Chang Hye Jin

A recurve archer from South Korea.

Chang Hye Jin
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The best archers in the world, as we all know, are from South Korea. Olympic gold medalist Chang Hye-Jin, who has won two of them, is one of these gifted athletes.

The athlete’s control of the bow and her intended target is always exceptional even though she is only slightly taller than the bow at 158 cm.

She excels at recurve archery and has held the top spot in the division in the past.

About Chang Hye Jin |  Family and Education

In May 1987, Chang Hye Jin was born in Daegu, a large city in North Korea. Little is known about her family, however, she is the eldest of her parents’ four daughters.

Although her parents had no experience playing sports themselves, they supported their daughter in everything she did.

Before learning how to shoot an arrow in primary school, Chang was an excellent sprinter.

Discovering Archery

Chang initially learned to shoot an arrow when he was 11 years old. She had never been to the Dagenham Elementary School archery range.

One day, Chang’s friend persuaded her to play and once invited her along. Chang commented that the firing was “awesome.”

As a result, she and her friend both started archery. Chang, however, remembers being unable to fire even one arrow out of the six that were available.

She also always thought that her little stature was a fault. After all, tall, muscular builds are common among professional athletes.

Despite this, Hye Jin kept playing because she enjoyed the game. Chang wasn’t interested in his schoolwork, so archery was a good distraction.

Chang decided to keep playing solely for enjoyment.

She also had a lot of encouragement from her coach and parents, which helped her to persevere. It wasn’t until she began high school that things started to improve.

Chang and her friends started working out at the new sports academy that had just opened in her city.

Reaching the Nationals

However, her participation in a national tournament in which she won a medal during her sophomore year of high school was the most meaningful moment for her.

When Hye Jin was in college, she led the team for her institution. She did not, however, feel any sense of obligation.

Chang also waited until her final year to make any attempts to make the national team. The trials were so fiercely contested that only eight candidates could be certain of selection.

Chang finished ninth overall. At that point, she thought that maybe she could make the national squad.

Professional Life and Career

In the team competition at the 2009 Unisverside, Chang represented her university and brought home the gold.

After graduating from the university, she joined the LH professional archery team, which competes in Seoul.

After joining the national team in 2010, Chang was given additional chances, particularly during the Olympics.

However, she nearly missed the 2012 Summer Olympics. She finished fourth in the rounds of selection when only the top three from Korea were picked to represent Korea in London.

The Olympian took home a silver medal for herself and gold for the team at the 2014 Asian Games.

Olympics Knowledge

Chang attended the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics as her only Olympic event. Among the three female archers who represented Korea in Rio, Chang was the underdog.

In the singles competitions, Chang was not anticipated to take home the gold, despite the expectations of the Korean team’s supporters.

Instead, 2012 Olympic winner Ki bo-bae and Choi Mi-sun, who is ranked first in the world for women’s recurve, were the crowd’s favorites.

Chang’s lack of notable successes before that moment, aside from a gold medal from the 2015 Asian Championships and the Hyundai Archery World Cup, makes sense.

But Chang astonished everyone by performing superbly the entire week. She played with amazing assurance.

As a result, the Korean archer easily took first place in the solo competition. The trio won gold in a competition for teams as well.

In addition to winning all the gold, she was named the best female athlete of the year at the 2016 Korean Sports Awards.

After the Olympics

The winner was the best female recurve archer in June 2017.

Chang later went on to win a gold in the team competition and a silver in the individual category at the 2017 world championships.

Another notable achievement was winning a gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games.

The archery circuit has noticed a dip in her performance since 2018.

However, along with Choi Mi-sun and Kang Chae-young, Chang did take home a silver medal in the women’s team event final of the 2019 World Championships.

She didn’t finish in the top 20 Olympic qualifiers for 2020.

However, Olympic officials remade the selections in the wake of the covid pandemic. Regrettably, she was eliminated from the tournament once more.

For the Korean network MBC, Hye Jin provided commentary analysis for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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Relationship Status

The successful and appealing Chang is not in a relationship right now.

She thinks she is at the age in her life where she ought to be thinking about having a family.

Net Worth and Salary | Chang Hye Jin

Before Rio, Chang wasn’t well-liked, but after the Olympics, her reputation skyrocketed.

She started to get more followers on social media and frequently appeared in Korean media.

Chang’s estimated net worth is $1 million.

The gorgeous Chang has appeared on the covers of numerous Korean publications. In 2016, she was featured on the front cover of Korean Vogue.

The audience responded well to the photo shoot.

Chang claimed in an interview in 2018 that she does not have the time to travel despite having enough money to do it.

Due to the intense training and competitions, she doesn’t have much time for herself.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Nationality

The 35-year-old professional archer is an archer. Chang was a Taurus when she was born.

Chang is the same height at 158 cm (5’2′′). She is 50 kg/110 lb due to the necessary diet and regular exercise.

Chang has light brown hair and black eyes. Chang’s other physical parameters are regrettably still a mystery.

She was raised a Protestant Christian and was born in Gyeongsangbuk-do, Yesung County, South Korea.

Social Media

Chang is well-known on social media in her native Korea.

Her captivating Instagram page includes pictures of her having fun, traveling, and hanging out with friends in addition to sponsored postings.

They have had a sharp increase in popularity since her Olympic victory.

She is less active on other websites than she is on Instagram. The athlete does, however, have several fan pages on other platforms that post updates.

Instagram: 25.5k followers

Frequently Asked Question:

Has Chang Hye-jin ceased to work?

a 35-year-old Although Chang Hye-career jin’s is currently at a low point, that does not mean that she has completely ceased competing.

Did Chang Hye-jin perform in Tokyo?

She lost the opportunity to compete in her second Olympics after twice failing to qualify for the Tokyo Games.

She did, however, serve as an MBC commentary commentator during the Olympics, and the viewers were quite appreciative of her efforts.

Quick Facts | Chang Hye Jin

Full Name Chang Hye-jin
Native Name 장혜진
Common name Chang Hye-jin
Nick Name Trang Kong
Birthdate May 13, 1987
Age 35 years old
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Mother’s Name N/A
Father’s Name Chang Byung-il
Siblings Three younger sisters
Birthplace Yesung County, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
Home Town Gyeongsangbuk-do
Citizenship South Korea
Residence Seoul, South Korea
School Dagenham Elementary School
High School Kyung-Kyung Women’s Junior High School, Daegu Sports High School
College Keimyung University
Education Bachelors in Physical Education
Height 158 cm/5’2″
Weight 50 kg/110 lb
Religion Protestant Christianity
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Brown
Shoe Size N/A
Martial Status Unmarried
Partner N/A
Children N/A
Sport Archery
Events Recurve Archery
World champion Two golds, two silvers
Olympic Wins Two golds
Asian Games Two gold, one silver
Highest Rank 1st place (2017/9/3)
Club Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Coach Oh So-so, Han Hee-Jung
Team Korea Land Housing Corporation
Status Active
Hobbies Traveling
Net Worth $1m
Affiliated Brands LH Team
Social Media Instagram
Merch Archery Merch
Last-Update September, 2022

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