Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilder, Actor, Governor of California

Arnold Schwarazenegger
Arnold Schwarazenegger, former bodybuilder source: google

Arnold Schwarzenegger became popular at first as a bodybuilder. And after that, he became a huge Hollywood star. Later, the governor of California.

He played a role in many films. Name of the films is Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, and Total Recall.

In addition, Schwarzenegger went into politics. Later, became governor of California in the year 2003.

Arnold Schwarzenegger| Early life and Childhood

Arnold Schwarzenegger opened his eyes on July 30, in the year 1947. He was born near Graz, Austria. However, Arnold’s childhood was far from ideal. His father’s name is Gustav who was an alcoholic police chief.

Gustav has beaten Schwarzenegger and, made two brothers against one another. This became a turning point for him.

Therefore, Arnold did not attend the funeral of his father. His father died in the year 1972. In addition, his brother was killed in a car crash in the year 1971.

Relationship Status & Personal Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger tied a knot with Maria Owings Shriver. Similarly, Maria is the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and R. Sargent Shriver.

However, they decided to part ways in May 2011. They are blessed with four children. Their names are Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher.

Patrick kept following in his dad’s footsteps in the acting business. He started appearing in several films.

Arnold Schwarzenegger| Lifestyle and Vacations

Arnold Schwarzenegger is fond of traveling. Similarly, he spends vacations in Hawaii, Thailand, Austria, etc.

In addition, some of his traveling countries are Germany and London.

However, due to the pandemic, he has not been traveling as of now

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Net Worth and Income

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a net worth of $400 million. In 1968, Arnold made his first million.

Likewise, Arnold’s massive net worth is earned from his involvement in politics, business, and investments. Along with his successful acting career.

Schwarzenegger’s monthly income is considered to be more than $4 million. Similarly, his yearly income is estimated to be about $42 million.

Moreover, Schwarzenegger came into his dreamland with just $27,000. And, he invested his money in real estate. He charged $25 million per movie.

Likewise, with the movie’s release, Terminator reportedly made $75,000 in 1984. The movie made over $80 million at the box office globally.

According to Arnold,“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger, at The Terminator source: google

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Despite his ever-growing popularity and fame, Arnold has been humble. Also kind to his roots from the beginning.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Schwarzenegger donated $1 million to a coronavirus relief fund. In order to support front-end workers.

Similarly, Arnold also didn’t receive his governor’s salary. Either he donated it to charity.

Moreover, Schwarzenegger founded Inner City Game Foundation in the year 1995. This is active in 15 cities all over the country.

Likewise, the foundation is serving more than 250,000 children in 400 different schools.

Bad Car Accident

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a bad car accident. His SUV rolled over on top of another car, and that driver was badly injured.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger, car accident
source: google

According to sources, he was driving a Yukon SUV when it collided with a red Prius at around 5:00 PM PT. Schwarzenegger’s SUV began to roll and ended up on top of the Prius. And, then continued rolling to the left into a Porsche Taycan.

As one eyewitness says, it was crazy where it looked like a stunt in a movie. The collision was very dangerous and airbags were deployed on the Yukon.

According to one of the witnesses, it appeared the Prius was on Sunset Blvd and Schwarzenegger was on Sunset. Likewise, he was turning left in the opposite direction when the collision occurred.

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Social Media Profile

Arnold is quite active on social media platforms.

Instagram : 22.3M followers

Twitter: 5.1M followers

Some FAQs

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger say I’ll be back?

‘I’ll be back is a catchphrase of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The catchphrase was made famous from his popular film, ‘The Terminator’.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger vegan?

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is 995 vegan.

Similarly, Arnold has been living on meat. Also dairy-free diet for the past three years.

Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger famous?

Arnold is a famous bodybuilder as well as a popular actor. Later he became governor of California. So this is the reason that he is quite famous all over the world.

How long was Arnold Schwarzenegger governor?

Arnold became governor of California from November 17, in the year 2003 to January 3, in the year 2011.

Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife?

His wife is Maria Shriver who is the niece of President John F. Kennedy. However, they parted their ways in the year 2011

Quick Facts

  • Full name– Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
  • Nickname- Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Birthdate- 30 July 1947
  • Birthplace- Thal, Austria
  • Residence- California, United States
  • Nationality- American
  • Ethnicity- Austrian
  • Religion- Christianity (Catholic)
  • Horoscope- Leo
  • Age- 74 years old
  • Father’s name- Gustav Schwarzenegger
  • Mother’s name- Aurelia Jadrny Schwarzenegger
  • Sibling- One Brother
  • Sibling Name- Meinhard Schwarzenegger
  • College- University of Wisconsin- Superior, Santa Monica College
  • Marital status- Divorced
  • Wife’s Name- Maria Shriver
  • Children- Five
  • Children’s Name- Joseph Baena, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Christopher Schwarzenegger, Christina Schwarzenegger
  • Height- In feet – 6’1″, In meters – 1.85 cm
  • Weight- In kilograms – 107 kg, In pounds – 235 lbs
  • Body Measurements 
    • Chest size: 57 inches
    • Biceps Size: 22 inches
    • Waist Size:34 inches
    • Thigh Size: 28.5 inches


  • Eye Color- Brown
  • Hair Color- Black and White
  • Sexual Orientation- Straight
  • Body type- Athletic
  • Profession- Body Builder, Actor, Politician & Businessman
  • Political Party- Republican party
  • Debut movie- Hercules in New York
  • Major Movies
    • Twins, The Terminator
    • Conan- The Barbarian
    • Conan- The Destroyer
    • Terminator- 2: Judgement Day
    • Terminator- 3: Rise of Machines, etc.


  • Monthly Income- $4 Million+Yearly Income$42 Million+Net Worth $4 Million
  • Sources of Wealth – Boxing, Acting, Business
  • Social Media- Instagram, Twitter
  • Merch- T-shirts, Hoodie
  • Website- Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Last Update- April 2022

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