Anthony McClelland- Is he biological father of LeBron James?

It is quite difficult to know Anthony McClelland, since his former girlfriend Gloria James and their son LeBron James totter to reveal him.

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About| Anthony McClelland

Anthony McClelland was born on 23, November 1972 in the United States of America. He is an ex-convict.

McClelland has gained the heed to be the father of American professional basketball player, LeBron James of the LA Lakers. LeBron James is mostly known by his other name¬† “King James”.

High School and the incidence

McClelland attended Akron, Ohio High School. It was found that Gloria James and McClelland were at the same school. At the age of schooling, he was a basketball player just like his son is at present.

McClelland and Gloria James were very close to each other since childhood. During the time of high studies, Gloria got pregnant meanwhile McClelland abandon her at age of 16 years.

He was very criminal-minded. He neither cared about his children nor about the child support and eventually, left Gloria to look after LeBron on her own.

Gloria James was very depressed at the moment. She used to live with her mother, grandmother, and brothers but after the death of her mother and grandmother, she had to take care of her son and brothers alone. It was her worst time ever.

Gloria suffered a lot because of McClelland. She had to struggle so much. Anthony McClelland was never there during the time his family needed him.

Later on, he was arrested for Arson and many criminal records which is the reason for his absence.

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After years of struggle, LeBron is thankful that McClelland is not around him and his mother. This made him struggle, hard work, and passionately achieve his dream goal.

Due to the deeds of McClelland, LeBron and Gloria don’t want to reveal anything about him nor share the same surname.

Anthony McClelland| Career

There is no proper information about the profession of McClelland. After all, he was on the criminal list, it is supposed that he didn’t have a proper settlement for life.

His crimes compelled him to go in and out of prison constantly.

Lebron is NOT only the son McClelland abandoned

Lebron is not only the son of McClelland. He has another son whose name is Aaron McClelland, the one who is also abandoned.

McClelland was in relation with another woman and left her the same way he did to Gloria James during pregnancy. However, Aaron McClelland is not famous as Lebron he is also limelight in talks about Anthony McClelland.

Similarities between two brothers?

McClelland’s two sons LeBron James and Aaron McClelland look similar to their father. With no doubt, anyone can say that they belong to the McClelland family.

However they both have different mothers, many people get confused about them and say as if they are twins.

Reappearance in 2002

After many years far from family, McClelland attempted to return his home but in 2002, he was soon back to prison.


McClelland is 6 feet 7 inches tall. He has a bold personality.












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