Celine Dion is in a severe health crisis! Her loved ones are worried about “who is looking after her?”

Celine Dion announced through social media that she is suffering from a neurological disorder known as “Stiff Person Syndrome”!!

Celine Dion is suffereing from severe health crisis!
Celine Dion is suffereing from severe health crisis! source-google

Canadian singer, Celine Dion has revealed that she is suffering from “Stiff Person Disorder”. She took to Instagram to disclose her medical condition!

Rumors of the deteriorating health condition of Celine Dion are true! In a small town in Las Vegas, she was considered a queen with millions of fans. A journalist from Vegas known as Scott Roeben talked about the palace Celine built and also that she would never be able to return back.

“People had been telling me for some time that Celine would not be returning to live to perform — maybe ever at all,”

Celine owes an estimated $470 million to the shows to be conducted in Las Vegas. She made everyone shut down after posting an emotional video on social media. The singer announced that she has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder and therefore, won’t be able to perform.

“Recently I have been diagnosed with a very rare neurological syndrome, which affects something like one in a million people,” she continued, explaining that the side effects have been brutal.


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54-year-old Celine has been dealing with several health issues recently. She had postponed the previous show because of severe muscle spasms. Not just that the show just got canceled and also canceled her North American tour and also postpone her European tour.

According to medical terminology, a person suffering from this syndrome has rigidity and spasms in the trunk and limbs. Over time the muscles from all areas of the body become stiff. Celine mentioned that her problem with walking has prevented her from singing the way she used to.

“All I know is singing,” she said. “It’s what I’ve done all my life, and it’s what I love to do the most.”

Also, Roeben talked about her passion and love for singing. She mentioned that she may not be able to return to the stage. She also said how gradually things started with Celine and they got to know the seriousness of the matter.

“Celine is the type of person who doesn’t want people to be unnecessarily concerned: Her fans are obsessed with every breath she takes. They hang on every word.”

Celine opened up about her medial diagnosis through her emotional Instagram post!
Celine opened up about her medical diagnosis through her emotional Instagram post! source-google

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Celine was always open about her struggles. Also, when her husband died due to throat cancer in 2016. Dion was very close to her husband and he was the only man she ever kissed. She also mentioned that her first residency was not that much of worth it when she bought it in 2003 but not its value is $681.3 million.

After all this, an insider was concerned about her condition as she had her difficult times when her husband was not around. She relied everything on her husband and after that, she had to manage everything by herself. Also, things went downhill since his passing.

“I’m not sure exactly who she has in her corner looking after her anymore, or if they have her best interests at heart,” the insider said, adding: “It’s true — she may not ever be able to perform live again.”

Celine with her husband Rene Angelil
Celine with her husband Rene Angelil source-google

Celine and her love story…

She met Angelil in 1980 in Canada. When she was 12 years old, he was already married with three children. But they were secretly dating when Celine was 19 years old and Angelil was 45 years old. Even Angelil gave up on his all acts to make Celine into a star. After years of keeping a secret, she revealed it through an album.

“René, for so many years I’ve kept our special dream locked away inside my heart. But now it’s too powerful to keep inside’.”

Then the couple married in 1994 and their first son Rene Charles was born in 2001 after a few struggles. Then Angelil was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1999 and as a supportive wife, she took a break from her career for two years. In 2013, Angelil removed the tumor but again he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, and once again Celine was with him.

Then Angelil died in 2016 just 2 days before his 74th birthday. Her greatest pride was her children but then they turned their back on their mother. She also admitted that she struggled with Rene-Charles.

“If you say no to so many things they will turn around and they will still do them away from you, which is even scarier,” She mentioned

She added, however, “I know he’s well taken care of above — his dad is sending him good energy.”

Moreover, Celine is a tough woman. She managed everything herself till now and she is going to be completely fine. We hope you get in good health Celine. Stay tuned for more updates!

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