Colin Kaepernick

An American football quarterback and civil rights advocate

Colin Kaepernick
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One courageous football player who never stops speaking out against injustice is Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is also an activist for civil rights.

Colin once knelt at the opening of NFL games during the national anthem to stand up against police brutality.

Colin had a happy upbringing; at the age of barely five weeks, his biological mother placed him for adoption.

About Colin Kaepernick |  Family and Education

The person is known as Colin Kaepernick, Colin Rand Kaepernick, was born on November 3, 1987, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

His mother, Heidi Russo, gave birth to him; but, for a variety of reasons, she was unable to care for her child at home, so she placed him for adoption.

Similar to how Colin’s biological father abandoned Russo before Colin was born. Colin was later adopted by Rick and Teressa Kaepernick, a White couple when he was 5 weeks old.

Sadly, both of them were dealing with the trauma of losing their children to heart failure. They so adopted him and showered him with love and attention.

Before moving to California when Colin was 4 years old, the Kaepernicks lived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.


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Colin was a very gifted and intelligent student. When he was barely 8 years old, he started playing youth football as a defensive end and punter.

Likewise, at the age of nine, he made his debut as the young team’s quarterback. He also earned a 4.0 GPA while attending John H. A. Pitman High School, where he graduated.

Along with football, Colin also loved basketball and baseball. He was the Central California Conference’s most valuable football player.

His parents were always encouraging, to speak of. They assisted Colin in becoming the person he is today. Colin agrees that they were essential to making it happen.

As a result, Colin began his career early and began playing professionally while still a student at Nevada College.

Early Career |Colin Kaepernick

From an early age, Colin was interested in sports and began playing competitively. Surprisingly, Collin excelled as a baseball pitcher in high school, winning several scholarships and awards.

He played baseball more actively in high school than he did football. But above all things, he was most eager to play football.

The University of Nevada was the only college that provided football scholarships, though. As a result, he was accepted into the college, where he began his career.


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Career in College

In 2007, Colin enrolled in college and started his career as the Wolf Pack’s backup quarterback.

Colin has a 53.8 percent season finishing percentage with 2,175 throwing yards, 19 passing touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Furthermore, he became just the sixth individual in NCCA history to pass 2000 yards and rush for 1000 yards in the same season.


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Colin was nevertheless chosen by the Chicago Cubs in the 2009 MLB Draft. Due to his desire to play football, Collin turned down the opportunity.

Kaepernick ends his junior season in 2009 with 2,052 yards and 20 throwing touchdowns. He received the MPV award despite his team losing the game.

He received the WAC Offensive Player of the Year award after the game. Additionally, Colin was selected to the first team of the WAC quarterbacks.

Against the previously unbeaten, 24-game winning Boise State Broncos, Colin unexpectedly guided his team to victory.

Kaepernick joined Tim Tebowonn on November 26, 2010, after ending his senior year with 3,022 throwing yards, 21 passing touchdowns, and eight interceptions.

Last but not least, Colin finished his collegiate career with 10,098 throwing yards, 24 interceptions, 4,112 running yards, and 59 rushing touchdowns.

He unexpectedly received a bachelor’s degree in business management with a 4.00 GPA.

Professional Life and Career

Colin became eligible for the NFL Draft in 2011 after finishing his studies.

The San Francisco 49ers finally traded Kaepernick with the thirteenth overall pick. In the second round, he was chosen in the fourth position.

Further, Colin only attempted five passes throughout the season because he was Alex Smith’s backup for the entire 2011 campaign.

Kaepernick did have the opportunity to take Smith’s spot during the second part of the 2012 campaign, though.

The following game, which was played on November 19, is when Colin finally makes his NFL debut against the Chicago Bears.


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Colin was viewed as more dynamic in this battle because of his powerful arms and agility in scurrying.

Additionally, Kaepernick played admirably in each game that season. and establishes a quarterback’s single-game running yardage record for the NFL.

Even though he was only starting in his career, by the end of the 2012 season, he had broken every prior 49ers record.

Similar to this, Kaepernick amassed 15 rushing yards, 196 passing yards, and one throwing a touchdown in the 2013 divisional round.

Not unexpectedly, Colin inks the largest deal of his career in 2014. He agrees to a six-year, $126 million deal with the 49ers, with a possible $54 million guarantee and a $13 million full guarantee.


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Colin also received a $10,000 punishment from the NFL in 2013 while wearing Beats by Dre headphones at a post-game news conference.

In 2015, Colin struggled to adjust once the head coach was replaced. However, Collin’s shoulder injury prevented him from participating in the 2015 season.

2016- 2020

Colin was getting better in 2016 after suffering an injury, losing weight, and losing muscle mass. He had to compete with Gabbert for the quarterback position after recovering.

Midway through 2016, word broke that Colin had changed the terms of his 6-year deal with the 49ers to a 2-year agreement.

Later, in 2016, Colin was informed by the 49ers that he would be released. The 2017 NFL season will see Kaepernick opt out and become a free agent on March 3.

Any of the teams refused to take Colin when he was released. It was a result of NFL Collin’s 2016 decision to kneel during the anthem.


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Many people perceived this as offensive, even though he was demonstrating against racial and police violence.

Numerous clubs were considering employing him, but they weren’t concerned about the public outrage and criticism they may encounter.

Later on, though, it was announced that the NFL and Colins had resolved their differences. Collin also discussed becoming a quarterback with the Alliance of American Football and the XFL in February 2019.

Later, Colin made a demand that neither the AAF nor the XFL could accept: $20,000,000 each season.


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The activist career of Colin Kaepernick

  • NFL players kneeled during the singing of the national anthem in 2016 to protest racism and police brutality.
  • Comparably, Collin forced Nike to discontinue their Fourth of July line in 2019. Colin and several other individuals found the Betsy Ross Flag on a Nike sneaker insulting.
  • The “Know Your Rights Camp” was organized by Colin and his wife Nessa. In the same way, Kaepernick contributed $100,000 to the COVID-19 pandemic victims’ fund in 2020.

Career Achievements and Highlights

  • The year’s WAC offensive player is 2008.
  • Offensive Player of the Year in the WAC in 2010
  • NFL record for a quarterback’s total running yards in a single game is 181 yards.
  • NFL record for most running yards in a single playoff by a quarterback is 264 yards.

Summary Career Stats

Summary G AV QBrec Cmp5 Yds Y/A TD Int FantPt
Career 69 49 28-30-0 59.8 12271 7.3 72 30 1000.9

Relationship Status

The cliché “love conquers all” is true. You will ultimately find the right person for you, no matter what. In the same way, Colin shocks everyone in 2020 by wedding Nessa Diab.

In 2015, Nessa and Colin initially became romantically involved.

Both of them believed they were destined to be together. They had never previously experienced such stomach butterflies.

Neasa Diab is a media personality, to be specific. Diab also works as a radio and television broadcaster and does interviews with different celebrities.

In 2016, Diab and her husband (who was then her boyfriend) also established a charity.

She likewise stood behind Colin amid his 2016 scandal. He was often defended by Diab.

They have only gotten closer as the years pass; they are undeniably profoundly in love with one another.

Together, they are currently using their own money to assist COVID-19 pandemic victims.

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Net Worth | Colin Kaepernick

The prevailing belief is that Colin is worth $20 million. However, Kaepernick’s quarterback salary was around $43 million from 2011 to 2016.

Colin undoubtedly enjoys a luxury lifestyle since he has worked hard to achieve his current status.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Nationality

Collin will be 33 years old when this article is published in 2022. He is Christian and of African American heritage.

He is a pious man, though. Additionally, Colin has a birthday every year that falls a month before Christmas.


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Collin also has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Kaepernick has a height of 6 feet 4 inches and a weight of 104 kg.

Colin needs to keep up a strong body since he plays. He undoubtedly has a wonderful, healthy body.

Social Media

Twitter: 2.4 million followers

Instagram: 3.8 million followers

Frequently Asked Question:

How many tattoos does Colin Kaepernick sport?

According to reports, Colin Kaepernick has 13 tattoos total on his body.

When did Colin Kaepernick play his final game?

On January 1, 2017, Kaepernick faced the Seattle Seahawks in his final NFL game.

What did Michael Vick tell Colin Kaepernick to do?

Colin was urged to get a haircut by Michael Vick. Vick stated in his interviews at Speak For Yourself that Colin’s problems are a result of his reputation. So he gave Kaepernick advice to dress nicely and show himself properly.

Is Colin Kaepernick planning an open workout?

On November 16, 2019, Colin Kaepernick and his group did a public exercise. A high school in the Atlanta region served as the venue for the meeting.

How much is a rookie card of Colin Kaepernick worth?

The cost of a rookie card for Colin Kaepernick ranges from $0.50 to $149.99. His rookie cards often sell for $12.99.

Which NFL franchise does Colin Kaepernick play for?

No football team has Colin Kaepernick on it. In March 2017, he chose to opt-out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers, and since that time, he hasn’t played for any other club or in the NFL.

Quick Facts | Colin Kaepernick

Name Colin Rand Kaepernick
Birthdate November 3, 1987
Birthplace Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age 34 Years Old
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity African-American
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Rick Kaepernick
Mother’s Name Teresa Kaepernick
Education John H. Pitman High School

Nevada College

Height 6ft. 4 inch
Weight 104kg
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Light Brown
Residence San Jose
Net Worth $20 million
Career Earnings $43,349,296
Completion Percentage 59.8
TD-INT 72-30
Rushing Yards 2,300
Rushing touchdowns 13
Profession Football Quarterback
Affiliation NFL
Kids No
Jersey Number 7 (San Francisco 49ers)10(Nevada Wolf Pack)
Marital Status Married
Wife Nessa Diab
Position Quarterback
Career Highlights 2 times WAC Offensive Player of the Year
Social media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Jersey, Autographed Items
Last Update August, 2022

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