Andrea Denver and his girl, Lexi Sundin revealed their erotic sex life and answered awkward questions!!

“I can’t spoil too much, but I’m dating someone, and I’m really happy,” said Andrea Denver about Lexi

Andrea Denver
Lexi gave a Grade A to Andrea Denver in the bedroom source: Page Six

Andrea Denver and Lexi Sundin talked about their sex life publicly without any hesitation. It is claimed that Andrea himself wants the group to ask embarrassing questions.

Andrea Denver and his girlfriend, Lexi Sundin revealed many things about their intimacy. On Monday’s episode of “Summer House”, the duo showed their appearances and talked about their personal life.

Similarly, they talked about passionate sex and answered many embarrassing questions. Though, Lexi didn’t want to reveal much Denver wanted the cast members to ask him questions about this matter. Likewise, Lexi gave her boyfriend a Grade A in the bedroom.

Denver asked the cast members to put himself and Lexi in the conversation, He said, “Can I put myself on the spot since I have my girlfriend here?”. Replying to him, Paige DeSorbo who is Andrea’s former girlfriend again asked, “Are you asking to be roasted?”. Then, Sam Feher chimed in between and stated Denver wants them to ask him some awkward questions about his sex life. Meanwhile, the Italian model confirms it’s true, and he doesn’t feel awkward answering them.

Following this, Mya Allen asked Lexi Sundin about their sex life and said, “OK, how often are you guys having sex?”. Lexi replied Mya telling her sex life is great and Andrea is pretty good at the bedroom. Well, Allen continued by asking, “Do you ever not [redacted] in the bedroom with Andrea?” to which Sundin replied, “Multiple times, every time.”

However, Lexi only answered the asked questions and didn’t reveal much about this matter. Though, Andrea Denver wanted all the details to be revealed as he repeatedly said, “Give them something! Give them something!” to his girl.

Chris Leoni again asked a question that made everyone embarrassed as he include Paige DeSorbo as well. He asked, “We’re boys, but if you really want it … what’s it like being with your girlfriend and with Paige here at the table?” Paige immediately replied, “That’s so weird”. 

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More Details

Andrea Denver and Lexi Sundin first began seeing each other in April 2021. But they didn’t take their relationship forward because he was tucked with his ex-girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo. At the time, he showed interest in reuniting with Paige but things didn’t work well. Moreover, in February 2022, he announced publicly that he has moved on from DeSorbo and is dating someone. Although he didn’t mention Lexi’s name but he was dating her. Denver stated,

“I can’t spoil too much, but I’m dating someone, and I’m really happy. I’ve always been a family-oriented person. So I can’t wait for one day to find myself in that situation [getting married] hopefully with the right person” 


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Furthermore, this is also the reason why Andrea Denver isn’t returning back to season 2 of “Winter House”. He stated that his priority in life has changed as Lexi is becoming part of his journey. On the other hand, he also said,

“I didn’t feel like it was the right time for me [to leave to film the show]. I reconnected with a person that really matters to me and she was my priority. I feel like it was too soon to go on vacation with my friends.”


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However, he mentioned he will miss the members of the Winter House show. Besides, Denver went on a romantic trip with Sundin and stated that he had the best time and he is really happy to have Lexi Sundin in his life.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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