Britney Spears major comeback with Elton John, a duet Song “Hold me closer” is coming soon!!

Britney Spears finally made her musical comaback with a major duet with Elton John!!

Britney Spears musical comback with a major duet with Elton John!!
Britney Spears musical comback with a major duet with Elton John!! source-google

Britney Spears major comeback with Elton John, they are performing a duet for the song “Hold me closer”!!

Now that’s a real comeback!! The stars, Britney Spears and Elton John were working together for the new recording of the song “Tiny Dancer”, John’s 1971 song. They are remaking the same song now “Hold me Closer”. It is the first song after Britney’s been out of her conservatorship in November 2021 from her father Jamie Spears.

However, in July the singers held very secret recording sessions and now the track is quite ready to be ready by Universal music will be held next month. One of the close people from the industry informed the media saying,

“This was Elton’s idea, and Britney is a huge fan. They have recorded a remix of ‘Tiny Dancer’ as a full duet — and it is incredible,”


It is Spears's first return to the industry and collaboration with Elton Joh will definitely set a remarkable hit
Spears’s first return to the industry and collaboration with Elton Joh will definitely set a remarkable hit

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Firstly, Elton presented an idea, and then Britney without thinking loved it. They recorded the remix of the song “Tiny Dancer” and it is very incredible, according to the source. He also shared a few more details,

“Britney was in the studio in Beverly Hills last week with Elton for the super-secret recording session overseen by uber-producer Andrew Watt.”

Elton has collaborated with a lot of singers this year for remaking his song and received a big success this year. He sang the song “Cold, Cold Heart” with Dua Lipa and it was a hit. It was a remix of one of John’s hit songs “Rocket Man” and “Sacrifice.”

Both the singers featured their new songs in their concerts. Dua lipa sang at the time when she was performing at Madison Square Garden while John performed the remix at Brooklyn’s Barclays Arena just a few miles away from her concert.

Moreover, It is Spears’s first return to the industry and will definitely set a remarkable hit. It is her first ever release after 2016’s hit album named “Glory”.

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Britney’s family issues

Britney was under her father’s legal guardianship for more than 13 years. Just the last summer, her lawyer Mathew Rosengart made her rid of all the legal disputes within a few months. After she posted screenshots of some serious allegations, Jamie Spears was suspended in 2021. And after all, she was free from November.

Spears has faced some real family issues as Jamie was her father who used to manage all her business. She also had a lot of issues with her monetary transactions as well.

She was under the legal guardianship of her father from the year 2008-2021. Spears even recorded new albums. However, she made some serious allegations that she was made to work forcefully without her consent and will. Since during her father’s conservatorship he couldn’t make any money, he took millions from his own daughter.

With all the hard work she has been doing for 13 years, her father reaped his own daughter. Spears did not want to work and wanted to take a break when once she protested saying that she doesn’t want to go on any tour.

The new release of the collaboration with John is soon going to be a hit and it is a huge surprise for the fans. Millions of fans are pretty excited about the release. Britney finally got her freedom with her life after tormenting 13 years. That time she didn’t even feel if she could return back to the studio as she thought someone might kill her.


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After the freedom, Spears found her love Sam Asghari and married him, and wish to expand her family with him. We are really happy to see Spears’s life on track now and wish her luck for her lifetime of happiness and success!!


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