Britney Spears remembers the time when her sons were “Hateful” towards her after the Kevin Federline drama!!

Britney Spears argues with her teenage sons amid Kevin feud which led to she sons not wanting to spend time with her!!

Britney Spears remembers her teenage sons being ‘hateful’ at her house amid Kevin drama!!
Britney Spears remembers her teenage sons being ‘hateful’ at her house amid Kevin drama!! source-google

Britney Spears argues with her teenage sons amid Kevin’s feud after which they don’t want to spend time with her!!

Britney Spears argues with her teenage sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in a viral video. Her sons were very hateful and Kevin claimed that the kids doesn’t want to spend time with Britney. She also made a very lengthy post about the incident on Instagram which she deleted later on,

“The situation should have 100 percent been dealt with privately and definitely not online,”

Moreover, she writes that this situation would have been much better if it was solved privately and not publicly. A British organization published that the stepmom’s goal was to keep far away her teenage sons from all the discussions public. To this Britney says that she has all her love at her home and she has blessings from everyone.

“A British network claimed that their stepmom’s goal is to keep the children away from all of the controversy and trauma in my home … I have love in my home and I have blessings from the people I allow in and out of my home.”

The ex-husband Kevin’s interview was aired in the UK, where he claimed that the teenage sons have decided not to see their mom. Furthermore, the very same day Britney replied to all his comments by adding an Instagram story saying that it is sad to hear that Kevin has decided to discuss the relationship between her and her sons.

 “It saddens me to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children,” she wrote in an Instagram Story. “As we all know, raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone.”

She further added that it is very hard to raise teenage boys and it is not easy for anyone. She was referring to the argument that it is sure that there will be a discussion with their children.

Britney Spears with her teenage boys
Britney Spears with her teenage boys Sean Preston and Jayden James which she shares with Keven Federline!!

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In her latest post, she mentioned that she always looks forward to seeing her kids but the kids ignore her and are locked up in their own rooms. Teenage kids are very hard to deal with.

“I know that teenagers are just hard to deal with at that age … but COME ON, there’s being rude then there’s being HATEFUL,” she wrote. “They would visit me, walk in the door, go straight to their room and lock the door !!!”

She also asked why it is even necessary to visit her if they don’t want to meet her. But she never questioned because she have to be kind to them. She cannot be the same as their kids.

“The MONITOR would tell me that he just likes to be in his room … I’m like why come visit me if they don’t even visit me !!! But I never said that because I have to be kind !!!”

She has also mentioned that she did not talk about a lot of incidents because she doesn’t want to be titled “ARGUMENTIVE”.

The star also said that the age her kids are right now is pretty weird. Britney mentioned that she tries her best to spend more time in happiness with her kids and do her best to make them happy. She also added saying that maybe she is trying so hard that is the reason they have stopped coming to her. She believes maybe she has overdone loving them.

All this appeared in the news after Kevin gave an interview and Britney was able to express all her feelings!!


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Here’s the recent post of Britney and her new spouse, Sam Asghari, 28, who tied knots on June 09, 2022. Moreover, they look happily married. We wish her more happiness and may she have good relations with her son as she deserves it.


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