Did Kathryn Dennis use her kids as an ‘excuse’ for breaking up with “Southern Charm” star, Chleb Ravenell?

“Me and her, we don’t really talk anymore,” Chleb Ravenell stated when asked about his relationship with Kathryn!

Chleb Ravenelle
Chleb Ravenelle and Kathryn Dennis are no more together source: People

Chleb Ravenell accused his ex-wife Kathryn Dennis that she used her kids as an excuse for the breakup. During the July 8 episode of “Southern Charm,” the couples separated.

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Chleb Ravenell is a football player from the United States of America. Besides he is the ex-husband of Kathryn Dennis who is a TV personality. Likewise, he is also the father of two kids, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, and Kensington Calhoun Ravenel.

Though Chleb and Kathryn are separated now and they are living differently. Ravenell said that Dennis used kids as an excuse for their breakup. On July 8, during the episode of “Southern Charm,” they announce their separation. Further, Chleb said,

“I don’t think the kids were a factor in our relationship. I feel like the kids were an excuse on a reason why we broke up, but it wasn’t the main factor.”


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Additionally, he also explained that he couldn’t see the kids while Kathryn could see the kids on the weekends. This is really unfair to the father of the kids as he said. In addition, Chleb said,

“And when I was with the kids, I wasn’t able to actually step in and be a stepdad or discipline the kids or anything like that. Because I just wasn’t allowed to just by Thomas [Ravenel’s] rules, so I felt like I didn’t have a part of her family. I wasn’t all the way in there, you know what I mean?”

Further Details

However, at first, Ravenell had high hope of getting back with Kathryn. Not only he but the fans and followers also have the same hope as him. Though, they are now never getting back together as they informed in the interview. Although, Dennis replied regarding the ongoing battle with Chleb by saying,

“I’ve got a lot going on, and I feel like you lack empathy for what I’m going through. I’m the only one opening up.”

Whatever the argument was, the duo was in love before and had a lot of memories together. And now they are not together the memories will hit both of them. As Chleb also stated that he was unable to relieve the painful moment. He said when the episode was about to be telecast,

“I couldn’t watch it. It was too emotional for me. I’m not even going to lie. That literally kind of broke my heart at that time. I literally was trying everything to get back together with her because I wanted to make it work.”

Chleb Ravenelle
Chleb Ravenelle says that Kathryn used kid as an excuse for dumping him
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Moreover, Ravenell also explained his relationship with Kathryn saying that they will be no more together. He further added,

“Me and her, we don’t really talk anymore. I mean, I’m not really too sad about her or anything like that, but I wish the best for her. If she moves on, finds another guy, I hope he can give her that love that she needs.”

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More Explanation

After knowing the situation of this duo, many were with Chleb more than Kathryn. As the love shows we can see Chleb’s love for Dennis. Furthermore, Kathryn’s co-star, Venita Aspen also explained, “Chleb really love Kathryn.”  Also, she continued,

“It was like very apparent that he was really there for her. I think he just didn’t really know how to handle his emotions and what she was bringing to the table. It was like too much, so I was sad that they broke up.”


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On the other hand, the mother of the footballer stops talking with Kathryn after the split. Likewise, Ravenell stated,

“Nah, my mom’s with me. If I’m not talking to that person, it’s over. So no, she has no contact with her. Yeah, she still talks about Kathryn. Yes. But no, they don’t talk.”

we hope both of them are happy with their decisions and find love soon!


Written by Keshaa Perry

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