Dahmer faces backlash about showing ‘sympathy’ to the notorious serial killer, Jeffery Dahmer! The co-creator denies the allegations!

“We tried to show an objective portrait as possible. We did our homework,” says the co-creator of the series, Dahmer

Evan Peters plays the role of the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer source: Page Six

Dahmer has become the second most popular Netflix show which is about the serial killer, Jaffrey Dahmer. The series’ co-creator denies that the series is ‘sympathetic’ to the killer, Jeffrey.

Dahmer is a series based on the story of one of the most notorious serial killers in the United States. The victims have said the story among the people. The co-creator of this series is Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy. Similarly, rumors are spreading that the series is sympathetic to Jeffrey Dahmer. In this matter, Ian stated that Dahmer is not giving sympathy to the serial killer, Jeffrey at all.

In the premiere of his other series, “The Watcher” on Wednesday, Brennan talked about Dahmer and its success as well. According to the sources, he stated,

“I think we show a human being. He’s monstrously human and he’s monstrously monstrous and that’s what we wanted to sort of unpack. We tried to show an objective portrait as possible. We did our homework.”

Dahmer is a series related to Jeffrey Dahmer who is a serial killer. He murdered 17 young men and boys between the years 1978 and 1991. Many killings involved cannibalism which means eating the dead body, necrophilia, and preservation of the body parts. Writing this thing is scaring the shit out of me.
Likewise, Evan Peters is playing the role of Dahmer and people have actually loved his character. It suits him as he is carrying his looks with bleach-blond hair and aviator eyeglasses.
Though, Jeffrey was found dead in the year 1994 at the age of 34. Christopher Scarver beat him to death because of his behavior while in the prison.


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Regarding this matter, Christopher stated,

“He’d drizzle on packets of ketchup as blood. It was very unnerving. He crossed the line with some people — prisoners, prison staff. Some people who are in prison are repentant — but he was not one of them.”

A series, Dahmer was released on Netflix on September 21. Ian Brennan says that the show’s success is a proud moment for him.

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Further Explanation

Ian Brennan’s latest show, “The Watcher” is also based on crime and is a mini-series. The story of the series is based on a married couple which is actually a true story.

The Watcher probably refers to the criminal who is also a stalker of the couple who shifted to their dream home in New Jersey. They were harassed by The Watcher.

Moreover, Brennan stated,

“When it comes to people’s homes, real estate, the place that you own and live in, you get weird. Neighbor disputes are always the worst possible disputes you could have. You don’t know what version of the person you are going to get. There’s something about a home that brings out the most sensitive parts. It’s quite deep.”

On the other hand, Ian reacted to the people’s comments that the series, Dahmer is giving sympathy to the serial killer. Though, he denied the allegations and said that this is only a part of the real story they want to show which expresses the victim’s pain as well.


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In addition to that, he also stated that the reason behind the second most-watched series is that people love horror stories nowadays. They prefer to watch crime scenes. Further, the co-creator of Dahmer also added,

“I’ve been asking myself that same question. It’s interesting when horrific stories like that resonate with people. I think it’s a way for people to approach scary things about themselves, watch it (being) portrayed on the screen.”

At the premiere, there were other stars like Bobby Cannavale, Naomi Watts, H Hunter Hall, Margo Martindale, Richard Kind, Noma Dumezweni, and Mia Farrow.
Regarding the backlash, people are offended that due to Dahmer many of them are idolizing the killer wearing their printed t-shirt. One of the users tweeted,

“Please do not ‘Cosplay’ or dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween. Stop idolizing a horrific human that committed atrocious crimes. It’s f—— weird. Go to therapy to work through your weird a– obsession, too. That s— is not healthy.”


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Similarly, another one added, “I hope everyone who dresses up as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween goes to hell no matter what.”

Likewise, the third one said, “If I see ANYONE dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween hands will be thrown. I’m not sorry.”


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Written by Keshaa Perry

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