Cheri Oteri says judge Judy sheindlin tried to set her up with her son. She unknowingly intimidated him to buy a purse!

In a hilarious tale Cheri Oteri revealed that the judge judy tried to set her up with her son

Cheri Oteri confessed that Judge Judy tried to set her up with her son!!
Cheri Oteri confessed that Judge Judy tried to set her up with her son!! source-google

Cheri Oteri “Saturday Night Live” alum revealed a very hilarious story about an incident when Judge Judy also set her up with her son!

The 59-year-old Cheri Oteri expressed that Judge Judy once set her up with her son and unknowingly influenced her into buying an expensive purse.

Judge Judy got famous after she dismissed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed. She did to protect CBS and Judy is all prepared for a new Amazon version of her show, ‘Judy Justice’

On Wednesday’s episode of the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, she shared that she got the court-show queen’s attention through her famous Barbara Walters impersonation.


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Oteri described Judy Sheindlin as a doll, she told that she called her manager and said that her client impressed her. From 1995 to 2006 they had SNL where she first crossed paths with Sheindlin.

Cheri met Judy in New York at some random event. And there Judy asked if she can give her number to his son. She mentioned that she got really scared and she couldn’t refuse Judy, as she didn’t want to piss her off.

Judy then told  “everything is gonna be ok”

Cherri revealed that she went out with one of Sheindlin’s three sons, whom she did not name. She mentioned that she went out with him a few times. She expressed that there was no romance due to distance but her son was good-looking.

Oteri was in Los Angelos for the summer, while Judy’s son was in New York. So their casual relationship didn’t work out.


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Oteri furthermore shared one more story involving the 79-year-old Sheindlin. In that, she ended up spending five times what she expected on a designer handbag.

She was always fascinated by her and found her really cool, she saw her in a department store and got really excited. Judy came to her asking what she was looking for.

Oteri didn’t want to hurt Judy’s feelings by saying No to her choice and got really nervous.

“She pointed to a random bag that Sheindlin liked a lot, but it was a Bottega Veneta, really expensive. But just to finish shopping with her and trying to look cool she bought it”

Oteri recalled that she said that it was gorgeous, and the salesman informed her that it was $1,000. She would never spend more than $200 on a handbag but that day she had no choice! So she gave him her credit card. 

When Cherri went back to SNL with that bag, their wardrobe guy was shocked to see a Bottega Veneta and also complimented her for her taste.

Oteri was really embarrassed and told everyone that Judge Judy made her buy it. But afterward, she told everyone the truth about how and why she made such an expensive purchase.


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Sheindlin personally requested her presence at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2006. Oteri was shocked that she still remembers her and was confused about going or not, but she went.

She told that at the event, the host was mentioning the names of all the famous faces who were there at the event from the stage, and she recalled him saying ‘And Cheri Oteri is here!’

She mentioned that she got really excited and was very thankful to Judge Judy for that evening.

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