Colton Haynes revealed he almost Lost the iconic Role Of ‘Teen Wolfs’ Because of Gay Magazine

Colton Haynes almost lost his role of ‘Teen Wolf’ because of gay mag

Colton Haynes
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Colton Haynes says he almost lost his iconic role of Jackson Whittemore over a gay men’s magazine photo shoot.

Colton Haynes, the star almost wasn’t cast in the show ‘Teen Wolf’ over a photoshoot for a gay men’s magazine. The MTV television series which began in 2011 was based on a 1985 film which was also named ‘Teen Wolf’. The show ran for six long seasons.

Colton played the role of Jackson Whittemore, which is the main character in Teen Wolf of seasons 1 and 2.

Then unfortunately he departed from the show. However, the actor later relives this role in several guest appearances during the final season 6 of the show.


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In May 2016, Haynes came out as gay publicly. This was the time when actors had already left the show, Teen Wolf. This was the role that launched him into stardom. He also starred as Roy Harper, also known as Arsenal, in the series Arrow.

After coming out as gay, Haynes has been vocal about the struggles of being a gay actor in this entertainment industry.

The Teen Wolf star even admitted that he was openly identified as gay while growing up. However, he began to hide his sexuality.

It was the beginning of his career and he was fearing that he would lose the job opportunities because of the same reason.

In his newly released ‘Miss Memory Lane‘, he was told to conceal the truth about being gay as it would hinder the opportunities of getting a job in the industry.

He says: “It didn’t matter who was on my team, the message I got was always the same: ‘You will not work if you are yourself’ ”

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In his memoir, Miss Memory Lane, Haynes reveals that he almost lost his role.

Before becoming an actor, Colton was a model in his teenage years. Then he participated in the XY magazine shoot in 2006. He later then transitioned from modeling into acting.

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Both Colton and his team were worried about the photoshoot which might have affected his career. The team would send cease-and-desist letters to everyone who was posting pictures from the photoshoot.

Haynes also says that showrunner, Jeff Davis from the ‘Teen Wolves’ fought very hard for him to be cast in the show. Colton gives all credit to Davis for landing him the role. In his memoir, Haynes reveals that his manager told him:

“Look what almost happened, Colton. The head of MTV almost didn’t hire you because of that XY photo shoot we’ve been working our asses off to extinguish. Thank God Jeff fought for you to get that role.”

With the freedom nowadays, there are more queer actors in the industry than ever. In the entertainment industry, it is still like unacceptable, homophobia is still a very serious and real concern.

Haynes bravely and openly discusses how actively he changed the way he was: the way he spoke and dressed. He opens on in his memoir to give auditions he changed himself into the impression of butch masculinity and heterosexuality.


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For this long, it is very sad to hear that Colton had to mask his true self to the world burying his photoshoot for such a long time.

He also speaks about the progress that he requires to still increase his representation and support LGBTQ actors in the industry.

However, one thing is certain, audiences around the world are very thankful to Haynes that he was a cast in Teen Wolf. He brought a very memorable and beloved Jackson Whittemore to life onscreen!

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