Are Becca Kufrin and fiancée Thomas Jacobs going to become parents? They are welcoming their first child!!

“Little Bebe, we can’t wait to meet you, hold you, and watch you grow,” wrote Becca Kufrin via Instagram

Becca Kufrin
Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs are becoming parents of their first child source: Page Six

Becca Kufrin and her fiancee Thomas Jacobs are going to be parents of their first child together. They are more than happy to share this good news with their family, friends, fans, and followers.

Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs announced the news about the pregnancy through Instagram. On Wednesday, April 26, the duo shared a video where they clicked pictures with their two canine furbabies. Similarly, Becca and Thomas showed ultrasound pictures to their pups and they are very happy to add the fifth member to their family.

The four are Becca, Thomas, and their two furbabies. Likewise, the last clip shows the baby’s movement in Becca’s belly from ultrasound. This is a precious moment for parents and especially mothers.

The reality star, Becca Kufrin, and Thomas Jacobs are so in love with each other. The duo announced their pregnancy with the caption “Party of 5 coming September 2023. Little Bebe, we can’t wait to meet you, hold you, and watch you grow.”

Also, they added, “We already love you to the moon and back – Mom & Dad”. As Kyfrin and Thomas’ first child is coming on the way so their excitement level is high.


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They also added hashtags like #pregnanyannouncement #bebe #momanddad, and #pregnantnotpasta. On the other hand, many people including their Bachelor friends congratulated them. The former host of Bachelorette, Chris Harrison commented, “God bless you guys. Congratulations!”. One user wrote, “EEEEEEPPPP!!! Can’t wait to rub on that belly!!!!”. While, another one said, “THIS IS THE BEST DAY!!!!!!! Love you guys so much”

Furthermore, Wells Adams stated, “Wait, what!!!! Congratulations!!!!’ while Serena Pitt said, ‘I’m screaming!!!! So so happy for you both”. Adam Gottschalk also wrote, “Omg!! At first I was like you’re having triplets!?! took me a sec to count the fur babies … congrats mama to be!”. Their friend, Serena Pitt said, I’m screaming!!!! So so happy for you both ❤️❤️”


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Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs first met each other on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in the year 2021. They started dating in the first season but during the finale, they broke up. However, they realized there is some connection between them and gave each other’s second chance. Becca stated in an interview about her split with Jacobs. She said,

“Everything, I would say, happens for a reason. When we were dating on the beach for that short amount of time, everything was smooth sailing. It was perfect. But for me, I needed more of the real life. I think to go through that breakup in that very short courtship ultimately brought us back together.”


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Following in October 2021, the duo again reunited and began sharing their cutest moments together. After a year, in 2022 Kufrin and Thomas decided to get engaged. In other relationships, we hear a boy proposing to a girl for a marriage or engagement, but here the role is reversed. Becca proposed to Thomas first and in October 2022 again Thomas proposed to Kufrin. At the time, Becca stated she feels blessed to have Thomas in her life as a partner. In addition, she stated,

“The thought, care, and excitement that he put behind his proposal meant the world to me. He prepped for weeks to get it ready”


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Talking about Becca Kufrin’s past life, she was engaged twice with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Garett Yrigoyen. She met both on The Bachelor. This is the third engagement with Tomas Jacobs and they seem very happy. Congratulations to them on their upcoming first baby.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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