Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt can now officially call each other husband and wife. Know more about the wedding!

“We just want to enjoy each other, and enjoy our friends and family,” says Kevin Wendt to the sources

Astrid Loch
Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt tied the knot on Friday source: US Weekly

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt are officially married now on Friday in Sarasota, Florida. They postponed their wedding before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They both wanted their wedding to be classy ad timeless.

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt can now call each other husband and wife officially. On Friday, October 28 they tied the knot with each other in Sarasota, Florida. They got engaged in August 2019 just after splitting for a short period.

Meanwhile, they didn’t tie the knot at that time due to the COVID-19  pandemic. Similarly, Astrid and Kevin gave birth to their first child in November 2021. So when they married each other on Friday, their son also attended his parent’s wedding.

Talking about the bride and bridegroom outfit, Astrid Loch was looking so beautiful in a custom-made Gaila Lahav gown. She walked down wearing the beautiful dress with John Legend’s “Conversations in the Dark.”Likewise, their son, August wore a matching outfit as his dad and he was waiting for her mom’s grand entry.


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Rachel Lindsay, Blake Horstmann, Alexis Waters, Kristina Schulman, and Whitney Fransway who are fellow Bachelor Nation stars attended the wedding of Loch and Wendt.

Since the duo have been in a relationship for so long so they didn’t feel strange about marrying each other. Further, they explained that felt like they’ve ‘been married for quite a bit.’

Meanwhile, Kevin also revealed to the sources that the couple is very excited to get married. He stated,

“We had the countdown for so long. It’s going on two and a half years that we’ve been counting down the day.”

Kevin and Astrid really wanted their wedding classy, timeless, and stressless. So they planned the setting which required minimal stress. They didn’t do the traditional type of wedding as per the sources. Regarding this matter, Kevin Wendt has stated,

“I feel like everybody that we talk to says it’s over in a blink, so try to enjoy it. And I feel like that’s easier said than done. But I think if we have the right wedding planner and you have everything figured out, it might be stressful now but the day of, we just want to have fun and not be rushing around stressing. We just want to enjoy each other, and enjoy our friends and family.”


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The pair finally exchanged their vows in front of a beautiful flower arch. Following this, Kevin’s brother, Justin, and Astrid’s sister, Ingrid have kept aside from the couple for giving the rings and taking the bouquet.

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Wanna Know More?

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt called Kimberly Hensley of Kimberly Hensley Events for the event which is timeless as well. On the other hand, the duo also took really good care of the guests.

“We wanted to look back at pictures that would still look beautiful in 20 years. So we just kept it very updated and classy.”

Moreover, the event venue was decorated with string lights along with beautiful flowers arranged y Victoria Blooms. Since the musician was hired for the event  A female musician was hired to play music for the ceremony and during cocktail hour.
Also, let us talk about the Honeymoon after marriage. They decided to go to the Bahamas for the honeymoon as they have talked about this earlier. Their wedding pictures and videos were clicked by Ally and Nicholas Photography.


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Furthermore, Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt announced that they will leave their 1 year old son to her mom.

“It’ll be the first time we leave August. So, my mom’s going to watch him for five nights, about a week after the wedding. We’re really excited for our first kid-free vacation since he was born.”

While Astrid shared how happy she is to tie the knot with Kevin. She said,

“Getting married and having people from the show and everything there, it’s nice to look back and reflect and think that such a small choice of us both choosing to do that show led to everything that it’s led to.”

The day after the wedding is a reception day where speeches were also given by Loch’s sister and Wendt’s brother. On the reception day, the duo danced to “Tequilla” by Dan+ Shay. Kevin explained,

“A lot of it had to do with us meeting in Paradise and drinking tequila together for a month.”


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In addition to that, Astrid wrote,

“The song came out that summer. We’ll dance to that and then we’ll have little shots of tequila passed out to everyone. We’ll all do a little shot at the end of that together and get the party started.”

We also congratulate Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt on a great married life. Hope to see the beautiful pair together forever!

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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