Ben Affleck’s son accidentally backs a Lamborghini into a parked BMW! Did he get hurt?

Well, Ben definitely looks upset about the incident, as his 10-years-old son Samual accidentally backs a Lamborghini into a BMW.

Ben Affleck's accidentally backs a lamborghini into a BMW at a dealership
Ben Affleck's accidentally backs a lamborghini into a BMW at a dealership source-google

Ben Affleck’s 10-years-old son Samual accidentally backs a Lamborghini into a BMW at a LA dealership. Well, Ben definitely looks upset about the incident!!

Ben Affleck’s son got into a minor collision while visiting the luxury car dealership in LA. They were riding a luxury yellow Lamborghini SUV when Samuel get into the front seat and caused the incident. Later Jennifer Lopez also joined her fiance and 10-year-old son.

The son accidentally put the car in the reversed mode and hit a white BMW behind. Ben shares his 10-year-old Samuel with his ex-wife Jennifer garner. The couple parted ways in 2018 after a decade of being married.

The 10-year-old jumped after he hit the car behind when he saw Ben coming to check the damage. He was hugging Samuel when both Ben and Lopez were having a conversation.

According to the New York Post, the luxury vehicle Lamborghini is rented for $1,475 per day and is purchased for $250,000. IT IS THAT EXPENSIVE!!

The representative of the car dealer and Ben reported that there was no harm in either of the cars. They further said that the cars are parked that close due to a lack of space for parking.

“When Samuel got into the car, it jerked back and forth,” the employee of the delearship said. “We have a small lot and the cars are close.”The employee further said, “Affleck loves cars,We hope they come in again.”


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A source further informed the media saying,

“Ben was at the dealership to test drive a new car…. Sam seemed very interested in the exotic cars. Ben let him get into the driver’s seat of a very expensive Lamborghini, and the car ended up reversing into another parked car,” a source informed. “There seemed to be no damage to the cars though. You could tell that Ben very much regretted letting Sam get into the driver’s seat. He seemed upset about it.” 

Jennifer Lopez has two children of her own Emme and Max twins. She honored Ben on this fathers day. Lopez pays tribute to Ben this father’s day on his role as a father. She called him “the most caring, loving, affectionate, consistent and selfless Daddy ever.

“I have had a front-row seat to watching how you father for over a year now,” Lopez wrote, noting that the director cares for her teenagers “without obligation” as well.

“You are affectionate and engaged in every moment they are with you,” she continued. “It’s honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.”

Jennifer says that Ben is the most loving father ever.

He is very selfless and affectionate. She has been closing observing as a father for over a year and he cares for her teenage children without hesitation as well. She further adds that is the most beautiful thing ever that she has ever seen.

The singer has spent time with Ben’s children before as well since the pair revived the sentiment. It was during Halloween 2021 when Jen Garner was spotted out in Malibu, meeting up with Affleck and Lopez at one point with their kids for trick-or-treating.

“Everyone gets along and the focus is always on the kids. Jennifer, Ben, and Jen Garner all wanted the kids to have an amazing Halloween,” a source told. “The kids are friends and wanted to go trick-or-treating together. It made sense that they all went together.”

Jennifer, Ben, and Jen all focus on their kids always and all of them are always happy together.



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