Caroline Stanbury said ‘It’s sad’ that she is Judged for being with a younger man

Reality Star is sad with some few people including her castmates for judging her for dating 19 years younger man

Caroline Stanbury
Caroline Stanbury source-list23

Caroline Stanbury is sad that few people including her castmates have judged her for dating a man who is19 years younger than her.

Caroline Stanbury was in the popular show “The Real Housewives Of Dubai”. She exclusively reported,

“I think it’s really sad that people think a young guy can’t fall in love with an older woman, that it has to be fake and it has to be something else” 

She was seen defending her marriage with  27 years old Sergio Carello, by profession an athlete. She states confidently that,

“I think I’m quite hot!”  adding that Bravo fans will soon discover that Carrallo is a far cry from the “boy toy” label he’s plagued by. “People will see that he really, really, really loves me. If anything, he’s guilty of loving me a little too much.”

Stanbury is an ex-pat from the U.K. who recently featured on “Women of London” from 2014 to 2017. Whereas Carrallo, a studly Spanish soccer player-turned-business visionary.

Both of them traded promises in an extravagant December 2021 in Dubai’s popular Palms resort.

Caroline Stanbury and Carrallo
Caroline Stanbury and Carrallo source-google

On tonight’s premiere of Real Housewives of Dubai, Stanbuy’s friend/enemy Canel Ayan conceals their union as found in the trailer until the end of Season 1.

At the same time, Lisa Milan unleashes the dreaded “Boy toy” in a confessional.

She tells the camera,“Play with your boy toy, bitch”. “Don’t play with me. I’m not the one.” 

Milan opens out in media and plays out of shyness about a potential best friend Stanbury.

“Is that who I’m talking about? Word in the desert is there’s a few of them with boy toys,” says the designer. “I mean, listen, we’re a group of friends. We have really high highs, really low lows. Sometimes we get along and sometimes we don’t.”


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Today, Milan commends Stanbury for contradicting some common norms. She supports this by saying,

“Men do it all the time. You see men with younger girls and nobody makes a fuss about it,” she says of the couple’s age gap. “So, yeah, why not? Switch it up!”

Sara Al Madani also agrees

“I think it’s a beautiful relationship. I think they’re happy,” the self-proclaimed “rebel” Emirati tells us. “And whatever makes them happy shouldn’t make sense to others.” 

Stanbury and Carrallo want to show intergenerational romances to Dubai fans!!!

Stanbury was hoping that her relationship will break all the taboos of women not dating younger men and show people the variety of love.

She and Carallo want to show their Dubai fans an intergenerational romance onscreen. Especially the ones who are already involving older female partners are very “beautiful.”


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She says,

“He deserves to be respected. I hope he paves the way for other young guys to come out and go, ‘Actually, I love her too.’ And for women to go, ‘That’s OK.’ Because men … are marrying young women every day and no one bats an eyelid,” 

“I mean, do I look like a troll?” Stanbury giggles. “I don’t get it, why he couldn’t possibly love me and my family.” 

The mom of three disagrees that Carallo isn’t with her for financial issues. She shares 16-year-old daughter Yasmine and 12-year-old twin sons Aaron and Zac with ex-husband Cem Habib.

“He could have a much easier life than just being with me, I can assure you,” She says. “I’m a very difficult woman to live with and if Sergio didn’t want to be here, Sergio would not be here.” 


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On Wednesday at 9 pm “The Real Housewives of Dubai” premieres on Bravo.

Written by Seth Blair

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