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Christian Fitzpatrick
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Young Michigan native Christian Fitzpatrick plays wide receiver for the American football team and has done so for many years. To become a wide receiver, you must possess agility, speed, stamina, and dynamic balance. Over the years, Christian Fitzpatrick’s abilities have improved.

About Christian Fitzpatrick |  Family and Education

Christian Fitzpatrick was born on American territory in Southfield, Michigan, in the year 2002. His father is Native American Greg Fitzpatrick.

Dez Fitzpatrick, Christian’s brother, is another relative. However, nothing is known about the early years and the personal background of his parents.

However, we can identify the place in his youth where he first became inspired to play football.

Christian describes himself as coming from a “sports household.” His father loved seeing the games the two brothers played. Basketball games on their driveway were appreciated.


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Given that Dez was older than Christian, he would mentor his younger sibling. Christian recalled how his brother made him exercise as a child.

Dez would ask him to operate gassers and cones. This acted as a kind of de facto instruction for him.

His sibling eventually became obsessed with football. As a result, they frequently watched sports with their family.

On the vast neighborhood fields, he would also watch the game that he hoped to one day dominate.

Professional Life and Career

Christian Fitzpatrick was a student at Southfield A&T. Area students who attended the public school in Southfield, Michigan. It was renowned for its football program as well.

The coaching crew immediately noticed Christian as soon as they arrived on the field. Christian’s strength and agility inspired me to start consistently pushing him.

Fitzpatrick had 33 receptions for 611 yards and ten touchdowns at the end of his rookie campaign.

Chris thus displayed great performances in his debut season. According to, he is ranked as the 71st-best wide receiver in the country and the 16th-best in Michigan.

In addition, 247Sports ranked him as the 113th-best wide receiver in the nation. He was recognized as the 22nd-best player in the state as well.

He was also selected for the 2019 Dream Team offense for Metro Detroit. Christian began to receive numerous offers from numerous prestigious colleges as a result.

Offers made by the Power-Five Programs

Many Power Fives made offers to Christian, including Oregon, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and others. So he decided to go to some of these teams’ training facilities.

Christian also recalled getting about a dozen offers when his season finished. In terms of his career, it was a turning point. He, therefore, chose not to make a snap judgment.

His attendance at the Penn State Nittany Lions camp on June 9th, 2019 follows. He had also been to numerous other Power Five program camps.

Christian Fitzpatrick
Christian Fitzpatrick playing for Louisville Source: Google

Similarly, He did, however, base his choice primarily on the strongest passing offense.

As a result, he started talking with Washington State University. Given that the university, in his judgment, satisfied all of his standards.

Christian was also one of three wide receivers who committed to WSU for the 2020 recruiting class.

Among them all, he had the best rating. Similar to this, Washington State’s wideouts were about to graduate.

On July 27, 2019, Christian Fitzpatrick decided to sign with the Washington State Cougars. Exact one month later, he paid a formal visit to the university.

A second opinion

On October 16, 2019, Christian Fitzpatrick allegedly broke his pledge to the Washington State Cougars.

Christian then announced on Twitter that the transfer process had been initiated.

He also expressed his gratitude to WSU’s head coach Mike Leach for believing in him. Fitzpatrick also expressed his gratitude to Steve Spurrier Jr., the outside receivers coach, for his commitment.

Christian had previously verbally consented and arrived in person. Nevertheless, he decided to break the deal. He pulled out of the arrangement, but it’s not clear why or for what reasons.

However, many of his friends believed that he desired to play for the Louisville Cardinals. Since he was a young child, Christian has always wished he was a year older.

Moreover, his brother Dez Fitzpatrick played wide receiver with the Cardinals, so he wanted to play with him.

But these were just stories that were going around in the media. No official statements were made by Christian.

Cardinals of Louisville

When Christian’s recruiting picked up again, Louisville seemed a likely candidate. However, Christian and his family had a lot of problems because the Louisville squad had a 2-10 record.

Satterfield and the wide receivers coach, Gunter Brewer, had just joined the team, though. Christian and his family found this interesting.

Father of Christian was watching the first three games to see how they did.

However, there were quarterback injuries for the Cardinals. They had only used their new offense for three games at this point. Greg, though, recognized the potential for a bombshell.

Christian had the same thing because he heard specifics from his brother. Even the thought of playing football with his sibling was frightening.

Overall, this facilitated the transfer to the Louisville process. Christian thus joined the Louisville Cardinals on October 20, 2019.

Known Teammates and Failures

The organization hired Scott Satterfield to serve as its head coach. Training became more difficult but clearer.

Christian worked hard throughout training alongside his teammates. Christian then started to quicken and attack better.

Later on, Dez Fitzpatrick admitted that his brother had mastered the offense faster than he had.

Christian Fitzpatrick during his high school days

As their father joyously watched, Dez caught a ball, and Christian put up a block for him downfield.

But Christian faced difficulties during the 2020 campaign. He took part in spring practices up until the COVID-19 outbreak short-circuited them. Christian also sustained several wounds.

As a freshman in 2020, he spent the entire time being held back by illnesses. He took part in just one game, against Wake Forest in the last regular-season game.

Similarly, He also didn’t have any game statistics.

Portal Transfer and 2021

The 2020 season will always be remembered by him. His brother, Dez Fitzpatrick, was almost at the NFL Draft.

As a result, Christian revealed that he had registered for the transfer portal. He reopened his recruitment shortly after that.

Michigan State was one of the interested teams. Therefore, on April 5, 2021, Christian expressed his support for Mel Tucker and Michigan State football.

The teams for Michigan State were frequently referred to as “The Spartans.” He will have four years of eligibility as a Spartan.

In 2021–2022, Christian Fitzpatrick will try to save his season.

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Christian Fitzpatrick | His Brother’s Part

Dez, his brother, has always been a role model for Christian. Since they were children, they had been close. They’re still quite close right now.

They both also feel like they belong to a family that loves being outside. They also ski in Michigan in the winter and go boating on the weekends.

Dez continues to guide Christian as well. Particularly when Christian was a freshman, the two frequently practiced in private sessions.

Then, they would play the roles of their rivals in the tournament.

Additionally, they developed workout plans based on circumstances and strength. Dez constantly pushed Christian to be more than just talented. and to perform better than him someday.

Similarly, Dez had more playing experience than Christian did as well. Dez, a four-star receiver, was a trustworthy starter. So anytime Christian wanted advice, he turned to his brother.

Christian also assisted Dez in several ways. For some time now, they had been pushing and developing one another.

Christian’s journey to the top has therefore inspired him. He has always been urged to treat his brother well.

Dez has also assisted him in growing as a player. Christian has therefore been fortunate in that regard.

Relationship Status

Christian isn’t wed or involved with anyone else, according to several sources. The sportsman has such a serene personality that it’s difficult to imagine he’s single.

While many of Christian’s teammates think he is secretly dating someone, the opposite is also true. He has refrained from going out in public with his girlfriend, though.

But the sportsman hasn’t given any hints about a potential romance.

Christian is also a rising star in the State Leagues and has a great future there. He appears to be intent on making the NFL Draft and the major leagues.

The young NFL star has nevertheless kept a boundary between his personal and professional lives. Therefore, not much is known about Christian’s personal life.

Net Worth and Salary | Christian Fitzpatrick

The majority of Christian Fitzpatrick’s net worth comes from his career as a professional football player.

In his final year at Southfield A&T, he made a great start. Christian has also previously been employed by Power-Five Programs.

He currently has a three-star contract with the Michigan Spartans.

On the other hand, it is unknown what his salary and wealth are. A four-star athlete can expect to earn almost $150,000 annually on average, per studies.

We can thus presume that he earns a comparable sum in that range.

The football player is affiliated with several sports companies and endorsements, and as a result, he makes a solid living by endorsing their items.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Weight

The Football Bowl Subdivision landscape has young talent in Christian Fitzpatrick. He may thus demonstrate this using a body. He is physically fit, with strong hands and legs that are remarkably flexible.

Christian was 20 years old when he started writing this piece. But he appears healthy and ready to play in the top college leagues.

The athlete is rigid, at a middle height of 6 feet 4 inches, and has good posture (1.94 m). The super athlete weighs approximately 95 kg as well.


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Additionally, he has exploited his height to subdue rivals. He’s amassed a variety of tactics over the years, making him a dynamic receiver.

Additionally, Christian has grown up training with his sibling. Even today, he still acts in this manner.

His photos show that he has maintained his physical fitness so that he can play all the time.

Social Media

Instagram: 2.7K followers

Twitter: 3K followers

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long ago did Christian Fitzpatrick start using Twitter?

Twitter welcomed Christian Fitzpatrick in August 2014.

Before signing with the Michigan Spartans in 2021, did Christian Fitzpatrick visit?

After finishing his senior year at Southfield A&T, Christian did pay a visit to the Michigan State Spartans on March 11, 2018.

What has become of Christian?

While participating in a team game, Christian became hurt. He took a break from the game following the injury and eventually entered the field again.

Quick Facts | Christian Fitzpatrick

Name Christian Fitzpatrick
Nickname “Lil Dee”
Birthdate 2002
Birthplace Southfield, Michigan
Age 20 years old
Gender Male
Height 6’4″
Weight 95 kg/215 lb
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac Horse
Nationality American
Body type Athletic
Hair color Black
Skin Dark
Height 6 ft. 4 inches (194cm)
Weight 210 lbs (96 kg)
Class Freshman
Profession Football Player
Position Wide Receiver
Education Southfield A&T
Jersey Number #89
MLB Debut August 21, 2020
Teams Louisville Cardinals
Michigan Spartans
Father Greg Fitzpatrick
Sibling Dez Fitzpatrick
Relationship status Single
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Net Worth $4 million
Spartans Merch Jersey, Tshirt
Last Update October, 2022

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