Chuck Lorre, the Big Bang theory creator files for divorce from his third wife Arielle Lorre!!

Chuck Lorre decided to end his relationship with his third wife Arielle Lorre after 3 years of marriage!!

Chuck Lorre files divorce from third wife Arielle
Chuck Lorre files divorce from third wife Arielle source-google

Chuck Lorre, the Big Bang theory creator files for divorce from his third wife Arielle Lorre after three years of marriage!!

The creator of famous shows, “Big Band Theory” and “Two and a Half Men” is getting a divorce from his wife Arielle Lorre. The couple tied the knot in 2018 and parted their ways in May 2022 (3yrs of togetherness).  The couple made a statement in the media saying that it was a mutual decision,

“It is with mutual consideration and respect that we have decided to separate.”

They further asked everyone to respect their decision to divorce, and are planning to go forward in different ways now!!

“Our plan is to move forward in different directions but with great love, admiration, and gratitude for the time we shared,” they added. “We ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time. Thank you for your support.”

It is very necessary to respect their privacy and support them in these difficult times. However, they had signed a pre-marriage agreement before getting together. According to the documents Chuck is going to pay all the court fees and also pay Arielle with the spousal fund.

Furthermore, the couple does not have any children in their 3-years marriage, so it is easier that way as well to part ways.

The reason behind this divorce??

Chuck said that due to “irreconcilable difference” they are going to divorce. The irreconcilable difference means that the couple is unable to agree on most of the important things. This concept generally provides grounds for the couple to have a divorce in a number of jurisdictions.

Definitely, it wasn’t Chuck’s first marriage, he was married to Paula Smith from 1979-1992. Smith was his business partner at that time and they share two daughters (Nicole and Asa). Also, his second marriage was to Karen Witter from 2001-2010.

Chuck Lorre, the Big Bang theory creator files for divorce from his third wife Arielle Lorre!!
Chuck Lorre, the Big Bang theory creator files for divorce from his third wife Arielle Lorre!!

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Chuck is 69 years old, and a very famous producer, director, writer, composer, and actor. He is quite multitalented with his skills and has given a lot to the entertainment industry. Sitcoms like, Dharma & Greg, The Big Band Theory, Mike & Molly Mom, Young Sheldon, The Kominsky Method, etc.

Chuck has his own production house, Chuck Lorry Productions. The net worth of Chuck is estimated to be $600 Million. In 2022, he is the 13th highest-paid entertainer ($100 million). He is also an Emmy award winner and is considered one of the most successful TV producers.

While Arielle is also a famous wellness influencer. Arielle has 287K followers in total and also shares some videos on Tik Tok as well. She talks about motivation to her followers (positive affirmation).

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but… Don’t lose hope. Please believe there are a thousand beautiful things waiting for you. Sunshine comes to everyone who feels the rain,” she wrote in one of her video


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A post shared by Arielle Lorre (@ariellelorre)

She was involved in drug abuse before she embraced this healthy lifestyle. Arielle is quite renowned for her work as an influencer now. She has been always private with her life. She gained her name after marrying the famous TV personality otherwise she led a simple life before.

Looking at her personality nowadays, it looks like she was always into fashion, lifestyle, and health. With her fashion sense, she has made her name herself as she has a lot of followers on her social media.

Well, we hope that both personalities lead a happy life ahead in their own ways!!


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