Check out Tribeca’s Annual Dinner Party hosted by Chanel in New York!

Tribeca’s Annual Dinner Party was Dedicated to the Arts of artists supporting artists, at Balthazar in Manhattan.

Tribeca Film Festival
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Tribeca Film festival was hosted by Chanel in New York, in 2022 to celebrate close ties between the house and cinema.

Tribeca Film festival, 2022, and Chanel announced the artists selected as the part of Artist Award Program.

Likewise in the past, Tribeca and CHANEL unite esteemed artists to make a donation of a piece of their work. Moreover, from June 8 to June 19, the narrators awarded at the festival are provided with the details.

For instance, friends and ambassadors of the House Penélope Cruz, Lily Allen, Whitney Peak, Lucy Boynton, Sadie Sink, and Rebecca Dayan are among the visitors at the yearly Artists Dinner hosted by CHANEL.

The Tribeca festivals co-founder and Tribeca enterprises CEO Jane Rosenthal said,

“Tribeca is deeply committed to generating opportunities for visionaries to explore the intersection of creativity and culture. However, the 2022 Artist Awards program is a celebration of creative renewal in New York City after a challenging few years,” Jane said.

“Every year, we’re proud to support artistic excellence alongside CHANEL. Our longstanding partnership is a testament to a shared pursuit of honoring powerful, bold stories in film, games, art, and all forms of creativity in-between.”

Ruth, Dianna & Joy
Ruth, Dianna & Joy

The custom started as supporting artistic innovativeness

The custom started as supporting artistic innovativeness and vision returns to the origin of the Tribeca Festival. In addition, with the mission to revive downtown New York City, on September eleventh the festival initially started.

Moreover, this mark of widespread development is a way for narrators for everything being equal, to assist local people. This also assists independent businesses by being fully supportive of the creative community.

However, from the first year of the Festival, studio artists saw the positive effect it was framing. The festival is necessary to help and celebrate different artists. It also supports movie producers locally as a part of it.

In fact, this fortitude and liberality have stayed a fundamental belief of the Tribeca Festival and the Artist Awards are a yearly reminder of that.

Similarly, Racquel Cevremont, the 2022 Artist Award curator said,

“The Tribeca Festival has an unparalleled ability to unite people through the power of creative expression. Above all, Tribeca and CHANEL approached me to curate this year’s Artist Awards, I began reflecting on all that we’ve been through these past years. And the Kendrick Lamar song “Alright” kept playing in my head.

Our collective experience of life and loss inspired me to convene artists, across generations and various stages of careers, who will offer a snapshot of where culture is right now with a comforting message: ‘We gon’ be alright.’ Standing together — those who came before, those who are here now, and those who are coming up — we will be alright,” 

CHANEL’s joint effort with the Tribeca Festival is a demonstration of its continuous commitment to creation and artistry in their various forms.

However, throughout the ages, art has had an indispensable influence at the House of CHANEL.

House organizer and visionary Gabriel Chanel surrounded herself with the main artists of her time.  This supports the main movie producers and artists of our time…

Similarly, the current year’s art collection will be presented at the Tribeca Festival Hub at Spring Studios all through the Festival.


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Above all, the following is the complete list of contributed artwork by the artists.

February JamesOil On Canvas, info pending. Watercolor and ink on paper. 16 x 12. Given to Nora Ephron Award Winner

Deborah RobertsPast Tense #25, 2019. Mixed media on paper. 6×5 in. Framed. Given to Best New Narrative Director Winner

Leilah BabiryeAbambowa (Royal Guard Who Protects the King), 2022. Glazed ceramic, bicycle tire inner tubes, copper wire. 9 x 3 x 3 inches. Given to Founders Award for Best Narrative Feature Winner

Similarly, Wardell Milan, Hank Willis Thomas, Nicoletta Darita de la Brown, Garry Simmons, Ming Smith, Nina Chanel Abney, and Ouattara Watts are also presenting their creations.

In conclusion, the Tribeca Festival brings diverse audiences and artists are put together to celebrate narrations in all their forms, including film, VR, TV, music, and online work. Moreover, Tribeca is for creative expression and immersive entertainment.

Written by Seth Blair

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