Beyonce didn’t get the chance to receive her first Grammy award due to traffic jam. She makes history with most awards ever!!

“For real, Beyoncé is on her way,” says the host when Beyonce wasn’t available for receiving an award

Beyonce missed her first Grammy win due to traffic jam source: HuffPost UK

Beyonce breaks the record for winning most Grammy Awards on Sunday night. She missed her first Grammy win because of getting stuck in Los Angeles traffic.

Beyonce became a victim of a Los Angeles traffic jam. On Sunday, the 2023 Grammy Awards was held in Los Angeles and many celebrities attended the show. One of the celebrities who shows her appearance at the show was Beyonce.

Not only this, but she is also the most Grammys-winning celebrity among all as she got three awards. Though because of getting stuck in a traffic jam, she could not receive her first win by herself. But the two awards were received by her at the show.

Probably, Beyonce breaks the record and made history on February 5, 2023. Her first award which she missed was the Best R&B song for her track “Cuff It”. In order to announce the nominees and the winner actress, Viola Davis arrived on the stage.

Similarly, Davis also became an EGOT as she won a gong. When Viola announced everyone who is the winner, Beyonce was not present. The camera was focused on the audience side but couldn’t find Beyonce. At the time, everyone knew that she has not arrived yet.

Furthermore, Nile Rodgers received an award on behalf of Beyonce as he was the songwriter of the track “Cuff It”. The host, Trevor Noah stated, “For real, Beyoncé is on her way.” He also added,

“The upside of hosting the Grammys in LA is that everyone can be here. The downside of hosting the Grammys in LA is the traffic”

Noah later said,

“Just for reference, Beyoncé has now equaled the record for most Grammys of any individual, of all time”


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On the other hand, Beyonce is the only singer with the most nominations with a total of nine. It includes an album of the year for her track, “Renaissance” and a record of the year for “Break My Soul”. In addition to that, Nile stated his experience while working with Beyonce. He said,

“When I got called to play on this song it was the most organic thing that ever happened to me. I heard this song and I just said ‘I want to play on that. Right now”

Also, Nile Rodgers mentioned how happy he was for working with Beyoce and all the teams. According to him,

“And it was one take. I promise. I played it. It was one take. … It was just what I felt in my heart and I’m so happy to be working with you all.”

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Beyonce later arrived at the 2023 Grammy Awards and received other awards with an acceptance speech. When she was taking an entry the host, Trevor announced everyone by saying,

“The queen is officially in the building. Ladies and gentlemen, Beyonce Knowles. I was shocked that traffic could stop you. I thought you traveled through space and time.”


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After that, the host gave an award to queen Bey and she sat with her husband Jay Z at her table. We could see tears in Beyonce’s eyes when she was giving a speech. She said she is thankful for her husband, children, and late gay uncle as well. Moreover, Beyonce posted two pictures on Instagram posing in her outfit. She was looking absolutely gorgeous no doubt. She began her caption by saying, “We won 3 y’all!”. In addition to that, she wrote,

“To my Hive, thank y’all so much for all of your love and loyalty! Big thank you for the BREAK MY SOUL and CUFF IT wins!!! To The Dream, Tricky, HOV, and Big Freedia. I love y’all!”

In the second paragraph, Beyonce thanked

“Syd, I’ve always been such a fan of yours. Thank you.”

Then she wrote,

“Nova Wav, Morten Ristorp, Raphael Saadiq, and Nile Rodgers, thank you for pouring into CUFF IT.”


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Following this, also she continued by saying,

“Big thanks to Sabrina Claudio, Nick Green, and Patrick Paige II. PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA is my favorite song on RENAISSANCE most days. It’s hard to pick though. Haaa.”

After this,

“It feels great to be honored for the vocal performance. Thank you to all the talented vocalists who killed those beautiful TikTok renditions!”

At last, Beyonce concluded her statement by writing,

“I feel very grateful and filled with joy!”

Apart from this, Beyonce won an award for Best R&B Song, Best Traditional R&B Performance, Best Dance/Electronic Music Album, and Best Dance/Electronic Recording. This is history as she breaks the record.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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