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American professional wrestler Pamela Rose Martinez, commonly known as Bayley, is from the United States.

She was the first woman in WWE history to win the Triple Crown and Grand Slam Championship, and she has won the women’s championship four times.

She has acquired a lot of popularity and followers since her wrestling career started in 2008. In a high school essay, she once stated:

“Sports is serious to me… I want to be a women’s champion.”

She also applied her enthusiasm and passion for sports to success in the championship. One of the rare female wrestlers from Latin America is Bayley.

About Bayley |  Family, and Education

Bayley’s father’s identity hasn’t been made public. She was raised among her three siblings. Bayley has a brother named Manuel as well as two sisters named Melissa and Brenda Marie.

Martinez was reared in Newark, California, by her parents, who are Mexican. On June 15, 1989, Ann B., Bayley’s mother, gave birth to her.

Martinez was quite involved in sports while she was a student at Independence High School. She has a huge passion for athletics, whether it is volleyball or basketball.


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She fantasized about kicking and fighting while other girls dreamed of butterflies and teddy bears.

Additionally, posters of Lita, Randy Savage, the Hardy Boys, and The Rock were displayed on the walls of her bedroom. For assignments at her school, she has produced several essays regarding sports.

She said, for instance, that she would speak with someone and write about WrestleMania, which took place that year.

Bayley grew up watching WWE, and when Randy Savage entered the match, she couldn’t take her eyes off the TV.


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She remembers that even though her father and brothers agreed with her choice, her mother needed a lot of convincing. She even forbade Bayley from watching it on television.

Currently, Bayley’s mother attends all of her concerts and is her biggest supporter.

Professional Life and Career

At the age of 18, she started working toward her goal of becoming a wrestler. Before beginning the training, her head trainer would call her mother to get her approval. In the end, her mother caved after realizing she only wanted to wrestle.

Bayley had been attending Big Time Wrestling events since she was eleven years old. As a result, she began taking part in Big Time Wrestling’s training sessions in April 2008, where she trained once a week with Jason Styles.

Independent Circuit, Bayley

She spent months preparing before making her stage debut in September 2008. Under the ring name Davina Rose, she performed in independent pro wrestling. She wrestled with Big Time Wrestling up until 2012.

She also competed for Shine Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Destination, and NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood between 2011 and 2012.


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In October 2011, she made her debut with Shimmer Women Athletes.

Unfortunately, she lost each of her four bouts. She achieved her first victory at the age of 23 in 2012. Bayley defeated Melanie Cruise and Mena Libra in Shimmer Women Athletes Volume 48.

She signed a deal committing herself to WWE in December 2012.

WWE Bayley

In January 2013, she made her live debut in WWE’s NXT developmental division. While fighting, she wore a mask and went under the name “Bayley.” She appeared on NXT television on March 20 but lost to Paige.

Martinez and Charlotte won their first match for the WWE in September 2013 against Alicia Fox and Aksana. Nevertheless, she earned her second victory with WWE in January 2014 by defeating Summer Rae.

In August 2014, she defeated Sasha Banks, making her the main contender for Charlotte’s NXT Women’s Championship. She was unable to win the championship since she was defeated by Charlotte.


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In the episode that aired on November 27, Bayley was attacked by Banks and a former friend of hers named Becky Lynch.

She recently made a comeback after injuring her knee on January 21, 2015, during the show.

On August 22, 2015, Bayley became the first woman to win the NXT Women’s Championship after defeating Sasha Banks. She is only the third woman wrestler in WWE history to simultaneously hold two titles.

Women’s Raw Champion

Bayley made her main roster debut in the show that aired on August 22, 2016.

On February 13, 2017, Bayley became the first woman to win the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. She won the belt after defeating Flair, and she held it until April 30.

She was given the WWE Raw Women’s Championship after defeating Flair on February 13, 2017. Bayley was beaten by Bliss to win the title at the Payback on April 30.


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She was unable to perform after suffering a shoulder injury in August 2017.

According to Bayley, the two had become less close throughout that year. They both started verbally attacking one another as well as the situation between them got worse.

They had to even show up to councilor meetings. The consequence was the publication of “The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection” in July 2018.

A championship for SmackDown Women

Bayley was chosen by SmackDown on April 16. Bayley has had 17 reigns as of October 26, 2020; her second reign, which lasted 381 days, was the longest.

Similarly, Bayley also has the longest cumulative reign, clocking in at 520 days.


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She made her debut as a heel in the WWE on September 2, 2019. During the competition, she attacked Becky Lynch while defending Banks.

Bayley continued by claiming that Lynch’s attack served only to defend and support Banks.

Relationship Status| Who is she Dating?

The California-based WWE wrestler is not married. Consequently, she is single. Despite this, she was seriously involved with wrestler Aaron Solow.

Additionally, they intended to get married. The couple announced their separation in 2021, claiming that their aspirations for the future were divergent.


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The ex-couple made their separation official in a long tweet that Solow wrote.

He stated in his letter, “Pam and I have discovered that we have very different expectations for the future, and as a result, we feel that it would be in our best interests to call off our engagement and end our relationship.”

“We have a lot of wonderful memories together that we’ll always treasure, he continued. We’ve decided to stay friends and support one another throughout our lives and careers.”

Bayley is not currently dating anyone. She is unmarried and entirely career-oriented.

Net Worth | Bayley

Here is a breakdown of Bayley’s net worth in numerous other currencies, including the Euro and the British Pound.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 1,725,000
Pound Sterling £1,471,970
Australian Dollar A$2,693,602
Canadian Dollar C$2,486,810
Indian Rupee 148,113,500
BitCoin ฿29

Social Media

Instagram : 3.2M Followers

Twitter:1.7M Followers

Facebook: 975k Followers


  • “My mother forbade me from watching wrestling because when I was growing up, they would have pillow fights or bra-and-pants contests. But after my parents separated, I was once more able to watch wrestling, and that is when I first became interested in wrestlers like Ivory.”
  • “I like to think of myself as ambitious and enjoy shocking and proving people wrong”
  • Banks, Sasha She possesses every single thing. Her heart is unquestionable, and her remains are unmatched.”
  • “It’s simply absurd considering that I still have all of my action figures in storage despite being a longtime WWE fan. Now that I have my own, it’s cool and humbling to watch my nephews play with them, to see youngsters tweet me images of them, and to see others go out of their way to explore all of these businesses in quest of them.”
  • “I’m not here to inflict back bruises or take folks to the hospital. My goal in being here is to make people happy.”
  • “I engaged in every game. Although I participated in cross-country, track, and volleyball, basketball was my preferred activity.”

Frequently Asked Question:

Do Sasha and Bayley still maintain a strong friendship?

Indeed, Bayley and Sasha are tight. They’ve also partnered together and engaged in competition with one another.

Why did Bayley decide on the new look?

She debuted a new look and underwent her first heel turn in the WWE. She modified her in-ring attire to something darker and had her hair chopped short.

Do people call Bayley “Bayley Dos Straps”?

In June 2020, Bayley proclaimed herself to be “Bayley Dos Straps.” The use of the word “strap” is prohibited by the WWE platform.

Later, she made the inside joke remark that this specific moniker was well-known behind the scenes.

Which way did Bayley go?

At the start of 2021, Bayley sustained an injury while taking part in a necessary “back to the road” training session. Although the WWE hasn’t provided any information on the condition, several reports state that she was suffering from an ACL injury.

Bayley was consequently forced to back out of the “I Quit Match” for the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank.

Quick Facts | Bayley

Full Name Pamela Rose Martinez
Birth Date June 15, 1989
Birth Place San Jose, California, U.S.
Ring Names Bayley, Davina Rose, Luchadora
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Independence High School
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Ann B
Siblings Three; Melissa, Brenda Marie, and Manuel
Age 33 Years Old
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 119 lb (54 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Wrestler
Current Promotion WWE
Debut September 19, 2008
Active Years 2008 – Present
Marital Status Not Married
Ex-Fiance Aaron Solow
Finisher Belly to Belly maneuver
Net Worth $2 million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Merchandise T-shirt, Logo Pin, Poster
Trained By WWE Performance Center, Jason Styles
Last Updated August 2022

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