BTS fan ARMY think Jung kook is a reincarnation of Princess Diana! All theories Explored!

A claim by the ARMY that Jung kook is Diana reborn has taken over Twitter!

Jung kook
BTS: ARMY asserts that Jungkook is Princess Diana's reincarnation.

The followers of the well-known South Korean Kpop band BTS have assembled a collection of images in which they assert that Jungkook, the Golden Maknae, is a reincarnation of the late Princess Diana of England.

It’s not unusual for BTS’s Jung kook to appear on Twitter’s trending list. But the current assertion that the singer is Princess Diana’s reincarnation is stunning, to say the least.

Since BTS hasn’t released any new music in a while, ARMYs have discovered a new form of entertainment in fan theories.

While the boys were in the country for the PTD show, social media fans learned an unusual tidbit about the singer of Stay Alive and global icon Diana, Princess of Wales.

Wednesday, April 13, saw the start of Jung kook’s Twitter trend, which attracted the attention of his followers and other social media users all over the world.

Due to a trending April 12 tweet with 6,600 retweets and 57,000 likes at the time of writing, Jung kook came to public attention.

Twitter user @minfile noted the Princess of Wales’s death anniversary and the singer of Euphoria’s birthdate.

The tweet comparing Jung kook to Diana quickly gained attention as a trending topic

The post claims that the singer was born on September 1, 1997, the day after Diana passed away.

She suffered injuries in a car accident in Paris, and on August 31, 1997, early that morning, she passed away abruptly.

The tweet originally compared the two and noted similarities, but it gained steam and developed into a full-fledged notion that the singer is Diana’s reincarnation.

Fans began pointing out the parallels between Jungkook and Diana as soon as they noticed that they were both trending, whether it was in their mannerisms or how they dressed.

Twitter user @blkerbangtan shared their theory with ARMY Twitter by tweeting an entire thread.

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They contend that it is not merely coincidental because the singer’s birthday fell just hours after Diana passed away.

They also believe that reincarnation is more likely to occur for individuals who die before their natural death.

Second, people see similarities between Diana and Jungkook’s caring and gentle characters.

Fans have started several threads on Twitter claiming that the member of BTS wears parts of Diana’s clothing during her public appearances.

For some, the fan hypothesis began as a lighthearted joke. However, it has evolved into a positive trend among fans and a chance to have a nice time.

When was the last BTS concert?

BTS was performing as part of the Permission to Dance tour at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

The tour kicked up on April 8 and the subsequent performances were scheduled for April 15 and April 16.

With their onstage performance of the first leg of the Permission to Dance tour. Las Vegas is already a purple city thanks to the band.

The Bangtan Boys entered the stage with screams and cheers from the crowded stadium of AMRYs.

With Jungkook flashing his abs at the ARMYs’ demand and Jimin showing off his new haircut. The first day of the concert already raised the bar for the other days.


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A post shared by BTS official (@bts.bighitofficial)

Despite having restricted stage time owing to injury, Jin showed off his swag and dazzled the ARMYs with his charm.

During the intermission, ARMYs waved posters that featured a photo of Jungkook in a prior concert flashing his abs.

It was written next to the image,

“We wish to focus on…”

Fans got precisely what they wanted from BTS’s Golden Maknae.

Written by Jeni Watson

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