Bette Midler has been chastised for tweeting the phrase “try nursing.”

The Host is facing backlash over statements she made about nursing.

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Bette Midler is currently not the wind behind new parents’ wings.

The “Beaches” star drew a lot of backlash on Twitter after she dismissed the baby formula scarcity on Thursday night.

Actress and singer Bette Midler was slammed as “ignorant,” “offensive” and a “disgrace”.

After she tweeted that mothers who can’t breastfeed should “attempt breastfeeding” during a statewide infant formula shortage.

While the United States is dealing with a baby formula scarcity, actress and novelist Bette Midler sent out a tweet that sparked a Twitter-feeding frenzy.

“TRY BREASTFEEDING!” Midler tweeted on Thursday. In response to a holy oligopoly, a Batman tweet from Stephanie Ruhle, host of The 11th Hour and a Senior Business Analyst for NBC News: “It’s free and available on-demand.”

“Baby formula is a highly sought-after, money-making item on the underground market (in the US and Canada). The shortage of baby formula suggests an unprecedented covert oligopoly: – three American corporations control 90 percent of the market; – foreign formulae are barred by highly restrictive limitations (due to big-money looting) “buying).”

“A lack of competition in the business appears to be the “recipe” creating the current shortfall, according to Ruhle’s tweet. Because there are fewer producers, there are fewer product options, higher pricing, lower quality, and more insecure supply networks “She sent out a tweet.

“Bette, respectfully, this is a foolish viewpoint,” several followers, including author Ilyse Hogue, said in response to Midler’s remark.

My twins were identical. I couldn’t feed them both since I didn’t have enough milk.

If there had been no formula, I would have had to select which one got to eat. Not to mention children that are stolen from their mothers when they are very young.”

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Fans were outraged by Midler’s remark about nursing on Thursday.

Tweet from Bette Midler.

Another supporter commented, “You’re right. Breastfeeding is nature’s way of feeding your baby, and there are many reasons why it isn’t always a choice for many mothers.”

If you’ve been using the formula, there’s no way to turn it off. Not to mention the millions of babies who are allergic to milk or other foods…”

Midler addressed people who were insulted by her previous nursing post.

“I adore you, Bette,” an admirer of the Tony Award winner said on Twitter.

“I was unable to nurse my child despite all of my attempts, including lactation experts, and he continued to lose weight.”

It was stressful for me and my child, and I felt like a failure, so I switched to formula at three months.”

Reply to the Tweet

Midler, who is a mother, replied to the backlash barely 20 minutes after sharing the controversial tweet, saying she didn’t want to shame mothers who are unable to breastfeed for various reasons.

Yes, I’m responding to women’s concerns about the promoted breastfeeding drugs.

Although I believe it is critical to continue to share your worries and opinions with those who matter most, be cautious when posting your thoughts online.

Because of the cultural differences between you and others around the world, these viewpoints may be misinterpreted.

The monopolistic information, on the other hand, is new to me. #WETNURSES.”

“Nursing is one of the most natural things in the world,” one supporter stated, “and yes, even BETTE MIDLER thinks it’s superior to formula.”


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“Y’all leave Bette alone,” another fan remarked. Every day, we are pushed into spending money, and infant formula is no exception.

Breastfeeding mothers are frequently misled into believing they are unable to do so. (Though I disagree with the part about the wet nurse.)”

“People are heaping on because you are working with obsolete material,” one follower added to the conversation, “but that isn’t enough for some.”

Women do not believe that formula is better than breast milk. They’re *shamed* for using the formula, even if it’s their only choice.

Your tweet fueled the myth that breastfeeding mothers are failures. Not at all.”

Martin von Haselberg, Midler’s husband, has a 35-year-old daughter named Sophie.

Written by Jeni Watson

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