Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez fought inside the car earlier this week before their red carpet tense conversation. Are they having disagreement?

“He always looks like he’s fed up and annoyed,” says one user about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had a heated argument before red carpet fight source: Page Six

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had a heated argument inside his black SUV earlier this month before the red carpet discussion. They are having a bad time in their relationship as per the sources.

Ben Affleck is claimed as ‘miserable’ in his marriage with Jennifer Lopez. Seems like the duo is having issues in their relationship. Well, Ben and Jennifer have been spotted in a heated argument quite a lot these days. Earlier this month both of them were photographed fighting Ben’s black SUV while roaming around Beverly Hills. After this, on Wednesday, in the premiere of the movie, “The Mother”, the duo was having some problems while clicking pictures.

Similarly, on the red carpet event, Ben Affleck looked angry and was doing different hand gestures while talking with Lopez. At the time, it looked like Affleck was not happy but later the sources claimed they were fine. Likewise, according to an expert lip reader, Ben was just dramatically showing hand gestures to J.Lo and nothing was wrong between them. They stated Jennifer was asking her husband if her low-cut top was showing too much and expected Ben to answer “It was all fine”.

Furthermore, both of them were photographed kissing and posing together for the cameras. Affleck on the other hand replied to Jennifer in her ear saying, “Don’t worry, babe. That’s us done”. Later the sources cleared Ben was just joking with his wife and nothing more. Also, he said to Jennifer, “I’ll slide away from you and leave you sitting next to Trevor” to which she replied, “You better f-king not leave”. Then, Ben Affleck stated, “That’s a husband-and-wife thing. I mean, some of it is”.

People began tweeting about Ben’s behavior towards his wife saying, “He always looks like he’s fed up and annoyed”. Another one added, “You can have it all and still be miserable”. 

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez married each other in August 2022. Though the couple has been engaged in the year 2002 but separated after two years. Affleck and Lopez again reunited in the year 2021 and since that year they are together till now. However, people are now more concerned about their relationship now because it seems like they are having some disagreement. Earlier this month, Ben and Jennifer were spotted having a heated argument inside his Rivian electric SUV in public.

One European tourist took photographs and video of them fighting but the reason has not been known yet. Meanwhile, it is claimed that J.Lo was sitting in the passenger seat and Ben was driving. But they were having some arguments when the traffic light was red with the windows rolled down. It is clear that they were arguing as their expression explained everything. Moreover, Ben was waving his hands and they were not aware of anyone out there.


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In addition, the tourist stated that Affleck’s body language explains he was frustrated with his wife. She also said,

“There were a lot of hand gestures, Ben was waving his hands up and down and it looked heated. It clearly looks heated on his end, a discussion or argument. There were no other cars or people on the street” 

Not only this, but Ben Affleck also frustratingly slammed his car’s door after Jennifer Lopez went inside it. The video of the slamming went viral and people were shocked seeing that. People claimed that Ben must be miserable in their marriage or stressed.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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