Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber are already engaged but kept things lowkey! Are the rumors true?

“Kaia thinks Austin is a sweetheart. They’re having a lot of fun getting to know each other,” says one insider about Austin and Kaia

Austin Butler
Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber already engaged source: Seventeen Magazine

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber’s engagement rumors spread after a recent Instagram post by Deuxmoi. They have both been seeing each other for a long time.

Austin Butler is with Kaia Gerber from thick and thin and they are really close to each other. Their dating rumors spread in the year 2021 in December. After that, the duo started hanging out together often. Similarly, in the year 2022 at Met Gala, Austin and Kaia confirmed their relationship publicly. Butler and Gerber also celebrated the success of the movie, “Elvis” and Austin thinks Kaia is lucky for him. Recently, Deuxmoi is an Instagram account from which much information is known.

Likewise, Deauxmoi posted a clip of Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber announcing that they are engaged. It also featured one message that revealed both of them are already engaged in April but kept it secret. Well, the cation of the post is, “Austin Butler & Kaia Gerber just bought a house together…do we think this is the next step???”. After this revelation, many people gave a shocking reaction and the news flooded all over social media.


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They haven’t confirmed whether they took the serious step or are going to take it. But, according to the sources, Butler and his girlfriend are really good at keeping things private. Besides, Austin and Kaia also went on a double date with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber at an Italian restaurant in Culver City, California. Not only this, but the actor is also close with Gerber’s side of the family.

Many sources claimed he proposed Kaia last month but kept it a secret. In addition, a source said, “He proposed back in April but they want to keep it low-key”. At the time, one insider stated,

“They’re newly dating. Kaia thinks Austin is a sweetheart. They’re having a lot of fun getting to know each other.”


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Know More

Austin Butler was previously in a relationship with Vanessa Hudgens for about nine years. They began dating in the year 2011 and they shared a lot of memories together. Vanessa and Butker used to attend different events, vacations, and Coachella weekends together. The former couple split in the year 2020 due to long distance and their busy schedules. Well, they were loved by many people and still people are mad seeing Austin with Kaia. However, Vanessa Hudgens is also dating a baseball layer, Cole Tucker.

Although Hudgens and Austin moved on from each other, their fans still ship them together. In the comment section of Deuxmoi’s post about engagement, most of the people slammed Austin for proposing to Kaia and not Vanessa. One user commented, “No fuckin way??? Yet he didn’t propose to Vanessa after being together for 10 years??”. Another one also added, “Imagine dating someone for 10 years and never proposing but dating someone for a year and proposing shit is wild”

Meanwhile, one frustrated user wrote, “Oh he’s going to hell????? Vanessa u always deserved better smh”. This is not the end as the second person stated, “Ladies…when a man knows, he knows. Cut the cord if he’s dragging you along aimlessly”. However, there are other people also who love seeing Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber together. According to one person, “Good for them . Cute couple. Seem happy together.”

One clip where Vanessa crossed Austin’s path where they both acted as if they don’t know each other went viral. That was from the Oscars 2023 event outside Vanity Fair in Beverly Hills, California. Moreover, Austin was talking with Sharon Stone at the time. Seeing the video hurt many fans as people can go from people we know to people we don’t.


Written by Keshaa Perry

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