Adele is planning to document her romance with Rich Paul in her Vegas residency!!

Adele is planning to give details of all her budding romance and her Las Vegas residency!!

Adele and Rich paul
Adele and Rich paul source-bajspot

Adele is all set planning to give details of all her budding romance with Rich Paul and her Las Vegas residency!!

Adele is all set for her big projects!! She is planning to reveal everything, her personal life, it might include her new house tour in Las Vegas as well. On Thursday, the producers working on her documentary are saying that “It is the most insightful work yet“.

A lot of sources came across media to give hints regarding the documentary,

“Adele feels she let fans down somewhat with how the past 12 months have panned out, particularly the last-minute postponement of her Las Vegas residency, and sees this as a way of making up for that,”.

“One thing is for certain, it will be must-watch TV. Even though everyone knows her name, Adele is still quite mysterious as a person. Her life now compared to when she released her debut album is unrecognizable.”


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According to the source, she had a feeling that she is letting down her fans by not contributing anything to them. Whether it is professionally or personally. She wants to give details about her 12-monthly journey. However, she regretted not adding about her Las Vegas residence.

Furthermore, the source says that it will be a must-watch show as she is a very secretive person. The documentary will be a very personal and intimate project. One thing she missed was the details about her residency but the 34-year-old, “Rolling in the Deep” singer said that she doesn’t have any sort of regrets for not adding up about her residency. She said that at that time it was not matching up with her expectations.

She told BBC Radio,

“I definitely felt everyone’s disappointment and I was devastated and I was frightened about letting them down, and I thought I could pull it together and make it work and I couldn’t, and I stand by that decision,”.

Adele connected to her fans disappointed and she was very scared of letting them down. Then she decided to make things work and stand by her decision.

Fans had a very resenting response but Adele didn’t lose hope. Even though a lot of money was invested in the production of the show. Adele is the person who has always kept her relationship away from the media, she is trying to add up her romance with 40-years-old Rich Paul.

The famous singer Adele
source: The Indian Express

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In a recent podcast “Desert Island Discs”, she revealed that she wants to expand her family with her boyfriend. She said it would be wonderful.

“I definitely would like a couple more kids. It would be wonderful. If not, I’ve got Angelo”

Angelo is her 9-year-old boy with her ex  Simon Konecki. From 2012-2018, they were in a relationship. After staying in a relationship for 6 months they announced their pregnancy with Angelo. Things didn’t work out between then so they parted their ways!! They were still co-parenting their son Angelo.

“It was never really tricky because we’re such good friends and over my dead body is my kid having a messy divorce in his life.”

She further said,

“There are no issues and there were no issues, so I guess it was easier to make sure that didn’t happen, but I was blessed with them, and him, [Simon] he’s just the best, you know. And I definitely approached it all with grace and that really paid off.”

However, Simon never had issues with Adele’s new boyfriend Rich paul. Hopefully, we expect to see her mind-blowing documentation very soon!!!




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