Anne Hathaway gets slammed for ignoring Priyanka Chopra at Bulgari’s fashion event!!

“Why didn’t she greet Priyanka lol. Typical Americans, nothing new,” wrote one user in the comment section

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway gets slammed for ignoring Priyanka Chopra source: Asianet Newsable

Anne Hathaway ignored Priyanka Chopra and greeted Zendaya only at Bulgari’s fashion event in Italy. Many people noticed the behavior via one TikTok clip and slammed Anne on social media.

Anne Hathaway only greeted and hugged Zendaya at the Bulgari event in Venice, Italy. Priyanka Chopra Jonas was not welcomed by Anne Hathway as per the clip posted by one user on TikTok. As Zendaya, Anne, and Priyanka are the brand ambassadors of Bulgari’s new jewelry collection, they all attended the event. On May 16, the event was held and three of them slayed at their dresses.

Priyanka Chopra opted for a magenta-hued bodycon. She wore an off-shoulder crop top with full sleeves along with a plunging neckline and a sleek skirt. Similarly, Chopra also added a multi-colored stone choker with matching earrings.

Also, she wore a ring from Bulgari’s jewelry collection. Meanwhile, Zendaya looked gorgeous in a black-hued velvet gown which was off-shoulder. On the other hand, Anne Hathway was also stunning in a golden sleeveless top and a silver sequined skirt.


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The controversy began when a TikTok video posted by Harper’s Bazaar France went viral. In the clip, we can see Anne Hathway hugging and greeting only Zendaya and not Priyanka. It seemed like Chopra is waiting for Hathaway to hug but she walked away. While Anne was hugging Zendaya, Priyanka watched them and smiled. After seeing the video, people started claiming Hathwaya ignored PC while she was waiting for her greetings.


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The comment section was full of people’s opinions after seeing the whole clip. One user commented, “Why didn’t she greet Priyanka lol”. In addition, another wrote, “Typical Americans, nothing new. Btw since this is gossip sub, Anne Hathaway was dating this rich American sukesh type dude. Later on she married this out-of-work actor suddenly.”

People slammed Anne for being mean to Priyanka and one person joked, “What do they chat and laugh about though? Did you get the drinks? I swear I am still looking for the drinks.” Another calm person added, “This one reaching. theres a vid of them posing together and laughing about something… although it’s true that Anne didn’t post anything for pc the last time, ig we will just have to wait and watch”

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Wanna Know More?

Anne Hathaway, Zendaya, and Priyanka Chopra clicked pictures together with Bulgari CEO, Jean Christophe Babin. They also complemented each other’s look at the event as well. So, some people especially Anne’s fans supported and defended her.

They claimed Priyanka and Anne Hathaway had already greeted each other before Zendaya. The whole clip was taken while Zendaya arrived as according to them, Zendaya arrived late.

One person in the comment section said, “She didn’t ignore her. Zendaya arrived later than they did”. Moreover, another user wrote, “There’s another post of the three of them. They all look fine”. Similarly, Anne’s fan cleared everyone by saying, “Guys. Priyanka Chopra and Anne Hathaway already greeted each other earlier. Please don’t throw hate towards Hathaway”. 

This is not the first time Anne was accused of being rude at the events. Previously, she was rude to an interviewer when asked about her and Wintour’s movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”.  She didn’t give full answers to the questions asked and rather asked “Why would she tell them?” After saying this rudely, she laughed loudly which was so mean to do.



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