Cheryl Burke is celebrating her 4 years of Sobriety via TikTok amid her divorce from Matthew Lawrence!

Cheryl Burke confessed earlier this month that drinking was always on her mind but she is keeping her calm and staying away day by day!!

Cheryl Bruke celebrates her 4 -years of being non-alcoholic!!
Cheryl Bruke celebrates her 4 -years of being non-alcoholic!! source-google

Cheryl Burke is 4 years of Sober which she shared via TikTok. She confessed that drinking was on her mind “a lot more than normal”

Cheryl Burke is on the way to marking the milestone in sobriety!! She shared via Tik Tok that she achieved 4-years of being non-alcoholic over the weekend. In the short Tik Tok video, she replies to the question on the filter by saying, “What am I celebrating?”

“Realizing I just celebrated 4 years of MY SOBRIETY ?,”

In the video, she is posing in several transitions of various jackets and her clothes in the tune of Billie Eilish’s hit song “Bad Guy”.

@cherylburkeofficial ?????? #soberlife #onedayatatime #soberbirthday #sobriety #sobrietyrocks #selflove #selfcare #choosemeinstead ♬ original sound – felix greenbriar

She captioned the video with a lot of hashtags that included the Sober life she is living. How sober she is celebrating her birthday and how she is implementing one day at a time. It is all about self-love and care. One of her hashtags also includes “CHOOSEMEINSTEAD”.

Burke has been very open about her drinking habits and her highs and lows after she decided to quit drinking. Burke confessed saying that she wasn’t doing ok. She is still angry with all the issues she is going through but she is also acknowledging that whatever she is doing is a long process.

“Last week, I said I wasn’t OK. This week, I’m still pissed but I know that this whole issue that we’re going through right now is going to be a long process,”

She poured her heart out in the episode of her “Burke in the Game” podcast which was earlier this month. Burke also added that she cannot let alcohol ruin her life as she noticed that it is taking away from her will. Burke is not following a practice day by day.
“And I just can’t let it ruin my life because it is what it is, and right now, it’s out of my control. So right now I’m trying to practice what I preach and I’m trying to just take it day by day, hour by hour.”
I just can’t let it ruin my life because it is what it is, and right now, it’s out of my control. says Cheryl Burke!!
“I just can’t let it ruin my life because it is what it is, and right now, it’s out of my control,” says Cheryl Burke! source-google

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Burke also confessed that drinking is coming to her mind more than normal. She doesn’t want to fake assure that she is feeling ok and she is not feeling like drinking.

“Speaking of, I don’t wanna say that I’ve been feeling like drinking again lately. But it’s definitely been on my mind a lot more than normal.”

Moreover, she realized that she is not coping well in her recovery. She is still struggling with changing her lifestyle but at least she agrees that she is able to remove some harmful situations that affect her sober program.

“I noticed that after dinner, people want to go out afterward,” she explained. “I think I’m best just to drop people off as the designated driver and go on my merry way. Because I am triggered by people who have more than maybe a couple of drinks around me, especially late at night.”

Burke also mentioned how triggered she feels when people around her drink more than a few drinks, especially at night.

@cherylburkeofficial Reacting to #headlines…? #greenscreen #soberlife #sobriety #onedayatatime #workinprogress #notperfect ♬ Instrumen Piano Sedih – kucing tetangga

This sober game comes after eight months after she filed a divorce with Lawrence. The reason for the divorce was “irreconcilable differences”.

We hope Burke finds peace with Sobriety and there won’t be any struggle to remain the same!







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