Victoria’s Secret model, Behati Prinsloo is back in the Instagram with the bang after Adam Levine cheating scandals!

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine are still together even after the several cheating rumors

Behati Prinsloo
Behati Prinsloo is back with her bold post in Instagram source: Flipboard

Behati Prinsloo posted a picture in which she is showing her middle finger via her Instagram story on Friday. This may be a sign of not giving a single fuck about Adam Levine’s ongoing cheating rumors.

Behati Prinsloo is on Instagram with a picture showing her middle finger. On Friday, she uploaded a picture to her Instagram story and the picture is old as her belly is not big.

Behati is now pregnant with her third child. Similarly, the ongoing cheating scandal is spreading about her husband, Adam Levine. In social media platforms, the conversation about this couple is trending nowadays.

Similarly, the eagle-eyed fans noticed everything judged according to what they see without knowing the actual reason. After Behati’s picture showing her middle finger, the sources claimed that she is telling her haters to kindly fuck off. Though, maybe it’s true because of the rumors spreading all over.

Talking more about the picture, Behati Prinsloo is wearing a black shirt and jeans shorts. She paired up with black tights and stiletto heels. Furthermore, the supermodel has posed with her tongue and is standing in front of Victoria’s Secret backdrop.

Likewise, Behati has never responded to any of the allegations made against her husband, Adam Levine. A family of four went to the beach for enjoying recently.

Looking at the family pictures, we can assume that Levine and Behati are working things out. They have two daughters, Dusty Rose who is 6 years old, and Gio Grace who is 4 years old currently.

On the other hand, Behati Prinsloo also talked about her upcoming child whose gender has not been revealed yet. Last week, the family was at Montecito, California beach where they shared some pictures too.

Despite the rumors and allegations, the couple is still together enjoying quality time with each other. Looks like Behati trusts his husband more than this allegation as Adam also apologized via Instagram.


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For more details, you can check out<<<Adam Levine and his pregnant wife, Behati Prinsloo are enjoying their beach time along with kids despite cheating scandals!

Further Explanation

The previous month many women came forward claiming Adam Levine was a bad guy or say flirty. He had an affair with several women when he was with Behati Prinsloo. One model named, Sumner Stroh posted a video in TikTok claiming Levine manipulated her. She stated that she had an affair with the Marron 5 singer and it was completely manipulative.

According to Sumner, she was young and easily manipulative in comparison to Adam. And, she also showed the text Levine has sent to her. Stroh talked about her affair after Behati’s announcement about her third child.

As per the text message, Sumner shared, Adam has said to her that “he will name his upcoming baby Sumner.” Sumner captioned her video by saying, “embarrassed I was involved w a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect.”

@sumnerstroh embarrassed I was involved w a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect. #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Sumner Stroh

The video crossed over 25 million views but Adam denied the allegations. Although Levine admits that he crossed the line at some point he didn’t have affair with any woman. Moreover, he stated,

“I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner. I did not have an affair, nevertheless, I crossed the line during a regrettable period of my life.”


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Adam regrets his decision and promised everyone that he will never repeat the mistake again. Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine tied the knot in the year 2014. Similarly, she is the biggest supporter of her husband when it comes to his professional life.

As we can see Behati is in each and every concert of her husband. Last time, Prinsloo was spotted backstage at Marron 5 concert which was held in Las Vegas. This is just a month ago after the allegations.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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