Alfonso Ribeiro will co-host season 31 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with Tyra Banks! Know the Details!!

“I’m super excited” Alfonso Ribeiro stated as he is co-hosting “Dancing with the Stars” show with Tyra Banks!

Alfonso Ribeiro
Alfonso Ribeiro will be the co-host of 'DWTS' along with Tyra Banks source: Deadline

Alfonso Ribeiro is again back on “Dancing With The Stars” but as a co-host with Tyra Banks. On Thursday, ABC announced this ahead of the Season 31 premiere this fall on Disney+.

Further Explanation

Alfonso Ribeiro is known as an American actor, comedian, director, television host, and television personality. Similarly, the news is spreading all over now that he is joining “Dancing With The Stars” again but as a co-host. Though, on Thursday, ABC announced that he will be co-hosting the 31st season of DWTS with Tyra Banks.

Additionally, Alfonso said,

“I’m super excited. For me to be asked now to co-host with Tyra, and be part of the great crew and dancers and friends … to be able to be on stage with them and to be part of that family again, is quite special for me. I mean, these dancers are friends of mine at this point now. We really do all hang out together, and talk outside of that show.”

Also, the television personality stated that he wanna have fun ad enjoy every bit of his journey. He explained,

“My goal is to bring back a sense of the happy and the fun, and the family atmosphere, that this show has always felt like for me.”

More Details

Alfonso Ribeiro became successful in winning a mirrorball trophy in the year 2014. He and a professional dancer, Witney Carson were partners at that time. After becoming the co-host, he said that he will be fun and become friends with everyone. Further, he added,

“I want to become friends with all of the contestants this year and allow myself to kind of be able to really just sit and talk with them. And after their dance, I want to get honest, and true feelings from them and make people laugh and make people smile again. I feel like sometimes it gets a little serious and while it needs to be that also, it also needs to be light and fun and cheery.”

Alfonso Ribeiro
Alfonso in ‘DWTS’ with Witney Carson back in 2014
source: Page Six
As Ribeiro and Tyra Banks worked together before at “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, they know each other ell. Therefore, we can see the happiness on Alfonso’s face after knowing that his co-host will be Tyra. Not only this but he also said,

“We’ve known each other since junior high school! We go back a long way and her first acting job was Fresh Prince. I think it’s going to be nice for us to work together again, and to bring the fun out and have some fun on that stage. Smile and laughter, and enjoyment for everyone.”

Know More

The excitement of Alfonso after hearing the news that he will co-host the show which he loves. Ribeiro is a fun-loving person as well as an entertainer as he is an actor. Since he also stated that,

“What I always loved about this show was its entertainment. We just need to entertain people week-to-week and get people to really fall in love with these dancers, the professionals, and the celebrity, the contestants.”

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Lastly, he added,

“Hopefully, my opportunity will be to give them their chance to shine, to let America see who they are, what they’re great at, and their personality. Hopefully, the dances match that.”

However, season 31 of Dancing with the Stars will be on Disney+ this fall.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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