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A Dutch Professional Footballer

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Daniëlle van de Donk is a football player holding Dutch nationality who competes professionally for the Netherlands national squad as well as Olympique Lyonnais in the French Division I Feminine.

She contributed to her country’s victories throughout the UEFA Women’s Euros of the year 2017 and the FIFA Women’s World Cup of the year 2019’s second-place finish.

Who is Daniëlle van de Donk? Childhood, Parents, Education, and Nationality

On the 5th of August of the year 1991, in the Netherlands’ Valkenswaard, Danielle Donk was conceived.

Her family is made up of football players. Father named Chris van de Donk as well as mother named Yvonne Kox welcomed her into the world.

In Veldhoven, the 2nd Rood-Wit was trained by Chris Donk, her dad. He was participating in Valkenswaard’s inaugural game in the 1980s of the past century when a member of the women’s national team caught his attention.

She also identified as Danielle’s mom, Yvonne Kox from Eersel. Chris, who was seated at the bar, felt she looked interesting and subsequently discovered that Yvonne played football, which led him to agree to marry her.

Danille claimed in an interview that my dad is “an amazing football player.” De Donk’s uncle Ruud claimed that during a soccer match I had to participate in opposition to him, and he instantly passed the ball between my legs.

Her university and high school degrees are not supported by any hard data. However, according to her dad, she finished both primary and secondary school located in Valkenswaard.

Afterward, she enrolled in the Johan Cruyff Institution’s degree program. Likewise, Daniëlle van de Donk holds American nationality.

How did Daniëlle van de Donk start his Career?

When Danille was just four years old, she began playing football. People adore her because of her extremely successful profession.

Nevertheless, she experienced a significant number of ups and downs throughout her profession.

Club Career

Danille began participating in football alongside guys when she was just 4 years old. She sometimes used to play soccer with the neighborhood kids at the community field.

They believed Danille was incapable of playing. The guys were stunned when she swished 3 balls in one go, though.

Danille afterward joined the neighborhood football team SV Valkenswaard with something like the assistance of her dad. She transferred to VV UNA following spending many years of training in the team.

A contract was presented to De Donk when she reached 17 by Wilhem II. She signed up right away to play football professionally for the team.

Danille participated in 47 games over 3 years for the team. Throughout her 3 seasons, she received five goals. De Donk began her career in Wilhelm II as just a winger, although she was unsuccessful in scoring.

Later, she stunned the squad by switching to the central position and tallying four objectives in the 2010–2011 campaign.

VVV-Venlo – Goteborg

Van de Donk decided the decision to transfer to the following club, VVV-Venlo in the year 2011. She frequently participated in 18 matches in a full season and was a midfielder for 8 goals.

Van de Donk achieved a goal in opposition to Heerenveen in the 83rd minute to help her team win the game. That game was triumphed by VVV-Venlo over Heerenveen by the thinnest of margins, 5-4.

Danille participated in VVV’s 2012 KNVB Women’s Cup run while she was a member of the team. She decided the decision to join PSV Eindhoven, another team, afterward when.

For 3 years, Van de Donk was a member of PSV Eindhoven, the much more prestigious organization in the Netherlands.

She had the greatest success in her tenure with Eindhoven, where she made 53 games and netted 30 goals. Danille also won the league’s excellent athlete of the year award after hitting miraculous strikes.

Van de Donk was transferred by PSV Eindhoven to the Swedish squad Goteborg in the year 2015. She earned four objectives in just league games for the team. Danille spent no over 6 months in Goteborg.

Agreement with Arsenal

Van de Donk’s ambition was realized after 7 years of participating in club football at the professional level.

After signing a contract with Arsenal F.C., her perfect team, Danille has participated in 24 FA WSL Cup competitions as a club representative.

Within 3 years, she has 6 goals. While playing for Arsenal, van de Donk earned 1 FA Cup and another WSL Championship. She acquired Lyon in the year 2021 after leaving Arsenal. Her agreement with the group is for two years.

International Career

Danille plays soccer for more than just her club team. She is a regular athlete just on the national team and plays the Netherlands as just a winger.

2010 saw the debut of Van de Donk for the Dutch squad. At the Sau Paulo Championship, she faced Mexico in her debut game at the very young age of 19.

In contrast, Danille’s debut goal for her country came in opposition to Serbia during the European Championship of the year 2013.

After she scored, the Dutch team was eligible to compete in the European competition. In the year 2017 UEFA Women’s tournament, De Donk was a key athlete who scored a strike in opposition to England.

Daniëlle van de Donk is in her zone
Daniëlle van de Donk is in her zone. Source: Google

She was the team’s captain as they advanced to the championship. The Centers Forward received major help from Danille in the finale, which ultimately led to a goal.

This contributed to something like the Netherlands winning the UEFA Tournament. On the 8th of October of the year 2019, Van de Donk took the field for the Dutch squad for her 100th match.

To win the match in opposition to Russia, she scored one goal.

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How old is Daniëlle van de Donk? Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Danille Van de Donk is a woman who stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Compared to her coworkers, she is smaller. Danille, though, never lets her performance down.

She is a 31-year-old football player who is presently in her profession. even though she was 31. One of Arsenal’s most engaged players is Danille.

She is 54 kg in weight. Due to her powerful figure, she doesn’t appear slim. Nutrition experts claim that Van de Donk, nevertheless, maintains her body weight by her body type.

Concerning her bodily dimensions, there is no clue. Our staff will amend it as away if it becomes accessible. Unfortunately, The information about Daniëlle van de Donk’s body measurement is still unclear.

Is Daniëlle van de Donk Single? Relationships, Spouse, and Kids

Beth Mead, an English soccer player, and Danille are presently dating. Online, she identified as a lesbian. There is no hope left to get her a spouse by bringing up her gender identity.

Although it is still unclear whether she as well as Beth Mead are a pair, they are leading personal matters together. They do, nevertheless, show up in a few Videos online.

Loves to prepare meals is Van de Donk’s passion. She enjoys traveling as well. Along with her family members and friends, she has traveled to several regions of Europe.

De Donk appreciates watching movies as well. Her kids are absent. She may or may not parent; this is uncertain. But lately, she’s gained the title of aunt.

How much does Daniëlle van de Donk earn? Net Worth, and Salary

Danille makes enough money playing for the team Arsenal. Additionally, the Dutch good teamwork pays her a monthly income as a national athlete.

Likewise, Van de Donk is an uncomplicated individual. She prefers not to display her wealth on social networking sites. She however does not wear a large amount of jewelry or fancy clothing.

Van de Donk’s estimated net worth is thought to be between $1.5 & $2 million based on her asset value. Additionally, she has a partnership with Sneakers.

She receives sponsorship for donning the sneakers throughout every game. De Donk also receives a significant salary from Nike.

Where can we contact Daniëlle van de Donk? Social Media Presence

Daniëlle van de Donk is pretty active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Likewise, Daniëlle van de Donk has 74.7k followers on Twitter and 569k followers on Instagram.

Quick Facts:

  • Full Name: Daniëlle van de Donk
  • Birthdate: August 5, 1991
  • Birthplace: Valkeansward, the Netherlands
  • Nick Name: Van de Donk
  • Education: Johan Cruyff Institute
  • Father’s Name: Chris van de Donk
  • Mother’s Name: Yvonne Kox
  • Age: 31 Years Old
  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Weight: 54 Kilograms
  • Profession: Football Player
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Girlfriend’s Name: Beth Mead
  • Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Social Media Handles: Instagram and Twitter

Some of the FAQs:

How old is Daniëlle van de Donk?

Daniëlle van de Donk is presently 38 years old.

How tall is Daniëlle van de Donk?

Daniëlle van de Donk stands at height of 5 feet 3 inches.

How much does Daniëlle van de Donk earn?

The Net Worth of Daniëlle van de Donk is estimated to be approximately around $2 million.

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