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Brian Foster
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American BMX rider Brian Foster competes on a professional level. From 1992 until 2000, he took part in professional competitions. In the well-known racing sibling partnership with Alan Foster, Brian is one half.

In the BMX scene, they are both much respected. He started as a BMX racer. Finally, he astonished the BMX pro ranks by winning competitions all over the world.

About Brian Foster|  Family and Education

Brian Foster was conceived in Wilmington, Delaware, in the United States, on June 29, 1972.

Dave Foster (the father) and Linda Foster gave birth to Brian (the mother). You can thank his father for inspiring him to take up cycling.

The Foster family ultimately decided to move to Joppa, Maryland. Together with his parents and two older brothers, Brian grew up there.

His father was an avid motorcycle rider who encouraged his sons to follow their dreams. Additionally, he participated with them and even rode bikes with them.


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When Brian was playing in the dirt, his mother would frequently caution him not to get wounded.

In addition, Alan Foster, his brother, was a skilled BMX rider and dirt jumper. Brian’s curiosity was sparked by his brother’s accomplishments.

As a result, he rapidly imitated him and gradually outperformed him.

Because his family owned a gravel driveway in 1976, he used to practice on it. He eventually attempted to ride his bike through the grass back to his house.

Professional Life and Career

In 1981, when Brian was just eleven years old, he entered his first race. Brian agreed to go racing with his elder brother the following week after hearing him talk about how much fun it was.

The referees, however, categorized him as having “Didn’t Finish,” and therefore his race did not go as planned. According to the December 2007 issue of Ride BMX Magazine, his bike’s chain came off.


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Brian couldn’t figure out how to put it back on, so he stood in the middle of the course sobbing. But because he never looked back after this race, this race would be crucial.

He eventually began taking part in numerous regional competitions, occasionally placing first.

By 1982, JF&S Plumbing had been his first sponsor. As he began dedicating more time to riding, Brian was more motivated than ever.

Slow but Consistent Ascent

On his route to becoming a professional, not much has been recorded. But since he was an amateur, not many noteworthy things have happened.

In 1982, after obtaining his first sponsor, he had the opportunity to meet Eric Rupe at a race at the nearby track.

For him as a prospective BMS student, this meeting would end up being one of the most motivating experiences.


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Additionally, it taught him how to stand out among kids in the future. Even if you simply interact with someone for a little period, he thought you can still have an impression.

He acquired the Powerlite 1, the first-ever high-quality BMX bike, in 1983, which had 3/8″ wheels, Dura-Ace cranks, Race Inc. bars, and [Shimano] DX pedals.

His ascent was gradual but largely regular and steady. He reportedly recalled performing a no-footed can-can off of a flyout at the neighborhood cement park.

Brian could pop a wheelie, turn a bar, and do a one-hander by the time he was twelve. He appeared to be close to making the transition to a full-time professional.

Become a Professional

So, at the age of 19, he started his professional career. That was in September 1991, following the Grand Nationals of the National Bicycle League (NBL).

His first professional race went more smoothly than he had anticipated. At the American Bicycle Association (ABA) Fall Nationals, he came in third place among pros in class “A.”

The following year, he traveled to compete in a competition in Spain and France. In Spain, he came in second, while in France, he came in last.

However, he didn’t have to wait long to have his first professional success. He won his first “A” Pro race in the NBL Christmas Classic in Columbus, Ohio.


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In 1992, he sought to maintain that momentum, which he also accomplished.

The National Bike League was won him that year as a result. It follows that he was named the Superclass/”B”-Pro Grand National Champion.

His first-ever turndown was clicked the same year. For almost five years he had been in trouble. Then, at “the dip” in Tennessee, he received advice to kick out the other direction.

On his second attempt, he succeeded, and he rejoiced on a wonderful day. As Brian entered the BMX racing world head-on, he was gradually becoming used to it.

Fly away

Fox has begun supporting the Foster brothers by 1994. While Brian had a contract to ride for Schwinn, the opposite was true.

He won the Summer Spectacular Series championship that year. Likewise, he finished fourth in the American Bicycle Association and sixth in the National Bicycle League.

The first time that Airwalk sponsored him was in 1995. He later became the 1995 ABA “Pros in Paradise” Champion.

Brian’s third-place finish in the 1996 X-Games in Newport, Rhode Island, made it a memorable year for him. Additionally, he won the ABA King of Dirt (KOD) Championship that year.


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Throughout his career, particularly after going pro, Brian enjoyed a streak of success. Naturally, Brian was given the name Blue Falcon for his line of BMX clothing. It was a distinctive and recognizable Schwinn bicycle.

In the next season, he won the third round of the Dirt Circuit and the MTV Sports and Music Festival.

In 1998, Brian earned the dirt gold medal at the X Games. As a result, in June 1999, Ride BMX US listed him as one of the best 25 riders of the 1990s.

At a “La Revolucion” freestyle competition in 2001, he declared his departure from racing.

He gave up racing to devote himself entirely to dirt jumping, according to an interview he gave to in 2007.

Brian Foster| Setbacks and Injuries

There are significant dangers of accidents and injury when riding a BMX bike. He has so contributed to several serious injuries during his career.

He fractured his collarbone in a race in New Jersey in 1985 when he was just thirteen years old. It ranks among his most unpleasant recollections to date, according to him.

He also had another injury when he tore the cartilage and anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. On March 1, 1997, this incident took place at a gathering at Sheep Hills.

When he tried a mid-air “360” and erroneously landed on his left foot, he was hurt. He was unable to participate in the Cactus Cup and the ABA World Championships as a result.


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Similarly, when competing in the NBL Christmas Classic in Columbus, Ohio, he shattered his hand (Day 1).

In addition, he would be involved in a pile-up collision shortly before a jump in the second straight.

He sustains a shoulder injury as a result of this collision and is forced to sit out the remainder of the Pro Open Main at the NBL Easter Classic National.

His skull was fractured when he fell during a Dew Tour practice session in the past, which was his most serious injury. He was fortunate given the severity of a skull fracture.

After the event, Brian decided to wear a helmet for most of his riding and made a full recovery.

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Relationship Status

The BMX champion reportedly has had exceptional love success. He has been wed to Jennifer Foster for more than 21 years as a result.

The now-married couple started hanging out at the Woodward Camp over Memorial Day weekend in 1989. The BMX racer immediately captured Jennifer’s heart.

But Brian was focused on his BMX career. 1989 was the last year before he became a professional.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be unexpected for Brian to roam about in pursuit of a local competitive experience.

Jennifer was working on her career at the same time. They refused to let this obstacle stand in the way of their love, though.


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As a result, they maintained regular communication by writing letters to one another.

Even though they have been married for almost ten years, their narrative began when they were both 32 years old.

Despite the ups and downs of their love, the endearing couple has never given up on one another.

She has also consistently been a loving and encouraging wife. Jennifer appears to be a sports enthusiast, and the two frequently share photos of one another on Instagram.

Net Worth and Salary | Brian Foster

He owes a lot of his success as a professional BMX racer to Brian Foster. He has a lot of apparel lines and endorsements like that.

Since making his professional debut in 1991, he has received various honors and trophies.

Among the organizations on this list, the National Bicycle League and the American Bicycle Association are well-known.

The prize pools for the tournaments are in the millions of dollars.


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Similar to this, it is not surprising that as Brian gained prominence, cycle manufacturing companies allowed him access to their BMX product lines.

The 2004 Fit Brian Foster Signature Model Bicycle is one of the most well-known. The 2000 Schwinn Brian Foster Signature Series is one of the most well-known full bikes in the BMX scene.

He, therefore, had a variety of active and passive sources of income throughout his career. His estimated net worth is $8–$10 million.

His specific earnings and expenses, however, have never been made public.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Weight

Professional BMX rider Brian Foster has a flexible body to show it. However, to increase speed, it is a sport that calls for changing body weight while pedaling.

He was therefore physically strong and had incredible arm strength during the height of his career. Brian has, however, already retired as a result of aging and injuries.

Brian is 50 years old right now. The athlete also has an astounding height of 6 feet 1 inch and a weight of about 165 lb (74.8 kg) (1.85 m).


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He appears to have decided to keep up his daily exercise despite retiring because he remains in good physical shape. At the age of 42, Brian Foster invented a famous BMX course.

His straightforward and devoted demeanor is another admirable quality. Since graduating from high school, his only interest has been racing.

Since his career seems to be ongoing, he is reluctant to share it with many people. He even admitted in an interview that he frequently questions his capacity to finish.

This demonstrates that he is aware that the road to glory is long. He is a role model for the BMX Racing community as a result.

Social Media

Instagram: 48.3K followers

Frequently Asked Questions:

After his retirement, did Brian Foster train to be a therapist?

Yes, he has been practicing physical therapy since receiving his degree in May 2019, even though it may seem like a major change for a BMX rider.

Brian, did he fail math?

He did not receive credit for his “D” marks in Biology and Algebra II from his high school, which was almost 20 years earlier, at his institution. He, therefore, had to retake those courses.

Quick Facts | Brian Foster

Name Brian Foster
Birthname Brian Keith Foster
Nickname “Dirt,” “The Blue Falcon,” “BF”
Date of Birth June 29, 1972
Place of Birth Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America
Age 50 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Rat
Nationality American
Body Type Athletic
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin Fair
Height 6 ft. and 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight 165 lb. (74.8 kg)
Education Majors in Physical Therapy
Profession BMX Racer
Discipline Bicycle Motocross
Specialization Racing
Rider Type Off-Road
Amateur Teams JF&S Plumbing, Wheel Power, S&M Bicycles, TNT/Goodtimes
Professional Teams Cyclecraft, Hyper, Airwalk, and Schwinn
Current Team Retired
Parents Dave Foster (father)
Relationship Status Married
Wife Jennifer Foster
Social Media Instagram
Gender Male
Net Worth $8-10 Million
Merch of BMX Mongoose Bicycle, Gel Padded Skeleton Gloves
Last Update October 2022

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