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Chad Hedrick
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Chad Hedrick is an inline speed skater and ice speed skater from the United States. Hedrick’s innovative technique, known as the double push, or DP, changed the world of inline speed skating. In addition, Hedrick has 50 international titles and 93 national titles to his name.

Early Life

On April 17, 1977,  an inline speed skater, Chad Hedrick was born. He was born to Paul Hedrick, his father, and Wanda Hedrick, his mother.

He and his sister, Natalie, grew raised in the Texas town of Spring. Not to add, Hedrick has been skating since he was two years old.

Soon after, he began playing with his buddies at his parents’ skating rink.

Chad also became a National Champion at the age of eight. He has grown at an exponential rate since then, becoming World Champion at the age of sixteen.

Furthermore, the method he frequently employed became known as the double push. Then it became a standard for elite skaters all around the world to show off their ability and talent.


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Skating Career

Derek Parra, a former inline skater turned ice skater, inspired Chad. He was awestruck when Derek won gold in the 2002 Olympics.

As a result, Chad Hedrick switched to the Ice. After only one year of ice training, Chad won the World All-round Speed Skating Championships in February 2004.

During the competition, Chad even reduced the world record points to 150.478.

In addition, he set six world records by being the first man in history to skate 6.2 miles (10,000m) in under 13 minutes.

Hedrick also successfully defended his 5,000m world championship at Inzell, Germany, that same year. He did, however, lose the World All-round Speed Skating Championships against Shani Davis in 2005.

Despite this, Hedrick, called The Exception, has remained a well-known character, now ranked third in an unofficial global ranking.

The Formidable Ice Man

The “Iceman,” Chad Hedrick, gained his title from his adoring fans due to his ability and brilliance on the ice.

Despite being a newcomer to skating, Chad did not disappoint and continued to develop with time. In 2004, he was given the Oscar Mathisen Statuette, just a few years after his debut.

Similarly, the award is only granted to the top speed skater performance in the world for that particular year.

Hedrick has also established himself as one of the world’s top long-distance skaters. He established world records in the 10,000, 5,000, and 1,500 meters between November and December of 2005.

Olympics Career

Chad decided to compete in the Winter Olympics in order to win the three major events in 2006. Hedrick also projected that he would equal Eric Heiden’s five gold medals.

His reputation was confirmed when he won gold in the Olympic Winter Games in 2006. (5,000m event). After defeating the Netherlands’ best rival, Sven Kramer, Chad earned the coveted title.

However, during the team chase, Shani Davis and Chad got into a fight. The incident occurred when Shani chose not to compete because it would conflict with his 1,000m event.

However, Hedrick believed that Davis should have entered the race in order to bolster their team.

In addition, Eric Heiden, an Olympic team physician, and five-time gold medallist indicated that Shani made the correct option by opting out of the team pursuit.

Furthermore, it would have harmed Davis’s chances of winning the gold medal, which he accomplished.

As a result, without Shani Davis, the US pursuit team struggled and finished sixth.

Nonetheless, Chad finished the Olympics with three medals. Furthermore, he became the third American to win three straight Olympic skating medals.

The U.S. and World Roller Speed Skating Records

  • (3,000m relay race) National roller skating record in 1993 
  • (5,000m relay race) National inline skating record in 1998 
  • (1,000 and 1,500m race) The National outdoor track record in 1998 and 1999
  • (3,000m-male-female relay race) National inline skating record in 1998
  • (15,000m race) National outdoor track record in 1998 
  • (1,500m race) National inline skating record in 1996
  • (500 and 1,000m) National outdoor road record in 2001 
  • (1,500m race) National outdoor road record in 1998
  • (10,000m race) National outdoor road record in 2001
  • (1,500m race) World outdoor road record in 1999 
  • (10,000m race) World outdoor road record in 1996 
  • (15,000 m race) World outdoor road record in 2000 

Awards & Honors

  • All-round samalog-150.478 (Hamar, Norway, February 8, 2004)
  • 5000 m, 6.09,68 (Calgary, Canada, November 13, 2005)
  • 10000 m, 12.55,11 (Salt Lake City, USA, December 31, 2005)
  • 3000 m, 3.39,02 (Calgary, Canada, March 10, 2005)
  • All-round samalog, 148.799 (Calgary, Canada, January 22, 2006)
  • 1500 m, 1.42,78 (Salt Lake City, USA, November 18, 2005)

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Net Worth and Salary

Chad has amassed a fortune from his speed skating and ice skating careers.

Chad Hedrick is currently a licensed realtor with eXp Realty, working from Gold to Sold.

His net worth is believed to be $18 million dollars.


Chad has a lovely and supportive family and is happily married. On June 7, 2008, he married his long-term lover, Elizabeth Adams.

Their wedding ceremony was placed in a private setting in Houston, Texas, among selected guests.

Furthermore, their wedding was featured on the Style Network reality show “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?”

Furthermore, the couple welcomed their first kid in 2009, not long after their marriage. Hadley, their eldest daughter, was born in March 2009.

Harper, their second child, was born in December 2010. Following that, in 2014, the couple had their third child, a son called Hogan.


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Age, Height & Weight

Chad, a former ice speed skater, has kept an athletic body at the age of 45. He also maintains his physical fitness with a tight diet and a regular training program. Hedrick is a strong man who is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He also weighs around 78 kg.

Social Media

Chad Hedrick is well-known on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Chad has a huge 14.5k followers on his Twitter account. His Twitter account allows you to stay up to date on his professional and personal life.


Is there any relation between Chad and Shani Davis?

No, the disagreement between the two was on professional grounds. So there’s no bad blood at the moment.

Is Chad Hedrick a real estate agent?

Yes, the famed Olympian has dabbled in the real estate market. He is an expert in Buyer’s Agents, Listing Agents, Commercial Real Estate, Luxury Listing Specialists, Luxury Home Marketing, and other areas.


Is Chad Hedrick active?

Chad is also involved in other things, such as managing his business and traveling around the country to give faith-based motivating lectures.


Quick Facts

Name Chad Hedrick
Nickname The Exception/ The Paris Hilton of Speedskating
Birthdate April 17, 1977
Age 45 years old
Birthplace Spring, Texas, USA
Parents Paul Hedrick & Wanda Hedrick
Sibling Natalie Hedrick
Height 5’10″/1.78 m
Weight  78 kg/172 lb
Body type Athletic
Eye color Light brown
Hair color Black
Skin Fair
Education Brill, Strack, and Klein High
Profession Speed skater
Figure skater
Current status Retired
Olympic accomplishments 3 medals (Gold, Silver & Bronze)
Skill Double push
Relationship status Married
Wife Lynsey Elizabeth Adams
Marriage Date June 7, 2008.
Wedding location Houston, Texas
Featured TV show “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway”
Children Hadley, Harper, and Hogan
Social Media Instagram
Brand DP52 Racing
Net Worth $18 million




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