Amber Heard Fake crying! Is that cringe or she spoke the truth?

Johnny Depp’s supporters and fans are accusing Amber Heard of ‘Fake Crying’ during the testimony after watching the televised trial properly

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during their statement at court
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during their statement at court- source-

Johnny Depp’s supporters and fans are accusing Amber Heard of ‘Fake Crying’ during the testimony after watching the televised trial properly. Many of them were even convinced by the statement of her authenticity but the majority didn’t ready to believe her.

Amber spent two days detailing and describing the kinds of abuse she used to face during her marriage.

Heard a claim that Depp used to slap her across the face and did a “cavity search” since he thought she hide cocaine inside her vagina.

Amber also broke down during her testimony while she answered all the questions about her toxic marriage. After this, ‘IStandWithAmberHeard started trending on Twitter.

Depp’s die-hards mock Amber Heard for ‘Fake Crying’

During Testimony, Depp’s die-hard supporters and fans have been flooding social media, accusing and calling Heard of being a “bad actress”  and “fake crying” following her testimony at their blockbuster defamation trial this week.

It’s really hard to believe the statement of Heard, she was so emotional at the time of answering. After listening to her answer many people support her and started tweeting on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

Similarly, Depp’s fans and supporters have slammed the starlet on Twitter and Tiktok, claiming that she is a liar and Amber faking her testimony because she failed to emerge a single tear.

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Other users like Joseph Massey and Jackie Talks Nerdy tweeted,


Tiktok Video’s related to case

As we all know that nowadays, It’s big news for those who follow Depp. Everywhere there is news of testimony stated by Amber. It’s news that everyone wanted to know the real truth.

Meanwhile, one Tiktok video that accuses Heard of faking tears and cringe testimony has hit up millions of likes and it goes viral.

It’s a video with the hashtag JusticeForJohnny has been viewed 8.3 billion times. This video shows Amber breaking down on the stand, accompanied by a voiceover of Kim Kardashian, saying: Ew, this is so cringe. Guilty.

The video was liked by 5.7 million people and most of them commented on the support of Johnny.

@.johnnydepp1 So cringe, guilty#johnnydepp #justiceforjohnnydepp #jacksparrow #foryou #viral #90s #likes ♬ Amber heard guilty abuser – Justice for Johnny depp !

whereas aspiring model and actress Meredith Bull created a video on TikTok and it gets like 279K and she said she was skeptical of Heard’s testimony as a fellow thespian.

What I saw today was a massive performance to the jury,” Bull declared, adding that she felt Heard was trying to make eye contact with each juror.

I don’t know about you, but anytime that I recall trauma I am not trying to see if every person is trying to make eye contact with me.

she continued. If anything, I’m probably shying away from eye contact because it’s such a vulnerable, personal moment, especially [with] what she was talking about which was abuse and domestic violence and all sorts of crazy stuff.


@meredith_bull For entertainment purposes only ? #amberheard #johnnydepp #deppvsheard #actor ♬ original sound – meredithbull

Who is Patti Wood and what does she say about Heard’s?

Patti wood holds a BA and MA in Nonverbal communication and she is the Babe Ruth of body language experts. She told the post that Heard may have been coached by her lawyers to make eye contact with the jurors.

Patti stated Eye contact creates connection and more empathy, adding that she believed Heard wore her hair tied back so that her “emotional state was more viewable and more obvious” to those in the courtroom.

Amber Heard fake crying moments at court
Amber Heard fake crying moments at court-source-

Wood also said that Amber recalled instances of assault, there was a consistency between her words and her body language” that felt “believable.

She also stated that Amber’s crying appeared “effortful” and she started wiping her face when there were no tears. 

Check out the below video to know about what she said during her statement


Moreover, The trial case is currently on break until May 16, upon which Amber will be properly cross-examined by Depp’s team.




Written by Ankur Zamp

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