Cheyenne Jackson has relapsed after 10 years of sobriety and have been carrying a lot of shame!

“I took my eye off the ball. I stopped doing what I needed to do to keep myself on the path of my personal integrity,” wrote Cheyenne Jackson in Instagram

Cheyenne Jackson
Cheyenne Jackson said he relapsed after a decade of sobriety source: People

Cheyenne Jackson shared a post explaining he has relapsed after 10 years of sobriety. He tells his Instagram followers that it was shameful for him after his relapse.

Cheyenne Jackson shared how he feels via Instagram. He posted a picture where he showed his vulnerable side. He stated he has relapsed after 10 years of sobriety and he feels shame. On Monday the actor detailly told everyone about his life and his struggles.

He wanted people to know everyone goes through a bad phase. Similarly, Cheyenne blamed his co-star’s death, Covid, and the mass shootings for his relapse. The American Horror Story star became ready to share his side of the story in order to help someone who needs it so badly.

Likewise, Jackson began his statement by saying, “VULNERABLE is what I’m feeling today.”. Then he continued by saying, “After nearly a decade of sobriety I fell off the wagon. I’ve been carrying a lot of shame. Scared to share it. But I know it can help someone so here I go.” Further, Cheyenne Jackson explained about burying bad things away the for not to disappoint anyone who looked u to him as a sober person. Cheyenne Jackson also continued,

“I took my eye off the ball. I stopped doing what I needed to do to keep myself on the path of my personal integrity. I could blame it on Covid. I could blame it on the state of the world. Mass shootings. A nation divided. The death of my co-star. But the truth is, I thought I had it all handled. I thought ‘I got this.’ But I don’t.”


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Not only this, but Cheyenne Jackson also thanked some of his friends including @jamieleecurtis for being his support system throughout.

“I am a work in progress. Always. Thank you to my support system. It means everything to me. If you are out there struggling, you are not alone and there is a solution. I love you. And I love myself today and that feels really good to say.”

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Further Explanation

Cheyenne Jackson got many positive comments in his post and his friends seemed to be very supportive. Likewise, he again posted a video thanking his friends and followers for their unconditional love and support via Instagram. There were messages from Jamie Lee Curtis, Nia Vardalos, Sophia Bush, Harvey Fierstein, Jason Landau, and so on.


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His husband Jason wrote, “Your power, your truth, and your willingness are why I fell in love with you. Today I love you even more”. And, one user commented, “This is the exact reason you will forever be a person I look up to. Today you’ve given so many people the ability to accept their shortcomings. The model of a true man, father, and friend ❤️”. Cheyanne thanked everyone saying,

“Yesterday I put myself on blast and recommitted to my own sobriety and I guess I wasn’t anticipating the outpouring of love that I have received. I just feel so loved and I feel grateful.”


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Moreover, he also added as he get older he realized he need people and their support. He continued,

“I’ve always kind of prided myself on being a lone wolf, somebody who doesn’t really need anybody, I can do it on my own. But as I get older I realize it doesn’t really serve me in a lot of ways, and in my sobriety, it definitely doesn’t serve me because I need people and I need support.”

Jackson mentioned he met his husband, Jason Landau in an AA meeting as they both were sober. Cheyenne and Jason realized that their lives were better without alcohol and started focusing on other things.

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