The former ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky found her long-lost sister via DNA test!

“So many of you asked me how we found each other, so I wanted to give you the story.” says Ali.

Ali Fedetowsky
Ali Fedotowsky and her whole family in family reunion source: List23

Ali Fedotowsky, an American entertainment journalist shared a story of how she met her sister through a DNA test. Similarly, before the test, she had no idea her sister existed or she has a sister.

How did Ali meet her sister? Know Details

Ali Fedotowsky was a reality television contestant, she was well known for her appearances as a cast member on the ABC reality show ‘The Bachelor’. Likewise, Ali was also the sixth Bachelorette. Now talking about how she actually met her sister via a DNA test.

On June 21, Tuesday, Ali has shared several pictures of her and her sister, Tonya, on Instagram with the caption,

“The story of my sister ❤️. We had the absolute best few days with my sister @tgloria0612, her husband Sonny, and my two nephews. All people that I didn’t even know existed just one year ago. So many of you asked me how we found each other so I wanted to give you the story.”


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Furthermore, she explained the whole story in the caption. Likewise, Ali’s grandmother’s name is Molly and also she is a little bit curious about things. Similarly, she was keen to know about the family tree. Therefore, in order to know the fact about some things that were going on in her head she decided to test them.

Moreover, she stated in the caption,

“My [daughter] Molly is named after her and she meant so much to me so I decided to do a DNA test to learn more about her,” Fedotowsky wrote. “I was not looking for a family member because I assumed I knew all my immediate family members. In fact, I was so focused on learning about my grandma that I didn’t even notice that in my results a person popped up under ‘Close relative.’ … I told myself I’d come back to it and just forgot.”

Furthermore Explanation

Also, the same goes for her sister Tonya. She was also so curious to know about the fact. On the other hand, Tonya was also digging up the history.

Ali Fedotowsky further continued the story,

“Well, it turns out that Tonya had also taken a DNA test and she got alerted to the fact that she matched with me. She opened it up and read that a close relative meant that I was her grandma, aunt, or half-sibling. It was pretty clear that I wasn’t her grandmother or aunt so half-sibling was the only option. Crazy right?!?!”

Ali has explained what her sister, Tonya has found out by digging up the history. She has explained in detail,

“This is a very Cliffs Notes version of the story but essentially she Googled my name and a bunch of bachelorette nonsense popped up. Ha! Then she reached out to my dad and they connected and then he connected us. It’s been the biggest blessing ever! I took the test and never looking for a sister or expecting to find one. But oh my gosh I’m so glad I did!”

Furthermore, Fedotowsky also shows how grateful she is feeling after meeting Tonya. She said,

“She’s funny, laid-back, down to earth, and even if she wasn’t my sibling I’d want to be her friend. Even if she wasn’t my sibling I’d want to be her friend.”

Ali Fedotowsky
The former ‘Bachelorette’ with her sister
source: Instagram

Lastly, the former Bachelorette ended the paragraph by saying,

“So crazy how life can change so quickly. I think I told you guys this before but I’ve always wanted a bigger family and I feel like my wish came true ❤️”

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More Details

Ali posted several pictures with all the members of the family. This includes her husband Kevin Manno, her two children Molly and Riley along with her sibling’s family. They are united at the family reunion party.

Ali Fedotowsky
Ali Fedotowsky along with her family
source: Instagram

As we can see by looking at the pictures, how happy all of them look. Though, the picture is the perfect shot for the perfect family.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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