Alec Baldwin was spotted walking with a cane after his hip surgery this morning in New York City!

Alec Baldwin recently got his hip replacement surgery and was seen back on his feet in the streets of New York City

Alec Baldwin was seen with a cane after a hip surgery!
Alec Baldwin was seen with a cane after a hip surgery! source-google

Alec Baldwin gets up on his feet around New York City after two weeks of major hip surgery!

Alec Baldwin was spotted in a cane this Friday after getting hip replacement surgery. He was looking for assistance to walk on the streets of NYC. During the same time, the media took pictures of Baldwin who was going for a stroll. He was wearing a gray oversized shirt with matching pants and formal shoes.

He was carrying a cane so that it protects him from losing his balance after the surgery. Meanwhile, the media got to know about the surgery after Hilaria Baldwin announced it through Instagram on May 30. She posted that Alec had got under surgery.

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She posted a selfie captioning that Alec got a new hip today and it was very necessary for him. Also expressed gratitude to medical personnel for amazing service.

“We have been through so much together…as your partner and as you heal, I want so very much for you to leave this very intense chronic pain chapter behind and improve your quality of life.”

“Grateful to Dr Davidovitch, Dr Miller, Dr Golden, Dr. Furgiuele, the nurses, pt, ot, staff and the other amazing people who so generously are bringing him safely through this.”she further added.

To her post, Alec commented saying “And you. Thanks to you..”. Even though Alec was seen first time on Instagram after his surgery, he was giving his surgery updates through his Instagram. His fans are up to date with his medical journey.

He posted a video on June 4 saying that he is experiencing excruciating pain and also expected to be gone soon.

“The pain goes away gradually … but it is painful,” Alec captioned the video. “It’s incredibly painful.”



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Alec said that he needed the surgery as he was walking around with limped legs. He says that he needed that surgery almost 2 years back. He revealed that he was careless about his own self

“I did myself no favors,” he added, noting he did “compensatory damage” to other parts of his body, including his back, neck and knees. “To limp around with this condition for two years was tough.”

This is not the first time that Alec had surgery. In 2018 also he had his left hip replacement surgery. In a recent video uploaded on Instagram, he says that he delayed the surgery as he had a lack of time for the procedure.

“I didn’t have four to six weeks to kind of limit myself that way,” the actor said.

Due to his busy work schedule, he couldn’t go for surgery otherwise he would have dealt with the least problem. He was busy with the shooting of his upcoming movie “Rust” for more than a year and he was also part of the legal battle.

The star was charged with involuntary manslaughter but he denied pulling the gun’s trigger which actually led to not being guilty. The charges were dropped later on and the shooting of the movie continued.

Moreover, we hope Alec for a speedy recovery. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on Gossipybio.


Written by Seth Blair

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