Bella Hadid walked in the Coperni Fashion show wearing a spray-painted white dress during Paris Fashion Week 2022!

“I’m speechless… this is art,” says one of the followers of the supermodel, Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid
Bella hadid wore a white spray-painted dress during Paris Fashion Week source: Hindustan Times

Bella Hadid wore a painted white dress just in front of the audience during the Coperni fashion show at Paris Fashion Week 2022. She was looking stunning in a spray-painted white dress while walking on the stage.

Bella Hadid shows her appearance during the Coperni fashion show wearing an underwater and heels. Her dress is painted by three men in front of the audience. The men sprayed a thick white latex around her body and made a mid-length solid dress.

Bella was wearing underwear and heels while the white paint is sprayed all over her body. As we know, in the Coperni show we should flaunt our unique fashion and so does Bella Hadid. All were amazed to see the creativeness of Hadid and the team. Wearing the painted white dress, she left the runway.

Well, people love this fashion but DIY fashion has already amazed in the earlier year after making a blown glass bag. The stars like Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat carried the bag on the red carpets.

According to the designer, Breanna Box, and Pete Dupont, the bag is made up of an air hose. Similarly, the glass bags s created very creatively so they spread worldwide.


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Furthermore, the show was held in Salle des Textiles at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris. As, Arnauld Vaillant stated to Vogue,

“We wanted to dedicate this moment to Dr. Torres because we respect what he does so much. We felt that it was absolutely necessary that he led the performance – to us, that makes the experience even more magical.”

The fans and followers were shocked to see this with their eyes open. They went crazy and stated,

“I’m speechless… this is art.”

Meanwhile, another one wrote,

“Fashion becoming actually really entertaining again is the world healing.”

We are seeing model Bella Hadid in the many fashion shows. The last time she was seen hitting the runway earlier the day walking in the Isabel Marant fashion show. She was on the runway for Victoria Beckham along with her sister, Gigi Hadid on Thursday.

Earlier this week, Hadid was in New York City for Burberry and Milan. Besides all these, the most memorable and eye-catching was this.

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Further Explanation

Talking about the 2022 Met Gala and its experience, Bella Hadid said that she used to feel pressurized at any event. Though during the 2022 Met Gala she stated in an interview, she now enjoys walking the carpet, Furthermore, Hadid also added,

“We spend a lot of time — designing the dress and with my glam team — figuring out the creative part before I actually get to the hotel on Met day.”

Also, Bella said,

“So by the time it’s Met day, we’re just like living, listening to music, dancing. But 20 minutes beforehand it gets kind of stressful because I’m a Libra, and I’m always late. I try to not be late, but I always am anyway.”


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Similarly, the model’s Met Gala dress was designed by Burberry’s Riccardo Tisci. Hadid on the other hand loved her dress and the design as she stated,

“I really liked a lot of the ties and the big fabrics and the tulle and obviously the corsets and the bustiers, but we also wanted to make sure that it stayed very much Riccardo — very simplistic, but chic.” 

Meanwhile, for the next year’s Met Gala, the theme will be featured the work of the late designer, Karl Lagerfeld. The title will be “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.” 
His designs and sketches of Karl are loved by everyone and Andrew Bolton who is the head curator says that the designs are charming. He added that they are so whimsical and so impressionistic as well.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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