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Brad Wing
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On the international stage, Brad Wing proudly represents Australia. Indeed, he is a young player who has made some of the NFL’s most remarkable field goals. He was a versatile player, but he is best known for his outstanding display of precision and leg power in LSU’s punting game.

Brad Wing |  Family and Education

Brad Wing, whose full name is Bradley Thomas Wing, was born on January 27, 1991, with the sun sign of Aquarius.

Additionally, Kathi Wing and David Wing only have one kid, Brad. His birthplace was Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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David, Wing’s father, was a former Scottish Claymores punter for a living.

David had attempted to join the Detroit Lions but was unsuccessful. He grew up playing football because his father introduced it to him at a young age.

Early Football Exposure in High School

In the beginning, Brad played Aussie Football (Australian rules football) and later transferred to play for the TAC Cup club’s Under-19 Australian football team.

Brad claims that this time is when he first learned how to punt.

Overall, his time with the Sandringham Dragons signaled the end of his career playing Australian football. Brad not only played athletics but also went to Parkview Baptist High School.


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He was an exchange student for his senior year of high school to learn American punting.

He was so enrolled at Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Parkview Baptist High School. Brad’s high school career came to an end with him receiving the All-State honor for American punting.

Therefore, it enabled Louisiana State University to award him a scholarship (LSU).

College & LSU Statistics

During the 2011 campaign, Brad’s family effortlessly relocated to Baton Rouge so that he could attend college.

Later, he joined the LSU Tigers football team, where he received instruction from LSU’s head coach, Les Miles.

Everyone was startled that Brad had no idea who Miles was (in a way). Unusually for the team, Brad’s introduction was marred by his arrest for violence.

As a redshirt freshman, he continuously maintained a yardage average of 43.0 in 42 punts with a length of 73 yards. In total, he has made appearances in 12 different games.


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During his college years, he did gain enough coverage in the media and attention for his punting.

However, his 2011 LSU vs. Alabama football game was most praised since LSU, a freshman squad, won 9-6 in overtime.

His 52-yard touchdown against the Florida Gators on a fake punt play.

With at least 100 punts, Wing has the best overall punting average in school history, averaging 44.6 yards.

Brad Wing | Professional Life and Career

Wing entered the 2013 NFL Draft, however, he was passed over.

However, the Philadelphia Eagles had signed him to a contract so that he would be in a position to compete with Donnie Jones for the right to punt. They released him later, on August 25 of the same year.

Steelers, 25th of August

The next year, the Pittsburgh Steelers hired Wing to be their punter. After a rocky start, his stint with the team was only temporary for that one season.

He finished a pass to Matt Spaeth for a two-point conversion before the game was over. He, therefore, became the first Australian to score a pass in NFL history.

Brooklyn Giants

He was then given to the New York Giants in exchange for the seventh overall pick in the draft.

He achieved a gross average of 44.5 yards and a net average of 38.9 yards while playing for the Giants, breaking Brad Maynard’s single-set record.


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After that, he agreed to a three-year, $6.45 million contract with the Giants.

Wing flourished with the Giants, earning back-to-back NFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors.

Express in Memphis

On March 10, 2018, the Giants released Wing, and Memphis Express later hired him. But early in 2019, they freed him. In the same year, he signed up for the 2019 XFL Draft.

Brad Wing |  Accomplishments

Brad has received negative media attention and is frequently referred to as the “troubled kid” or a “celebrity seeker.”

He doesn’t care, though, because his costly defensive tactic has allowed him to succeed. Brad works hard to make the most of any chance to show off his talent.

Traveling far from home and putting oneself out there is unhealthy. He also became well-known on national television due to his tenacious defense.


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A glance at Brad’s statistics shows that he has kept up his 325 punts and 14,534 punting yards.

Additionally, he has a 100 inside the 20-yard range and a 44.7-punting average.

The accomplishments Wing has made so far are listed below.

  • Winning SEC team (2011)
  • All-SEC second team (2011)
  • Player of the Week for NFC’s Special Teams twice

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Rumor and Controversies | Discourse

Even though the Melbourne-born footballer has gained widespread media recognition, he wasn’t previously well-liked.

Released in the year 2011

In 2011, Wing was jailed in connection with Cameron Chabert’s misdemeanor battery.

According to the sources, they got into a brawl outside a bar in Baton Rouge. During his tenure as district attorney, Hillar Moore III, was given the case.

Chabert filed a complaint against Wing, claiming that Wing had beaten him while the doors to the room were locked.


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Similarly, Chabert was first confronted by Wing regarding his ex-girlfriend. Chabert was not present when they were to be heard in court as a result. Additionally, they rejected the claim.

Chick-fil-A Bowl 2012

Brad was denied entry to the team’s Super Bowl contest because he disregarded the regulations (the 2012 Chick-fil-A Bowl).

He had also failed the drug test twice in the meantime, which is why some people think that’s why he was suspended.

The giants’ Contract Has Ended

By terminating their contract with punter Brad Wing in 2018, the New York Giants were able to save $1,025,000. Wing was about to lose his job suddenly at the time.


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For instance, with a gross average of 44.1 yards, Brad had an unimpressive season in 2017, finishing 24th in the league.

His awful performance in the season opener also caused the coaching staff to scratch its head.

Brad Wing | Personal Life and Relationships

Wing is a single man who is not attached to anyone. The wing was, however, believed to be dating Lolo Jones back in 2017.

They were specifically suspected of dating as a result of their few deleted Instagram uploads.

Everything started in 2017 when Brad and Jones appeared in a video that Jones posted.

The talk of the town was, in fact, about them. She later mentioned Brad Wing in another article on squats.

The videos and the fact that they are both from LSU added to the rumors, which were already rife.

Lolo Jones: Who is she?

Lori Susan Jones is a bobsledder and hurdler who focuses on the 60- and 100-meter distances.

She did indeed graduate from LSU, and since then, she has been honored to 11 All-American teams and won three NCAA championships.

Additionally, she holds the American record for the 60-meter hurdles. Jojo is not in a relationship right now and has never been in one.

Children| Son

Despite not being married or involved in a romantic relationship, Brad Wing does have a cute son named Bentley.

As per his Instagram account, he has owned him since April 10, 2013.

Together, they have had amusing and adorable moments, and Brad never misses an opportunity to express his affection on social media.


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When Brad had his kid, most people believed that having a child in her life enhanced his ability to play.

“To me, Bentley means the world. Football contributed to a lot of the stress I was under before he was born, but having him has helped me to see the bigger picture.”
-Brad Wing

Both Odell Beckham Jr. and Brad Wing

Odell Beckham Jr. and Brad Wing are the best of friends, and they have an unbreakable bond.

They were humble and kind toward one another even after they had a celebrity on their side when they first met.

Similarly, They both claimed that the reason they are drawn to one another is because of their positive vibe. They are also tight with Drake as a result of it.

In the music video for Nicki Minaj’s track “Bed,” which also stars pop singer Ariana Grande, Wing and Beckham made an unexpected appearance together.

Brad Wing | Net Worth and Salary

It is self-evident that Wing makes a respectable living off of his football profession. He has a sizable net worth due to his achievements as a basketball player.

As of 2022, Wing’s net worth is anticipated to be $4 million. The Wing’s pay, however, has not yet been made public.


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Professional football was the main source of Brad’s career income.

Similarly, he has connections to several sponsorships and brands, from which he makes money after endorsing the products.

Brad Wing | Age and Body Measurements

In 1991, Brad Wing was born, making him 31 years old. Brad also has fair skin, light brown hair, and eyes that are the same shade.

Wing’s physical characteristics include a height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.91 meters) and a weight of 93 kilograms (205 lbs).


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He also has an angel tattooed on the left arm of his body. Additionally, he has a tattoo of a lion depicting a god on his shoulder.

Social Media

Instagram: 162k followers

Twitter: 46.7k followers

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Brad Wing’s jersey number?

For the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers, Brad Wing wears jersey number 9. He also wore jersey number 38 for the LSU Tigers football team.

Does Brad Wing still play for the NFL?

No, Brad Wing is no longer playing in the NFL. On February 27, 2019, he was released by the Memphis Express of the National Football League.

Brad Wing played for how many years in college?

Brad Wing played football for the LSU Tigers during his first two seasons of college.

Which current team does Wing support?

No concrete information is available regarding the team that Wing is now playing for. But he played for Memphis Express the last time.

Quick Facts | Brad Wing

Full Name Bradley Thomas Wing
Date of Birth January 27, 1991
Birth Place Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age 31 years old
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.91 meters)
Arm Length 32 inches
Hand size 9.5 inches
Weight 93 kg (205 lbs)
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Light brown
Build Athletic
Father’s Name David Wing
Mother’s Name Kathi Wing
Siblings None
Education Parkview Baptist High School
Louisiana State University (LSU)
Marital Status Unmarried
Wife None
Kids A son Bentley Wing
Profession Football player
Position Punter
Affiliations Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Giants
Memphis Express
Active Years 2013 – present
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Philadelphia Eagles’ Shirt, Steelers’ Jersey
Last Update November, 2022

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