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A retired football quarterback from America

Dan Marino
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Undoubtedly, one of the most well-known names in football is Dan Marino.

There are hundreds of football players around the globe, but only a select few have made a lasting impression on the audience. One among them with a sizable following and viewership is Daniel.

American former football player Dan Marino. In the National Football League, he spent 17 seasons as a quarterback with the Miami Dolphins (NFL).

About Dan Marino |  Family and Education

Dan Marino was welcomed into the world on September 15, 1961, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is one of three kids; his sisters make up the other two. The senior, he is.

Marino’s parents are Veronica and Daniel Marino, according to family lore.

Additionally, Daniel used to deliver newspapers for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but Veronica took care of the crosswalks at neighborhood schools. His sisters are Debbie Marino and Cindi Marino.

Marino spent his early years in South Oakland’s Pittsburgh neighborhood. St. Regis Catholic Elementary School was where he started his early schooling.

After that, he enrolled at Pittsburgh’s Central Catholic High School.

Moreover, Dan enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh after finishing high school. On his degree of graduation, there is no information. If found, we’ll update it right away.

Professional Life and Career

Marino started his baseball career at Central Catholic High School. There, he was awarded All-American status in the football parade.

He was also chosen by the Kansas City Royals during their amateur draft in the fourth round that year.

But he decided to play collegiate football nonstop.

The next year, Marino enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh, where he played football from 1979 through 1982.


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His squad earned second place in the second year, 1980. He started the game for the group there.

For most of the season, Pitts’ club held the No. 1 spot. The Georgia Bulldogs were defeated by Marino’s squad in the 1982 Super Bowl game.

Before the game’s conclusion, he produced a remarkable short pass. Pitt’s squad has 33 victories and just three defeats between 1979 and 1981.

His squad fell to Southern Methodist in the Cotton Bowl Classic. Dan finished his four years in college with 7,905 yards of passing, 74 touchdowns, and 64 interceptions.

A career in the Profession

Due to his subpar performance in his last season with the college football team and suspicions of drug usage, he was passed over for the NFL Draft in 1983. Later, he was chosen with the 27th overall choice by the Miami Dolphins.

By doing so, he proved that he was the best player on the Miami Dolphins. Similarly, The Los Angeles Express selected him to represent them in the United States Football League.


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He also declined to sign with the organization. At that moment, he chose the Miami Dolphins.

In his first season, Marino threw 20 touchdown passes and guided the team to a 12-4 record. In this Pro Bowl, he was the first rookie to start at quarterback.

As Dan began his second season at Dolphin, he set a record for passing yards and touchdowns. He is considered the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, which is fortunate.


During Super Bowl XIX, the Dolphins competed against the San Francisco 49ers and Joe Montana in California. This time, Marino Club lost 38-16.

In a 1993 game against the New York Jets, he led his team as captain. In this game, he completed 4,453 passes.

Also, In a similar vein, He won NFL Comeback Player of the Year.


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He threw for 4,137 yards and 30 touchdowns in the contest. He did it first in NFL history among quarterbacks.

Although, He established the NFL record for passing totals (61,361 yards), attempts (8,358), completions (4,967), and touchdowns throughout his 17-year football career (420).

Well, Dan decided to withdraw from football in the year 2000. He had offers from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Minnesota Vikings at that time.

But he turned down all of these teams’ offers. He didn’t completely leave football, though.

Awards and Achievements | Dan Marino

Dan has been recognized for his accomplishments and many honors at a very young age. Let’s look at Mario’s honors and accomplishments:

  • Awarded the 1979 Parade magazine All-America distinction.
  • Listed as the 1981 Sugar Bowl’s most valuable player.
  • 1983 rookie of the year.
  • NFL player with the highest value in 1984.
  • All-Pro NFL Team from 1984 to 1986.
  • 20,000 yards were attained in 1988.
  • Starting the quarterback for the AFC Pro Bowl squad from 1994 to 1995.
  • On October 8, 1995, you broke the NFL record for the most career completions with your 3,687th throw.
  • was recognized as the NFL’s first quarterback to pass for more than 50,000 yards in 1996.
  • In 1998, he was recognized as the NFL’s first quarterback to complete more than 400 touchdown passes.
  • NFL Man of the Year in 1999 for his humanitarian efforts.
  • In 1999, the NFL’s first quarterback gained 60,000 yards.

Foundation | Dan Marino

Marino has had enormous success as a football player, and his humanitarian work is as admirable.

In addition, he is renowned for being a brilliant leader and for his humanitarian work through his several healthcare charities.

After learning that their son Michael had autism, Dan Marino and his wife Claire founded The Dan Marino Foundation in 1992.

This organization was created to do research and offer support to young people with neurodevelopmental disorders.


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The Dan Marino Center was established in 1995 with the assistance of Miami Children’s Hospital.

It is a neurodevelopmental facility that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of kids with emotional and physical issues.

Additionally, this facility helps more than 48,000 kids a year.

Along with his group, Marino earned money for autism spectrum illness awareness campaigns.


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Additionally, on November 7, 2005, the National Basketball Association recognized his vast humanitarian activities.

Following this accomplishment, the Dan foundation hosted its inaugural walk on March 23, 2010, with the theme “Walkabout Autism.” There were 420 volunteers and more than 6000 walkers. Isn’t it incredible!

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Dan Marino | Films and Television

Dan had an appearance in the 1994 comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in addition to football. He performed in the film Little Nicky as a result.

Similar to this, Marion appeared in Holy Man and Bad Boys II in a minor cameo capacity. The next day, he began working as a project consultant on the drama movie “Any Given Sunday.”

One noteworthy detail is that the real-life quarterback’s residence in the movie was Marion’s initial home.

Additionally, Marion may be seen in the 1995 music video for the song “Only Wanna Be With You.”

He appeared in several commercials for Hooters, NutriSystem, Maroone, Papa John’s, and in addition to movies.

Marion, a former football player, also became a “Men’s Life Ambassador” for AARP. He uses this platform to express his opinions on topics such as men’s interest in business, community service, sports, lifestyle, health, and other topics.

With this knowledge, we can assume that Dan’s life will be quite exciting and full of a variety of jobs and professions.

Dan Marino| Literature

The former American football player excels not only in his profession but also as an accomplished writer. That much is true.

Marino is the author of the book Marino: On the Record. He has detailed his 13-year adventure with the Miami Dolphins in this book. In 1986, this book was released into the world.

In addition, he has created a self-authored biography outlining his way of life. The book is titled “First & Goal.”

The former NFL player has provided a detailed account of his early years, family, and entire football career.

Relationship Status

In 1985, Marino wed Claire at St. Regis Catholic Church. They have been blessed with six kids.

There are three sons and three daughters from China among his six children. ultimately led to the adoption of two girls from China.

Michael Joseph Marino, Daniel Charles Marino, Joseph Donald Marino, Alexandra Claire Marino, Niki Lin Marino, and Lia Marino are the couple’s six children (Daughter).


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In 2005, the former Miami Dolphin quarterback had an affair with Donna Savattere, a CBS production assistant.

The couple welcomed a daughter called Chloe in June 2005. Despite having an adulterous relationship, he continues to support Savattere and Chloe.

Net Worth | Dan Marino

Marino’s football career is his main source of income. The retiring Hall of Fame quarterback was the most sought-after quarterback in his day. We may thus infer that Dan is a wealthy individual from this.

The former Miami Dolphins player has an astounding net worth of almost $35 million, according to information we have gathered. Dan had multiple appearances in both movies and advertisements, as was already mentioned.

Marino’s net worth has therefore undeniably increased significantly as a result. Dan became an NFL player with the highest salary in 1991.

Sources claim that the retiring quarterback received a signing bonus of $25 million on one specific five-year contract.

Injuries | Dan Marino

In October 1993, Marino had an Achilles injury. The Achilles tendon was torn. It was the most challenging injury of his career, and recovering from it is quite difficult.

He returned, nevertheless, with the same passion he had before.

Also, The injury was catastrophic in his memory. It cost Marino’s career greatly and was time-consuming and tiresome. Nevertheless, he reached the height to which he had always aspired.

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Nationality

Dan, a former football player, is 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) tall and weighs 228 pounds (103 kg).

His physique measurements are still not available in the media. Dan has brown hair, and they both have grey eyes.

Dan is currently 60 years old.

Dan’s parents were of mixed ancestry. Dan’s father had half Slovak and half Italian background. Polish is the motherland of Marino.

Social Media

Dan Mario is currently active on social media. Dan frequently publishes details about his personal and professional life on Twitter and Instagram.

He updates people about his life on both of these social media platforms where he has a sizable fan base.

Instagram :128K followers

Twitter: 201.5K followers

Frequently Asked Question:

Was Dan Marino ever a Super Bowl champion?

Well, No, despite having incredible statistics, Dan Marino has never won a super bowl.

In 17 seasons as the Dolphins’ starting quarterback, he had a 147-93 record. He helped the team’s statistics by accumulating 61,361 throwing yards and 420 passing touchdowns.

Additionally, He also had a stellar 86.4 quarterback rating in the end.

However, Marino and Super Bowl glory never met.

What is the nickname of Dan Marino?

Dan or Dan Marino is the most common moniker for Daniel Constantine Marino Jr. He is additionally known as Dan the Man.

Quick Facts | Dan Marino

 Full Name Daniel Constantine Marino Jr
Birth Date September 15, 1961
Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nick Name Dan MarinoDan the Man
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity 25% Italian
25% Slovak
50% of Polish
Education St. Regis Catholic Elementary SchoolCentral Catholic High School

University of Pittsburgh

Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Daniel Marino
Mother’s Name Veronica Marino
Siblings Yes (Sister-Cindi and Debbie)
Age 60 Years Old
Height 6′ 4 (1.93 m)
Weight 228 lb (103 kg)
Shoe Size Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Unknown
Married Yes
Spouse Claire Marino
Children 6
Profession Former Football Player
Net Worth $40 million
Awards Football Hall of Fame
Currently Works At Ownership in NASCAR, Dan Marino Foundation
Affiliations NFL
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Jersey, Rookie Cards, Funko Pop
Last Update August, 2022

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