Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas cannot believe that they are the winner of the popular show “Dancing with the stars”. Check out the article to know their reaction!

Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas received a perfect score on Monday night leading them to win the show

Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas are the winners of DWTS!!
Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas are the winners of DWTS!! source-google

Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas win the “Dancing with the stars” show with a good score! She and her sister Dixie react to the show winning.

Charli D’Amelio wins the popular television entertainment show “DWTS”. She and her partner Mark Ballas are too much excited about the win. When interviewed just after winning the show, they expressed immense happiness and gratitude. The pair was considered the new mirrorball champions in the 31st season of the show.

D’Amelio who is just 18-years-old was a Tik Tok sensation. She expressed her feeling saying that the experience was just crazy with the shiny trophy in her hand. Also mentioned how time flew by and her becoming the winner was too unrealistic for her at the moment.

“It’s been crazy, just so amazing,” D’Amelio mentioned with her shiny new trophy in hand. “It all happened so fast that I don’t even know how to feel yet.”

D’Amelio and her partner chose a “Freestyle” dancing on the finale. They danced to the song “Us Again” by Pinar Torak. The 18-year-old and the 36-year-old Dallas chose to keep it simple and to go with the minimal sets. They were very much focused on their choreography this time.


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And looks like clearly, the strategy worked out perfectly for them. They were so outstanding that their final score defeated their fellow competitors. The finale had four couple contestants including  Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy, Wayne Brady and Witney Carson, and Shangela and Gleb Savchenko.

Dallas also gave his statement on his excitement about winning the show. He explained the process of having an idea to do the song and gave details of his experience.

“It’s funny, I have a folder in my phone of music I’d love to create something too. I haven’t done the show in a long time and I had a little link to that song,” explained Ballas

“It’s from a Disney short called ‘Us Again.’ And I was like, ‘If I ever go back on the show, use this song.’ So I went back and listened to it, and when I listened to it, I could see it from start to finish.”

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The official page of “Dancing with the stars” also posted an Instagram post on their winning. Ballas also gave details on his experience with his fellow partner Charli. He mentioned becoming the same family over the few months.

At the same time, Charli also said that she had a great time and she got to learn a lot from the show.

“I’ve had a great time. I think every week I’ve learned something new, from the actual dance moves to learning how to perform and just learning how to rehearse. There are so many different things that we worked on that I just couldn’t narrow it down to one or even just a few things.”

From her supporter’s fans to her family, everyone supported charlie with all their hearts. Her boyfriend Landon Barker, sister Dixie D’Amelio, and father, Marc D’Amelio were in the front row in the show. Her sister also had a priceless reaction to her win.

“I’m so incredibly proud of her. I miss her so much and I’m excited to be around her more. She did so amazingly. She’s worked so hard and I’m just so proud of her.”

Her father was also extremely proud of his daughter’s achievement at such a young age. He recalled the time of her hints she gave to follow her passion from a very young.

“She grew up dancing. It’s in her heart, it’s in her blood. It’s so important to her,” he said. For her to get back into this, on this stage, and win it, it’s incredible for her.”

Well, we the team of gossipy wishes you All The Best in your future endeavors Charli. Stay tuned for more gossip!

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