Ariana Madix supports Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval against ‘mean girls’ without knowing their affair!

“I would think that Katie, Lala, and Kristina gave the mean girl treatment to Raquel,” says Ariana Madix

Ariana Madix
Ariana Madix defends Raquel Leviss against mean girls source: Page Six

Ariana Madix supported Raquel Leviss in Wednesday’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules”. Tom Sandoval also defend Leviss who was treated poorly during the Las Vegas and Lake Havasu trip.

Ariana Madix defends Raquel Leviss without knowing about Tom Sandoval and Leviss’ affair. The recently released episode was shooted months before she found out about her husband’s affair. Madix was totally unaware of Raquel and Tom’s affair and was shocked after knowing.

Ariana supported Leviss because she thought Katie Maloney, Kristina Kelly, and Lala Kent were mean to her. The three girls treated her poorly on the Las Vegas and Lake Havasu trip. Similarly, during the trip te things got messy and Tom Sandoval also defended Raquel in the episode.

The pool party was held at Tom and Ariana’s house before the cheating rumors came out publicly. After seeing Leviss in a black bikini at a pool party, Madix couldn’t let her eyes off and asked, “What is it like being the hottest person on the f***ing planet?” The whole thing started when Raquel called Lala Kent mistress and a home wrecker during the trip.

After this, Lala, Kristina, and Katie treated Raquel badly. Lala on the other hand called Leviss an “f–king idiot”.


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Meanwhile, Katie Maloney said, “[Leviss] needs to get her head checked” whereas Kent also stated,

“Watching Raquel try to create a thought is mesmerizing. I don’t give a f–k what she thinks about me”

Ariana Madix however tried to make things clear between the two and suggested they have a talk. he thought the there girls are being mean to Raquel Leviss without reason. She stated,

“It’s very difficult for me to wrap my mind around the idea that Raquel is fighting people and being crazy. I would think that Katie, Lala, and Kristina gave the mean girl treatment to Raquel like they’ve given to other people in the past.”

Tom Sandoval also defended Raquel Leviss and think it is unfair for her to cope with these bullies. Likewise, Tom also chimed in between and said,

“That’s unfair. Katie here is the thing with you if somebody doesn’t have your exact perspective, they are somehow wrong”


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In addition to that, Sandoval also angrily told them to stop, “Jesus can you stop? I can’t unsee the f***ing bully that you were to her. For no reason.” However, Lala replied to Tom saying there was a reason for doing all this. Furthermore, Raquel Leviss told Lala Kent that she will never be friends again with her. She also called her mean and pathetic. Leviss said,

“You’re a bully, you’re f–king pathetic, I don’t need this energy in my life. I’m finally learning my lesson with you. We will never be friends. You literally give off mistress bimbo vibes, and I cannot stand it.”

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Know More

Ariana Madix knows about her ex-husband, Tom Sandoval, and Raquel Leviiss’ affair recently. This news made her devastated and shocked at the same time. No one had an idea about this and Tom and Leviss was perfect at keeping secrets. Madix found out about this after checking on Tom’s phone where she found a video of them together on it. Despite this, she separated from her nine years long husband and hasn’t responded to any of the news.

Moreover, Ariana’s fans feel sad after seeing the recent Wednesday episode of the “Vanderpump Rules”.  Madix supported Raquel and she showed her not to trust anyone.

One user tweeted, “So sad hearing Ariana defending Raquel ?. Another one wrote, “Ariana ONCE AGAIN is the only person defending Raquel. Raquel, girl, you betrayed your only ally”. The third one tweeted, “I wonder how Ariana feels watching these episodes where she was defending Raquel meanwhile Raquel was riding Sandoval”

After the recent episode, everyone feels bad for Arainaa Madix and is angry at Leviss of course. She betrayed her friend who stayed by her when no one was. Referring to Ariana’s side, one user wrote, “Hearing Ariana come to Raquel’s defense is making me angry. I’ve always (virtually) witnessed Ariana to be a ride-or-die friend, & this betrayal is disgusting. No bs victim narrative will make me feel otherwise.”

Furthermore, another user tweeted saying, “I know. Ariana standing up and now Tom defending Raquel ?. Why does Tom care so much about her well now we know”. Most people had no clue why Tom Sandoval defended Raquel Leviss but now it all makes sense for all of them. The sources announced that three of them will come face-to-face for filming the Season 10 reunion.


Written by Keshaa Perry

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