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Professional wrestler and model

Bianca Carelli
a professional wrestler Source: Google

Bianca Carelli is a professional wrestler and model who is a BAA women’s Champion and host of Walk Through and Tries. Moreover, She is the daughter of Santino Marella who is also a wrestler.

Bianca Carelli | Early Life and Education

A professional wrestler and model, Bianca Carelli was born in 1994, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Moreover, Carelli’s parents were Petrina and Santino Marella.

Bianca developed a love for wrestling like her father.  Moreover, She always pictured herself as a surgeon.

But as she became older, she understood the difficulties of being a surgeon and saw how little time she had for fun, family, or other things. She gave up on her goal of becoming a surgeon as a result.

Bianca had a wonderful upbringing; despite their separation, they never made her feel left out because one of them was always there for her.

Moreover, Bianca has always had a soft spot in her heart for Canada. Santino likes Canada, even though her father identified as Italian.

Additionally, she always thought it was humorous when someone pretended to be Italian. She remembers finding hilarious as a young child even her father’s attempts at Italian accents at home.

Unfortunately, Bianca’s education and training are not known to the general public, but we will let you know as soon as we find out more.

Bianca Carelli | Age And Body Measurements

A professional wrestler and model, Bianca Carelli is currently 28 years Old.

Without a doubt, Bianca is a beautiful woman. She demonstrates that girls aren’t always frail; they can be athletic and even engage in competitive wrestling.

The Santino’s daughter stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 63 kg. Additionally, Bianca follows a strict diet and takes care care of it.

Even Bianca’s father, Santino, goes to the gym with her to work out and guide her. But what truly stands out are Bianca’s stunning brown eyes and golden hair.

Bianca Carelli | Personal Life

Currently, Bianca is focused on her career. Moreover, She has always led a beautiful, fairytale-like existence and is now determined to improve it even further.  Likewise, She is not currently dating anyone as a result.

Bianca Carelli
Bianca Carelli with her family Source: Playerswiki

She also has a loving father and a good relationship with her stepmother, Anna Babij.
So Anna participates in bikini fitness competitions.

Santino and Anna got married in 2015. Bianca loves her half-brother and spends as much time with him as she can, despite their vast age difference. In 2018, Anna and Santino had a child.

The only intriguing aspect of Bianca’s personal life is that she was selected for WWE.

Bianca Carelli | Career

Similarly, Young star Bianca’s career is just getting started. She was signed by WWE on February 4, 2022, and is now in the WWE Performance Center.

She is the second member of her family to decide to pursue a career in wrestling. However, Bianca’s professional life began in 2020.

She has competed in eight battles in minor tournaments, but her big debut has not yet occurred.

Bianca Carelli
a professional wrestler Source: Wrestling Attitude

But Bianca is not only a wrestler; she is also a model. She was also awarded the 2013 Miss Ontario title. She is the host of Walk Through and Tries and a BAA women’s champion.

Bianca is a sports nutritionist and a certified personal trainer, though.

Even though Bianca hasn’t yet accomplished anything professionally, keep checking back with us to read the latest updates.

 The WWE Journey

She is the daughter of a well-known wrestler, thus she grew up knowing everything there is to know about wrestling.

Bianca is aware of what it takes to be a wrestler, how to maintain appearances, and how to gain support.

However, her Father was very important in helping Bianca join WWE. Santino once asked Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to look at a photo of Bianca that he posted on Instagram.

Santino’s kid has been training for wrestling since she was a toddler. Santino, who is also a proud father, described his daughter as a strong woman.

Beth Phoenix, a legend in the WWE, also lauded Bianca and stated that she was ready to be a superstar.

Santino helped her get some attention, but otherwise, Bianca took care of everything. She trained day and night to join WWE.

She persisted, and WWE eventually hired her as a result. She’s now at the performance location.

She had signed a contract with WWE, according to Santino, who announced on Twitter.

After he posted it, the news spread like wildfire, and the internet went crazy. Bianca is now more widely known as a result.

Bianca Carelli
A professional Wrestler Source: Google

According to Santino, he was excited to go to Wrestlemania so he could see his daughter in the audience. Santino surely supports Bianca’s WWE debut as a proud father.

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Bianca Carelli | Net Worth and Salary

There is still a lot of work to be done because Bianca’s career has only just begun. She may be new to WWE, but that’s just because she has never had a job before.

Bianca has accumulated a substantial sum of money in prize money because she is a model and even the current Miss Toronto.

The range of Bianca’s net worth is between $100,000 and $500,000. But as soon as we find out anything, we’ll let you know.

Social Media Presence

Similarly, Bianca makes heavy use of social media. She frequently posts videos on Instagram of her exercises and gym sessions.

Other than Instagram, the pageant winner is not active on any other social media networks. However, Bianca’s social media accounts introduce her individuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full name of Bianca?

Bianca Carelli

What is Bianca Carelli’s height?

5 ft. 6 inches

What is the weight of Carelli?

63 kg

Does Bianca enjoy her relationship with her stepmother Anna Babij?

She does, indeed. Bianca frequently posts pictures of her complete family on Instagram while they are on vacation.

However, Anna Babij, her stepmother, is a big supporter of Bianca and the two get along well.

Quick Facts

Full Name Bianca Carelli
Birth Date 1994
Birth Place Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nick Name The Iron Princess 
Age 28 Years Old
Nationality Canadian 
Ethnicity White
Education Not Available 
Horoscope Not Available 
Father’s Name Santino Marella
Mother’s Name Petrina
Siblings 1 half-brother
Height 5 ft. 6 inches
Weight 63 kg
Hair Color Blonde 
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marital Status Single
Boyfriend  No
Children No
Profession Professional Wrestler
Affiliation  WWE
Trained by WWE
Active Since 2020
Career Earnings $100k-$500k
Salary Not Available 
Merch of WWE Championship BeltUNO Card Game
Social Media Instagram 

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