer’s home were all legal. Rocky was enjoying a vacation to Barbados with his (at that time) pregnant girlfriend Rihanna. And as soon as he landed in Los Angeles he was arrested. But he was soon bailed out by paying $ 550,000 as some people saw him leaving the jail.

The patrol released a statement saying “officers ‘worked diligently to identify the suspect(s) involved and investigate the shooting.”

If the police officers find any clue that Mayers was the person who shot then he will go to jail for a year with a $1000 fine according to the California Penal Code. If he gets caught with the weapon then he will be liable to stay in jail for 4-years and he has to pay a fine of $10,000.

This incident is not just the first time that Mayer was reported. He was arrested in Sweden as well for fighting in the streets with two men. He was charged with the assault at that time also and he paid more than $1000 as per law. Not just that he also served a month in jail after which only he was bailed out.

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