Bernadette Peters Shuts the protestors at her pet adoption charity in Broadway Barks!

Bernadette Peters shuts down the animal rights activists protesting- “animal abuse”!!

Bernadette Peters shuts down the animal rights activists protesting- animal abuse
Bernadette Peters shuts down the animal rights activists protesting- animal abuse source-dnyuz

Bernadette Peters fights back at the protestors at her Broadway Barks Pet Adoption-You are stomping the chances of the animals being adopted!

Bernadette Peters fight back with the handful of protesters who were stopping pets to find their forever homes!! It was Saturday afternoon when there was an event at Broadway Barks, a pet adoption center.

The actress was on the stage promoting the 24th annual adoption event in the theater district. The time when the animal rights activists protested shouting “ANIMAL ABUSE”.

Like a reflex action, Peter also shouted back to them saying, “Excuse me! You are stomping on the chances of the animals here from being adopted!”. Other people present at the event also shout on the megaphone back to the protestors to “get out” of the event before the security personnel embarrassingly throws them out.

Find out who else supported Peter..

Peter’s celebrity Friends who joined to support the adoption are  Hugh Jackman, Sutton Foster, and Billy Crystal. Apparently, the protestors were actually looking to create a dispute between the Broadway barks and the Humane Society of New york city.

The main agenda of the protest is looking like they are against Human society. Therefore, reacting to the shelter as caging the animal or warehousing them. Those people don’t make any sense!! Animal adoption gets personalized care for the animals more than they do at animal adoption centers. People who adopt actually love animals, and they will file proper applications before being a pet parent.

Nowadays people adopt pets as a friend and they take care of the food, nutrition, and health of their pets. They love pets so that is the reason they are adopting. Nobody adopts anybody just for fun or just to cage them. They will get more freedom when adopted. There won’t be any compromise in the care and love of animals.

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On other hand, PETA claims that it is a dangerous practice as it will actually compromise the safety of animals. They show concern as they might leave them in a situation where those innocent animals might not be in want.

“Compromises animals’ safety by leaving them in situations in which they’re clearly unwanted.”

However, in an interview with Sandra DeFeo, the Humane Society director of New York City she just refused the claims. She told that no-kill shelters are adopting animals.

“I don’t know what warehousing means. When you are a no-kill shelter it means you are going to keep those animals until you find the right home. And here, we are very, very dedicated to our animals.”

Definitely, if there are shelter homes for animals for the purpose of protecting them, giving them all the facilities they want, and proving them shelter until and unless they find their parents. Everything is a procedure, they will fill an application with all the criteria of adoption and then only will be liable to adopt animals.

Founder Peters and co-founder Mary Tyler Moore established the organization. The organization is 25 yrs old-established in 1998 to promote the adoption of animals. In 2017 Gail Buchwald said in the media that these shelter homes have actually helped estranged animals like dogs and cats to find their sweet shelter.

While she agrees that almost 20 years back, there was fear of adopting the animals from shelter homes.  The event takes place each year after its foundation1999. There are a lot of celebrities attending the event and including many performers who present animals for adoption.

In addition to this charity event, Peters explains her love for animals which is why she established the shelter for their care and she had written a number of children’s books about rescuing them.





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