Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are planning to welcome baby no.2 even after the split!

“They are considering getting back together. Irina would like her daughter to have a sibling,” says the source

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are making pans for baby no.2 source: Page Six

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are planning for another baby even after the split as per the sources. Though, they haven’t responded yet regarding this matter but are seemingly spotted together nowadays.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are best when it comes to parenting. As they aren’t officially together but still share the greatest bond because of their daughter, Lea. The sources also claimed that the pair are getting together again. However, they haven’t confirmed this rumor yet. Similarly, another rumor about planning for babyno.2  is spreading all over. The news says that Bradley and Irina are planning to expand their family.

Irina and Bradley began dating in the year 2015 but they were taking their relationship privately. In the year 2017, on March 21, the pair welcomed their first baby girl. However, after four years of togetherness, they both decided to part ways in June 2019. Cooper and Shayk separate in mutual understanding and decided to co-parent Lea.

Similarly, they both went on a family vacation along with their daughter in September. Not only this but, Bradley and Irina are also seen together nowadays quite a lot. So, seeing the ex-partners together the sources claimed,

“He is on board to expand their family. They are trying to get pregnant.”

When the three of them went on a tropical family vacation together, people started talking about the couple. They were shocked to see ex-couples this close because of the daughter, Lea. Therefore the sources gave assurance to people that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are getting back again. They also said,

“It was a real family getaway and they are considering getting back together. Irina would like her daughter to have a sibling.”

However, marriage is not an option for both of them. The sources say, “Bradley seems to have a European laissez-faire attitude towards the institution.”

The sources further added,

“They both [Bradley and Irina] haven’t gotten serious with anyone else and they are both into the idea of having a kid. It’s not Bennifer where the other person is always in the back of their head, it’s more like, ‘why not?’ They have to deal with each other anyway since they are parents together. They are both thinking, maybe it’s time to finally really settle in.”

The ex-partners were walking their dogs in New York City on Monday. Not only this but the duo was also spotted together on Halloween in New York City on October 31. For Halloween, Bradley was opting a full bear costume while Shayk was in a Bettie Page look with lingerie, a long trench coat, and a wig. Furthermore, Lea was wearing a pink princess dress that was sparkling at the same time.

Irina Shayk has uploaded a picture via her Instagram about the Halloween dress. In the picture, we can see, she is sitting on Bradley’s lap and she captioned the post by saying, Bear with me …..”


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Wanna Know More?

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s separation was kind of shocking to everyone cause they were very much in love with each other. Their split is due to heavy work schedules as per the sources. Even though they are still happy with their life and are feels lucky to co-parent Lea. Moreover, one of the insiders stated,

“After they split, Irina missed him. She feels very proud how they have been able to get along and co-parent their beautiful daughter.”

In addition to that, it is also heard that Shayk loves watching Lea with her dad. She would love to get back with Bradley for Lea. When Bradley’s close ones were asked about their reconciliation, they dais that he is quite private with his personal life. According to the insider,

“Bradley’s very protective of his privacy when it comes to Irina, so the fact that they’re being so public is very significant”

As people really like them together so everyone is hoping for this couple to get back again. The sources on the other hand said,

“There’s been chatter about them getting back together for a while now, and everyone’s rooting for them because they’re a good match.”

Also, they added,

“They never lost that connection. And they’re both so devoted to Leah, no matter how busy they get with work, she comes first, having that common bond is a big plus.”

Although, Bradley Cooper and Irina haven’t spoken about these ongoing rumors yet. Hoping for a positive response.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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