After six years Drew Barrymore is back to dating again!

‘I’m Too Good at Being Alone’ says Drew Barrymore Whoopi Goldberg of dating on the latest episode of her eponymous talk show series

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore back on dating source: parents

Drew Barrymore is now prepared to put herself on the market after finalizing her divorce from Will Kopelman over six years ago.

The 47-year-old actress revealed to Whoopi Goldberg on Thursday’s broadcast of her talk show The Drew Barrymore Show that she has rekindled her dating life. After having a sabbatical for several years and confessed about getting too comfortable being single.

“The last time you were here, we both were single. You weren’t dating. Are you dating now?,” Barrymore asked Goldberg “Sister Act” star, before confessing, “I am.”

“Because it had been so many years, I started to get a little worried, like I’m too good at being alone,” Barrymore added.

As Barrymore questioned Goldberg, the co-host of The View responded, “For good, no. ”  67 whether she would consider getting back into the dating game. Then Goldberg offered Barrymore some dating tips.

“Maybe a hit-and-run is a better way to go, for now, until you say to yourself, ‘Now I really want someone to just be part of this,’ ” Goldberg suggested. “Right now, that may not be what you’re looking for, which is probably why you’re doing fine.”

Drew Barrymore’s Past Relationship

After four years of marriage, Barrymore and Kopelman, who had daughters named Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, divorced in 2016.

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman source: elle

The “50 First Dates” actress hasn’t been in a committed relationship since that time. Barrymore has generally remained single for the past number of years, with the exception of a few “occasional” dates.

Earlier this year, the single mother spoke in Bobby Berk of Queer Eye about her dating problems.

“I’m not there yet,” She replied at the moment, “I have two young girls and, like, I don’t want to bring people home. … I think it would take me a very long time to meet someone and get to know them before I could even ever introduce them to my daughters.”

Getting back on the Game

While adding that she had been using a dating app the previous year despite having trouble connecting with anyone, Drew Barrymore revealed that she had made attempts to reenter the dating scene.

“It makes me feel like such a loser and then you are like ‘it is hard out there,’ “ she revealed. “It is hard out there for everybody. It is hard in person. It is hard on dating apps. It is vulnerable, but you keep trying.”

Additionally, she went on a blind date on The Howard Stern Show in October and openly discussed what she learnt from the experience with her date, Clarke Thorell.

“None of the gentlemen, including yourself, have kids,” Barrymore said. “I have only dated, in the last few years, men who don’t have children. I want it clean, I don’t want to engage. Don’t think anyone’s meeting my kids, I don’t know if this is going anywhere. I realized something yesterday, Clarke, which is I might live on planet parent.”


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The actress from 50 First Dates is open to finding love, but she doesn’t want to get married again.

“There’s no reason to be [married],” she said. “I would maybe live with someone again, maybe, but I’ve had kids and there’s no way, I will never, ever, ever, get married again.”

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Sex Life

The Golden Globe winner, who could go “years” without sex, claims that because she had such a wild sexual life as a young woman, she is now able to avoid the bedroom.


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“I’m not a person who needs sex and has to go out there and engage with people on that level,” Barrymore said in an October blog post.

“Listen, I’ve tried everything”. She recently admitted to being so boring since she had “done it all” to the viewers of her “Drew’s News” podcast. “I’m keeping it to myself and I’ll never tell.”

Barrymore hasn’t moved on since their breakup, but Kopelman began dating Alexandra Michler in 2020, and they were married in August of that same year!


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