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An accomplished golfer from Sweden

Annika Sorenstam
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Annika is a retired golfer who has played on the field for more than 15 years.

Additionally, she has 90 international event victories to her credit and is the only female golfer ever to score a 59 in a tournament.

She is also the first female golfer to participate in a PGA Tour tournament since 1945. Throughout her career, Annika has amassed a sizable net worth in addition to various honors.

About Annika Sorenstam

Born on October 9, 1970, Annika Sorenstam holds dual citizenship with Sweden and the United States.

In addition, she has won six Vare Trophies and eight “Player of the Year” honors.

Annika is not only a great athlete but also an atheist. Currently, she is the sole parent of a modest family.


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She got married to Mike McGee, who runs the ANNIKA brand of businesses. In addition, Jerry McGee, a former PGA Tour and Champions Tour player, is their father of Mike.

The couple exchanged vows at Orlando, Florida’s Lake Nona Golf & Country Club on January 10, 2009.

Annika wed David Esch in 1994 before getting married to Mike. Her two children as of right now are a daughter named Ava Madelyn McGee and a son named William Nicholas McGee.

Relationship Status| Is she Single or Married?

Moving on to her current romantic situation, the 51-year-old golfer is a straight married lady. Currently, she and her husband Mike McGee are content in their marriage.

Mike is in charge of overseeing the ANNIKA brand of businesses. He is also the prodigal son of PGA Tour and Champions Tour athlete Jerry McGee.

On January 10, 2009, Mike and Annika said “I do” at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club. Ava Madelyn McGee, their daughter, was born on September 1st, 2009.


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On March 21, 2011, they also welcomed their son William Nicholas McGee into the world.

Sorenstam’s previous husband was David Esch. While taking driving lessons at Moon Valley Country Club in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1994, she met her future husband David Esch.

He worked for club designer Ping, and she was a rookie on the LPGA getting ready for a challenge.

They got hitched near Lake Tahoe on January 4, 1997. David and she later went their ways in 2005.

Net Worth and Salary

Annika supposedly has a huge net worth of $40 million and ranks first among LPGA players in career earnings. For illustration, she has earned more than $22 million.

Annika is currently one of just two professional female golfers with more than $20 million in earnings from tournaments.

Annika got $47,000 on the 1993 Ladies Europen Tour, which was her first sizable paycheck.

She earned her first million dollars in her career that year, and by 2002, her earnings had surpassed $15 million.


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She earned $2.8 million in 2002, which made her the female with the greatest annual income.

Her $40 million net worth comes from a variety of sources, not only her golfing profession.

For instance, throughout her 15-year professional career on the LPGA tour, Sorenstam made $21 million. For the remaining sums, she earned money by promoting brands.

Annika Sorenstam’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s examine Annika Sorenstam’s wealth in several currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 34,985,800.00
Pound Sterling 29,529,800£
Australian Dollar 56,317,000A$
Canadian Dollar 50,870,200C$
Indian Rupee 2,985,280,000
BitCoin 935฿

Annika Sorenstam | Sponsorships, Business, and Brand Endorsements

Annika Sorenstam has so far accumulated several high-profile brand sponsorships and sponsorship agreements. These transactions do add up to her overall wealth.

However, Annika is bound by a long-term agreement with the renowned watchmaker Rolex. She also took home the 1994 LPGA Rolex Rookie of the Year trophy.


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The Rolex Annika Major Award, which bears Annika’s name, was given out in modern times.

Additionally, Annika has been supported for more than 20 years by the eyeglasses manufacturer Lexus.

Moving on, Annika keeps working with Pacific Links International, one of the top owners and managers of golf courses worldwide.

Collaboration with 3M

During her stay there, Annika served as their representative abroad, promoting their membership programs at several international gatherings.

Annika also sports the Ahead brand and dons clothing, accessories, and hats.

In addition, she has had a long-standing affiliation with Callaway Golf since turning professional in 1993.

Overall, Annika and 3M are partners. The ANNIKA Award, several junior golf competitions called ANNIKA Invitationals, and the ANNIKA Intercollegiate Golf Tournament are all sponsored globally by 3M.

Together, they have global cooperation and collaborate closely on donations and philanthropic activity.

Additionally, she has endorsed brands like Golfing World and ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc.).


In her latter years, Annika Sorenstam expanded her role beyond golfer to include businesswoman.

By doing this, she has brought a wide range of activities under the ANNIKA brand, including golf, fitness, fashion, and philanthropy.

Additionally, the webpage is continually checked. They all generally follow the same marketing slogan, “Share my Passion.”

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Course Design by Annika

Simply said, Annika Course Design is a group of individuals committed to creating golf courses in various locations.

In fact, during the projects, Annika was regularly mentioned as a woman working in the field.

She explained this in a CNN interview by saying that many people anticipate it to be “short and simple as she designed the golf course.”

People have this preconceived notion of her. She has had many projects for it up to this point.

She initially created a golf course for the Mission Hills Golf Club in Shenzen, China.

The Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro in South Africa was the other; it was finished in 2006. But it didn’t start operating until 2008.


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She finished her first assignment after leaving the Golden Bay Resort in South Korea in 2010. Likewise, Hanhwa Hotels & Resorts Corporation was responsible for Annika’s design.

Her other projects include the Patriots Point Links Course outside Charleston, South Carolina, and the Red Mountain Resort course in British Columbia.

According to the sources, she is currently engaged in a new project at Mines Golf City, Malaysia, which is close to Kuala Lumpur.

The ANNIKA School

The ANNIKA Academy, a specialized golf school that provides online or private instruction, was founded by Annika Sorenstam.

This academy was originally operational in 2006, although being opened later in 2007.


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The Ginn Reunion Resort in Reunion, Florida, is believed to be where it happened. The facility’s head coach and the instructor were Henri Reis, who had been Annika’s coach for a long period.

Charlotte, her sister, made an appearance as an instructor and club fitter while her trainer Kai Fusser handled the fitness training.

On the other side, Annika appeared to be educating others about golfing techniques. On May 31, 2016, they ultimately decided to close this academy.

Vineyards ANNIKA

There are fewer female athletes involved with wine since there are more men athletes in the sector.

Annika had exactly this concern before announcing his new wine-related endeavor, ANNIKA Vineyards.

She collaborated on this initiative with the family-run Wente Vineyards and together they came up with the 2009 red blend “59 Red.” This wine endeavor merely expresses Annika’s passion for wine.


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Annika’s wine, 59 Red, also pays tribute to her historic accomplishment on March 16, 2001.

At the time, she had broken the 60-year barrier at Phoenix, Arizona’s Moon Valley Country Club, becoming the first and only female to do so to date.

The product from Annika offers a variety of flavors, including wild blackberry, mocha, and plum with touches of chocolate and toffee. They also allowed the wine to mature for sixteen months.

Wine retailed for $59 per bottle when it first hit the market. In the initial months, she offered her admirers 20% off their entire purchase by utilizing promo codes.

Partnerships & Other Sectors

Annika has also dabbled in a variety of other pursuits and fields. The apparel line The Annika Collection carries Annika’s name.

We are working together on this project with Cutter & Buck apparel. This brand combines femininity and a modern style for golf-loving women.

Later, she participated in producing scents alongside SA Perfumes. In addition to her other duties, Annika hosted the Ginn Tribute Hosted by Annika.

Competitions from the LPGA Tour in 2007 and 2008 were involved. After that, she presided over the Scandinavian TPC for four years on the Lady’s European Tour.

In 2015, Annika Sorenstam joined forces with Capillary Concrete and acquired some of its shares. She thereby promotes the company’s cutting-edge bunker liner technology.

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Lifestyle | Annika Sorenstam

Sorenstam leads a healthy, active lifestyle and places a strong emphasis on her diet and exercise.

Annika Sorenstam adheres to a set of workout guidelines and prioritizes strength training. It includes brisk cycling, rope jumping, or brief jogging.

Out of all the workouts, Annika loves bodyweight circuits and cycling the most because they allow her to maintain her fitness all year.

Orlando, Florida, home

In the Lake Nona neighborhood of Orlando, Florida, Annika Sorenstam spent $7,000,000 on a home.

The house, which has a total floor space of 9,237 square feet, was constructed in 1994. The residence has a private residential golf club community and is part of the Lake Nona neighborhood.


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Additionally, there are homes in the area that cost between $200,000 to $9,000,000.

Furthermore, Her home has a boat dock, a swimming pool, seven full bathrooms, and six bedrooms.


Annika also depicts a fantastic assortment of automobiles. She paid $2,000 for a manual 1986 Ford Festiva to be her first automobile.

When she was a student at the University of Arizona, she bought it againShe also bought the car after saving every last penny to drive to the golf course.

Later, she purchased a gorgeous 1993 Toyota Celica in Arizona using the principal sponsor check. At the time, she had a $47,000 income.

Once more, the Volvo she used to learn to drive was blue. She initially received her driver’s license when she was eighteen.


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Similarly, Annika now drives the 2007 Lexus GX 470, a vehicle made by the automaker Lexus for which she serves as an ambassador.

She also has a 2002 Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG and a BMW in addition to that.

She also has a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer in her collection, which she describes as her backup vehicle. Annika claims that her preferred road trip is one from Sweden to Spain.


A book about Annika Sorenstam’s golfing career and journey has been written.

“Golf Annika’s Way: How I Elevated My Game To Be The Best-And How You Can Too” is the title of the book.

Similarly, Every detail of her swings, postures, and putting is covered in this book.

Furthermore, it guides a creative training schedule and discusses the fundamentals of gripping.

Donations and Charities

Annika Sorenstam has contributed time and money to several relief efforts.

With this specific objective in mind, she has also founded the Annika Foundation, a charitable organization.

The “ANNIKA Foundation Crisis, Relief Fund” has also been introduced by this foundation. During the recent global epidemic, it aided gamers and people who were in desperate need.

Annika has further participated in several activities designed to collect money for the required players.

Annika additionally committed $50,000 for Symetra Tour participants and raised $7.5 million in support of junior golf.

Social Media

You can contact Annika Sorenstam directly through her social media channels. As Annika Sorenstam, she has 51.3k followers on Instagram (@annika59).


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Furthermore, She also has 119.9k followers on Twitter with the handle Annika Sorenstam (@ANNIKA59).


  • “I work hard to be the best version of myself; I don’t worry about what other people are doing or consider things I have no influence over.”
  • “You simply have to keep working hard in the hopes that things will ultimately improve.”
  • “I believe that setting the tone and playing well are both vital.”

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the value of Annika Sorenstam’s rookie card?

The cost of a rookie card featuring Annika Sorenstam ranges from $15 to $32.37.

Annika Sorenstam—is she in the Hall of Fame?

Yes, Annika Sorenstam was honored in 2003 by being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

What is the speed of Annika Sorenstam’s golf swing?

Annika Sorenstam often swings her golf club at 120 mph.

Who is Annika Sorenstam’s driver?

With a driver loft of 9, Annika Sorenstam utilizes a Callaway Epic Speed equipped with a Fujikura Ventus Red 5R shaft.

Quick Facts | Annika Sorenstam

Full Name Annika Charlotta Sörenstam
Nick Name Ms. 59
Date of Birth October 9, 1970
Birth Place Bro, Stockholm County, Sweden
Religion Christianity
Nationality American, Swedish
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Libra
Age 51 years old
Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters)
Weight 63 kg (138 lbs)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Mesomorph
Father’s Name Tom Sorenstam
Mother’s Name Gunilla Sorenstam
Siblings A sister, Charlotta Petra Sörenstam
Education University of Arizona
Marital Status Married
Spouse Mike McGee (m. 2009), David Esch (m. 1997–2005)
Kids A daughter Ava McGee, and a son William McGee
Current Residence Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Profession Retired golfer
Career’s Tenure 1992-2008
Played Tours LPGA Tour (joined 1994)
Ladies European Tour
Professional Wins 94
Net Worth $40 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Golf Annika’s Way(Book), Autograph, Signed Golf Visor
Last Update August, 2022

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