Amber Heard flinch as Johnny Depp walks towards her in court! Is she a Liar?

Actress Amber Heard appeared to flinch when Johnny Depp walked towards her side in court on Thursday before the lunch break in their tense defamation trial

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during their case at court
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp during their case at court-source-

Amber Heard appeared to flinch when Johnny Depp walked towards her side in court on Thursday before the lunch break in their tense defamation trial.

The actress from “Aquaman” stepped down her second day on the stand at the same time that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was leaving the Virginia courtroom in a now-viral video tweeted by a Law and Crime Network producer.

You can check out the given video, what she did in nervousness when they were leaving the court. 

About the incident

Amber Heard did not notice what was going around. Firstly, she only looks down as criminals do, when they do something wrong they can’t make eye contact. Moreover, It seems like she just wants to leave the court fast as she can.

Furthermore, when Amber noticed Depp, he had gotten out of his seat and stepped his feet toward Heard. She looks so nervous and stepped back with a spooked expression on her face.

Amber Heard looks nervous in the court
Amber Heard looks nervous in the court- source- Getty Image

She hide in the corner as a guard walked in between exes and held out his hand, signaling the “Edward Scissorhands” actor do not come any closer to the actress.

At that time she might felt the pain that was suffered by Johnny Depp. Who knows what’s the truth? But from this incident, we can see that Depp may be innocent and he did nothing wrong to hurt her.

Johnny’s Liberal Trial case,

His Ex-wife Amber breaks down and claims that she was Sexually Abused with a bottle by his husband Depp. When she was in court standing in front of the Judge.

Amber said tearfully on Thursday that she suffered at the hand of her ex-spouse, Johnny. From the video, we can say that she is the best example of the word liar exist.

Johnny Depp's reaction after listening Heard's false allegation
Johnny Depp’s reaction after listening to Heard’s false allegation-source-

Additionally, she even stole lines of scenes from – Talented Mr. Ripley Maid, White chicks, and others as well. From here we can see that Amber is a liar for all her copyright infringement of Hollywood films and Television shows.

Also, check out Johnny Depp’s relationship history over the last past 20 years

According to the TMZ Report

On Saturday, the former couple’s entrances and exits are arranged by the court deputies who worked for them, the security teams were well prepared as well.

Moreover, In 2019, Depp sued Heard for defamation over a Washington post in which Amber wrote that she was the victim of sexual violence. Amber did not name the “Sweeney Todd” star in the 2018 piece.

And sadly it has been published after she obtained a restraining order against him in 2016 over Depp’s alleged abuse, which he has continuously denied the lies from actress Amber. He might know that he is true and he would never harm anyone.

About Alumni and Support that she wants from Johnny

As an actor, he earns lots of money and fame and it’s not a big deal to pay alumni to his ex-wife.

But it’s about the lies of the pool that she knit to trap him and make his image down to the public. Moreover, according to People Magazine in 2017,

they got separated and Amber Heard received alumni of $7 million respectively from the divorce.

At this time of separation, Their joint statement came out, which explained, Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love. Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain.

Life is so uncertain and it will change in a matter of seconds. None knows what happens next. Similarly, In Johnny’s case also faced lots of difficulties after divorce as well.

Despite this, Again, Johnny is seeking $50 million in damages and Amber filed a $100 million countersuit in the year 2020.

Moreover, The trial is on a break until May 6, and the closing arguments are scheduled for May 27.

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Written by Ankur Zamp

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