Candice Patton claims she is the victim of online harassment due to her color! Says, CW didn’t protect her from racist fans of “The Flash”

Recently, in the podcast “The Open Up Podcast” Patton claimed that The CW and WB failed to protect her and she wanted to leave “The Flash” in season 2

Candice Patton
Candice Patton said that the CW did nothing to protect her from racist fans source: IndieWire

Candice Patton claimed that The CW and WB(Warner Bros) failed to protect her against toxic and racist fans. In the series, “The Flash” she played the role of Iris West and became a victim of online harassment.

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Candice Patton is an American actress and is best known for her role as Iris West-Allen in the tv series “The Flash”. Recently, in the podcast “The Open Up Podcast” Patton stated that she is the victim of online harassment.

In addition, she said that she got toxic and racist fans from the series, “The Flash” where she played the role of Iris West. Similarly, she also claimed that The CW and Warner Bros. did nothing to protect her against this issue.

Candice Patton
“The Flash” star was the victim of online harassment in her early days
source: Fandom Wire

Candice also blamed the network and the studio for not protecting her in need. Likewise, Patton played the role of Iris for eight seasons and counting. Though she said the struggles she used to face in her early days.

Further Explanation

On the other hand, Patton explained the whole scenario in the podcast by saying, that  people now understand how fans can be racist, especially in genre [film and tv], but during her filming time it was kind of just like, ‘That’s how fans are, whatever.’

Further, she also added,

“Even with the companies I was working with, The CW and WB, that was their way of handling it. We know better now. It’s not ok to treat your talent that way, to let them go through abuse and harassment.”

Not only this but the actress also claimed that she got no support during her bad days and was facing the situation single. Candice said,

“For me in 2014, there were no support systems. No one was looking out for that. It was free range to get abused every single day. There were no social media protocols in place to protect me, so they just let all that stuff sit there.”


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Patton continued,

“It’s just not enough to make me your lead female and say, ‘Look at us, we’re so progressive, we checked the box.’ It’s great, but you’ve put me in the ocean alone around sharks. It’s great to be in the ocean, but I can get eaten alive out here.”

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More Details

Candice was feeling so alone and no one came to support her. And, she has to bear the pain by herself. She gave her reason for the harassment was she belonged to a Black female and Black female experience.  Patton moreover said,

“There have to be people in positions of power who understand my experience and understand the Black experience and the Black female experience who can say, ‘Ok she needs protection.’Any time you hire a minority of any kind you have to be prepared to protect them.”


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As we know the real world and how it works. Just because we are celebrities or of high profile we people are not safe. To survive happily without any stress in this cruel world is impossible. As we should be physically as well as mentally prepared for good and the worst. The same statement Candice gave saying,

“In the real world, we are not protected. So just because you put us on a fancy Hollywood set, with the hair and makeup and you assume we’re safe, we are not safe.”

On the other hand, frustrated Candice said,

“If I get pulled over at 2 a.m. in Jackson, Mississippi, by a white cop, do you think he gives a shit that I’m Candice Patton from ‘The Flash’? It doesn’t matter. We still need protection because the world sees us in a certain way. When I step on a set and everyone working around me is white, I’m not protected and I will never be protected. And that’s not to say everyone has bad intentions, but they have blind spots. That can contribute to my harm. It’s been a learning experience for companies and productions.”

As many women like Candice Patton face the same. The world should be changed along with the mindset of people.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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